Kambwili told hands off President Lungu, PF


Nathan Chanda during the PF interactive forum
Nathan Chanda during the PF interactive forum

Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda says Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili ‘s intentions to disturb President Edgar Lungu from working for the people of Zambia will not succeed as people across the country are happy with governments’ development agenda.

Mr. Chanda said the Patriotic Front and youths on the copper belt will not allow Mr Kambwili’s selfish desires of distracting President Lungu to flourish.

The Luanshya Mayor noted that Mr Kambwili is a bitter man seeking sympathy from the people of Zambia whom he has wronged.

Mr. Chanda who is also Copperbelt PF youth Chairperson alleged that Mr Kambwili was a serious tribalist who can damage and divide the country as he has insulted and demeaned a lot of Zambians.

The Copperbelt youth Chairperson wondered why Mr Kambwili who claimed to be a political giant and a clean man was now scared and threatening to take everyone who advises him to court.

He added that Kambwili was a coward who keeps exposing himself by intimidating people and threating law suits which Chanda said were baseless.

The Luanshya mayor advised Mr Kambwili to quit destabilizing the party as he will not succeed.


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      With amafontini like aka kunkubiti Nathan Chanda serving as leaders, luanshya will go nowhere. Supporting lungu blindly for the sake of filling their bellies

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      This Nathan should wake up to the fact that all PF bandits are corrupt & visionless Lungu who is in Zambia to bath & change clothes on his way to the unknown destination can’t be spared.
      Can Lungu explain to the people what genuine strategies did he use of getting richer than Obama in 2 years? Is it in order to speak for those who are alive in this 21st Century?
      To this day, visionless Lungu has failed to provide evidence of how PF apparently “won” the 2016 elections in court. Again, Lungu lamently failed to give power to the speaker as required by law or constitution. So Lungu can’t be left alone after people have been “crashed like tonnes of bricks” & moreover, blind Lungu was forcibly “annointed” as a servant of the zambian enterprise.
      All those speaking for Lungu…

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      …. are corrupt & egoistic elements seeking to please their gluttonous bellies. PF bandits are desperate to stay in power illegally, undemocratically & unconstitutionally.
      Maybe someone must pledge a plane to Lungu & PF bandits so that they can be airborne & leave the country peacefully.
      MAGZ~morons are governing zambia. Wake up Zedians.
      The Skeleton Key

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      I loved it when you kept quiet and maintained a low profile. If you start answering back at whatever Kambwili is saying, we’re gonna find it hard to distinguish who is sane and insane. Don’t you see how Kambwili looks when no one is leveling up to him. You have a job and nothing to lose. Let CK vent in anger and frustration unassisted. It is a healing process. Let PF jeraboz and cadres handle CK.

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      Firstly we the peace loving people of zambia do not know what work Lungu is doing. Unless you call corruption and getting drunk work….

      Secondly, your worries before were about HH…now you have the whole country against you…you have to worry about 16 million Zambians.

      No amount of rigging will save you in 2021.

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    Both Nathan & Kambwili are childish! and petty. Remember the last time they had a scuffle it was only HE ECL who brought them back to their senses.

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    Kambwili started his war against Edgar soon after he lost his PF presidential bid. He laid law waiting for his chance but lost his cool when PF endorsed Edgar for 2021.

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    It was Lungu who accused CK of corruption and set ZACC on him. So what is wrong with CK exposing corruption in the Lungu govt? CK is doing the Nation a favour by revealing these Corrupt deals in the illegitimate Lungu govt. Lungu must come out clean and explain his govt’s Policy on Corruption. We now know that Lungu is Mr Corruption Number One thanks to CK . Lungu should tell the Nation his govt ‘s Plan to eradicate corruption in Zambia. Lungu and his corrupt Advisers and Officials must be stopped at all costs otherwise Zambia is doomed.

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    Let every Zambian know today that Life and death lies in the power of the tongue-Rather than speaking negatively about this nation and cursing.No,know where you stand with JESUS be saved because the days are evill- We are in the last days.Repent and be saved and STOP this curses you passing on each other.You don’t know that you’re defiling yourselves with this negative attitude and mentality. Us Chriatians don’t have time for such but to pray for peace and unity in our nation.And a warning to those Zambians abroad of diaspora-Keep your mouth silent because you are making our nation look bad to the outside world.
    This is not the Zambia God wants to see but a peace loving,united country we have always been.I am a Prophet of the end times chosen by God to warn this generation to repent…

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      Forget about religion and just appeal to the intellect. India, Japan, China and other countries are not Christian but just look at how much they’re “blessed “. They’re abundantly rich, they use their languages in mathematics and technology while you pride yourself in English and foreign values.

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    2021 its PF again. Nothing will distract us to vote for up and down. I would rather vote for UNIP than up and down donkeys leader.

    Your hurt for PF or ECL pushes us to love the party more and more.

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    2021 ……is coming soon pray that I will be dead if I will be alive I will be seated in my house seeing u crying.naleka

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    CK is indd a frustrated man. He cannot b a champion of the fyt against corruption afta being booted out. Wat dd LPM do wen he saw rampant corruption in the MMD ? He quit the 2nd highest ofis in the land . If CK had not bn fired , wud he hav said anything about this corruption he is ranting about ? I don’t think so . He is not any different 4rm the late King Cobra who continued in FTJ’s administration wen LPM quit bkoz he dd not c the corruption as seen by LPM ! Y ? Bkoz he was part of the cartel ! I salute Levy Patrick Mwanawasa in a very big way . May His Soul Rest In Eternal Peace !

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    These Bemba ****** are so sleepy indeed… Lungu is using you ****** to fight and insult each other..

    YOu can not see and are vision-less…

    You are just being used to fight each other you ******…. Very dull Nincompoops…..

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