NIgerians Preview of the crucial Zambia vs Nigeria game



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      we are getting this one. this is not a promise, its a fact. a bullet is faster and more devastating than an eagle. the bullet can reach heights that the eagle can only dream of reaching. the bullet can pierce anything of flesh,eagles included.

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    Zambia is beating Nigeria by 2 goals! Just wait and see! Its God’s wish to see Zambia at the World Cup where we will do wonders!!! Why should countries like Nigeria continue to go to the World Cup where all they do is show theuir presence and fail to perform???? No ways man! Zambia is going there and we will perform well!

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    The Zambians are our African brothers from East Africa. We will beat them with the same margin by which we beat Cameroon the African Champions. And after this match our brothers from Cameroon will go to Zambia and humiliate them.

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      Hey,Nigeria has beaten Zambia 8 times while Zambia has beaten Nigeria 7 times.The first meeting the two countries had in 1974,Zambia won by ,5 goals to 1.The rest of the six meetings,have been draws.This is the 22nd time we are meeting.Do you believe in equations?did you learn them in school?or your teacher skipped them?we are beating you my friend!

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    Nigeria last lost to Zambia in 1985

    Nigeria last lost a World Cup qualifier in June 2004

    Nigeria are unbeaten in 34 games of World Cup qualification matches

    Nigeria last lost a home World Cup Qualifier in October 1981

    The bookies are offering to multiply your money by 8 if you bet on Zambia winning and they win. i.e your 100 dollars will become 800 dollars.

    The Zambian team is maybe one for the future and truly do not stand a realistic chance of winning in Uyo. In football they say anything is possible, but clever people know where to draw the line on cliches.

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    Zambia let’s go,
    Zambia v Nigeria 3-1
    Zambia v Cameroon 3-0
    Zambia v Brazil 2-1
    Zambia v German 4-1
    Zambia v Spain 2-1
    Zambia v Portugal 2-0
    Final zambia V France. 4-1
    We are getting the cup brethrens. Let’s keep the faith

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    In 1991, a boastful Burkina Faso team came to Lagos with their coach (like the current Zambian coach) threating then to disgrace Nigeria. They were decapitated by the Super Eagles under Clemence Westerhorf 7-1.
    The Zambian team was made to look good in Constantine by a tactically deficient and technically ragged Algerian team.
    The match tomorrow will not even be close. The Super Eagles will win and handsomely too.
    My scoreline:
    Nigeria 7
    Zambia 0

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