Parliament Radio Should Not Be Made To Broadcast Insults To Young Listeners-MMD Diehard


Gerald Chiluba meeting MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda at the party Secretariat in Lusaka
Gerald Chiluba meeting MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda at the party Secretariat in Lusaka
The MMD Diehard Youth Wing has appealed to the Speaker of the National Assembly to censure the language of members of parliament so as to avoid unnecessary provocation in the August house.

In a statement, MMD Diehard National Coordinator Gerald Chiluba notes that the continued character assassination and hate speech should not have a place in parliament as the place is meant for serious business.

Mr Chiluba said parliament is not meant for settling scores but a place of serious business of passing and endorsing legislative policies aimed at improving the wellbeing of Zambians.

He said the conduct of MPs should be exempary to the citizens because people need to have confidence in the house and that cannot happen if MPs cannot guard against being provocative and the use of insulting language.

Mr Chiluba further noted that parliament proceedings are published and broadcasted live on radio and TV and that there is need for members to guard against using insultive language as members of the public including school going children usually listen to the radio.

“We dont want to destroy the moral fabric of the wide national listenership that includes children and school going youths. Leaders are emulated, hence what type of role models are we potraying that use provocative unpalatable insults and hate speech in parliament.

“We want to secondly appeal to the speaker to share the commitment to work towards the achievement of a more interpersonal and peaceful environment in parliament that enables MPs to use respectable language and debate matters that have a direct bearing on the citizenry.

“It is indeed a matter of deep regret that at this critical moment in the life of our parliament some MPs have chosen to surbodinate national interests in favour of narrow personal political vengeance,” he said.

Mr Chiluba has since urged the Speaker not to allow the intergrity and the reputation of parliament to be jeopardized due to the egos of a few MPs with personal issues and uncontrolled tongues but rather remain committed to promoting healthy talks and language so as to maintain the stature and effectiveness of the house.



    • Uko!
      These are BallBoy Lusambo’s MMD diehard youth cretins.
      If you don’t know, corrupt PF bandits middle names are Violence Vulgar Language of doing things in reverse cycle. The Zambian enterprise’s pride is lost bcoz PF bandits treat people like a game of ichidooonu. The childish behaviour exhibited by PF “swallowed” MMD after puking FDD & Narep is beyond the scope of sadness. PF thinks running the country is like feeding zoo animals.
      The PF MMD cretins violent behaviour at parley is disgusting beyond belief & I never thought I would see such stool~pidity~again. MAGZ~morons are governing zambia.oops!
      The Skeleton Key


  1. You’re right but then you’ll be suppressing freedom of speech. Besides we don’t want to rely on rumors on who called who names. If it’s live you need hightech to filter items and I don’t think we have such at our parliament.



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