Mawere upbeat of Chipolopolo win

Zambia National Soccer team Goalkeeper Kennedy Mweene
Zambia National Soccer team Goalkeeper Kennedy Mweene

Sports Minister Moses Mawere is upbeat Chipolopolo will overcome Nigeria in Saturday’s crucial 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifier in Uyo.

Nigeria leads Group B on 10 points while Zambia is second on seven points.

“My wish is that the boys brings a positive result from Nigeria. I have all the confidence that they will carry the day,” Mawere said.

“This is a very crucial game and it will determine our chances of going to our first World Cup,” he said.

Zambia is facing Nigeria minus injured striker Brian Mwila and forward Emmanuel Banda while striker Patson Daka is racing against time to be fit for the match.

“The players available are equal to the task. Issues of injury are normal in football, Mawere said.

“I am very positive the boys will deliver to the expectations of the Zambian people,” he said.

Zambia arrives in Nigeria on Thursday after a four-day training camp in nearby Ghana.


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    I just feel this one swings too much on the Nigerians to Win.They are home they are on top of the group with a better Goal difference.We messed up from the start.

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    I hope Beston Chambeshi was called to be on the techanical bench to work with Wada since he knows the young players tactics very well.

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    We will defeat Zambia handsomely tomorrow. There is no Nigerian that is in doubt of this.Also, African coaches have to emulate their European counterparts on humility. The Zambian coach has been talking tough, ‘we will disgrace Nigeria’ ‘ we are here to win’ even though he is aware that not only is he presenting a weak Team against the Super Eagles, he should be aware that Nigeria is a perennial world cup qualifier and that the Team is ready for him. We in Nigeria are so happy Zambia played and won against Algeria because we knew the victories would make Zambia to be over-confident. Algeria is not Nigeria . Our boys have said they would rather talk on the field. To our highly respected Minister of sports in Zambia, tomorrow is almost here sir and we will see if Zambia will not lose…

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    Nigeria last lost to Zambia in 1985

    Nigeria last lost a World Cup qualifier in June 2004

    Nigeria are unbeaten in 34 games of World Cup qualification matches

    Nigeria last lost a home World Cup Qualifier in October 1981

    The bookies are offering to multiply your money by 8 if you bet on Zambia winning and they win. i.e your 100 dollars will become 800 dollars.

    The Zambian team is maybe one for the future and truly do not stand a realistic chance of winning in Uyo. In football they say anything is possible, but clever people know where to draw the line on cliches.

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    I never knew that Zambia are arrogant like this. What is special about this team? They beat sick Algeria..and then? Is Algeria not different from Nigeria? Did Nigeria not beat Algeria? You won under Afcon U20..and then? Check the history of number of times that Nigeria had won it in the past? Nigeria had played in the final twice. Let the action speaks… Tomorrow is here. 90minutes around the corner. I’m sure everyone of you will run away from this site tomorrow. Nigeria is already in Russia by God’s Grace. Zambia rest in peace.

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      Truly speaking if Nigeria is taking this SICK and TIRED team then they are there as usual to add to the numbers of the menu that this corrupt African team is here again

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    The Zambian goalkeeper has not received ‘bombardments’ from Alex Iwobi’s shots and he is feigning injury. The Keeper limped out of training yesterday. I want him to be in action so that our brothers from Zambia would not give excuses tomorrow. The Zambian coach has provoked the Nigerian Players with his arrogance and his Team must concede not less than 3 goals tomorrow. The match-day is here! hurray! The noise would have ended by this time tomorrow!! Zambia will lose to Nigeria and Cameroun

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    Good coach doesn’t make noise like this. This Zambia coach should let his work speaks for me. No team in the world will come to Uyo to disturb Nigeria in this kind of match. Zambia should pray not to be in the same group with Super Eagles again in their lives.

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    My Nigerian brodas, you have big names that play in big European clubs. However, what you are going to witness in Uyo tomorrow is a David vs Goliath rematch – different venue but same result.

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    In 1991, a boastful Burkina Faso team came to Lagos with their coach (like the current Zambian coach) threating then to disgrace Nigeria. They were decapitated by the Super Eagles under Clemence Westerhorf 7-1.
    The Zambian team was made to look good in Constantine by a tactically deficient and technically ragged Algerian team.
    The match tomorrow will not even be close. The Super Eagles will win and handsomely too.
    My scoreline:
    Nigeria 7
    Zambia 0

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    Zambia can’t lost to Nigeria with that magine score this shows that Nigerians you are underating Zambia remember Zambia toment when you underate them ask Ghana, ivory cost and Senegal upon will be silent by 9:45″”pm and the entire Nigeria

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    Every fan is entitled to his opinion and wishes. Believing the super eagles will loose this match is unpardonable to the most fanatical supporter of the eagles. Having lost out of two major tournaments in a row. The Nigerian team is playing with such anger and determination that is not seen – since the1994 generation that tore teams apart …. Forget it Zambia these eagles cant fall ,not in there home – an applause to Zambia chipolopolo for putting up a good fight ( the have a team for the future) . I see a resounding victory for the eagles ….3-0 to nigeria.

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    History is history Nigeria ask Egypt they will tell you how difficult Zambia can be in such moment like this. Sorry you wish you could have faced another team not Zambia. A silent uyo and a hissing chipolopolo song

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    Do they know whether they can beat Cameroon in their home and as they beat Algeria away, Nigeria can also do that. Zambia is not going anywhere. World cup ticket would be obtained today by Nigeria. Can Zambia minister of sport belt with his house that Nigeria would loose today. NOT at all because he know that is difficult but mind game.

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    We are entitled to our opinions as well as predictions. Be not arrogant at all but rather support your team with brotherly love. As a matter of fact, football is game where you can win , loose or draw. Positive thinking is equal to positive supporting. Having confidence in your team is a natural factor in us. Some Records have been broken before just like some have managed to build on history. Your Preparation will be equal to your action. All the best my team.

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    Anything is possible in football. Look at what happened with the under 20 at the world cup? The same can happen even today. Nigeria is beatable like any other team either home or away. Eagles 1:Bullets 3

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    Thanks to Zambia for fielding a team for the FUTURE. and that is what it is… A team for the FUTURE.
    I see Cameroon finishing Second in the group. You dont just wake up 1 morning because you won a couple of games and think your under 20 team is all of a sudden PERFECT for the world cup. however the team turned out to be interesting at the end and the better team qualified. thanks for your participation.

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    Thanks Zambians… Next time just pray not to be in the same group with Nigeria. I love your boys courage. If they are properly maintained. They are future team. Nigeria is ready to win world cup now. We need Africa support to achieve this aim.

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    BREAKING NEWS!!! Chipolopolo QUALIFIED!!! for Zambia 2018 in Zambia.
    Thank you guys for making up the number.
    I wrote Damner on,super eagles are class above chipolopolo..
    your guys gave account of themselves they should keep it up.
    Please pray not to be in our group for world cup next time, we badly pass on the chance.
    I hope.those guys running mouths before could say something…

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