World Vision Zambia to enhance support to DRC refugees


World Vision Zambia has pledged enhanced support to improving the welfare of asylum seekers who have been fleeing from neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) into Zambia due to the political instability being experienced in that country.

ZANIS reports that World Vision Humanitarian and Affairs Manager Bernard Zgambo said his organisation through Zambia Red Cross has so far donated assorted items such as mosquito nets, hygiene kits, tents, and sanitary pads among others.

Mr Zgambo said the move is aimed at improving the wellbeing of asylum seekers especially the women and children.

He said World Vision Zambia will continue supplementing government effort to ensure that the escalating numbers of asylum seekers are taken care of.

Mr Zgambo said World Vision has also commenced sensitisation meetings on hygiene promotion in a bid to improve sanitation conditions at Kenani refugee transit centre.

He expressed worry that if sanitation conditions do not improve, the onset of rains will lead to an outbreak of water bone diseases such as cholera.


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    DRC is estimated to be the richest Country in Africa by far, in terms of natural resources. The belt of copper in our Copperbelt province extends far into this neighbouring Country.

    “Limitless water, from the world’s second-largest river, the Congo, a benign climate and rich soil make it fertile, beneath the soil abundant deposits of copper, gold, diamonds, cobalt, uranium, coltan and oil are just some of the minerals that should make it one of the world’s richest countries” -BBC.2013.

    “The total mineral wealth of the DRC is estimated to be US$24 trillion – equivalent to the GDP of Europe and the United States COMBINED”: – African Business magazine, 2009.

    And jet there is abject poverty and we have people running from DRG and flocking into our Country as refugees. What can we…

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      Cont’d… we learn from DRC? There is and old adage that goes:- “Smart people learn from their mistakes, but SMARTER people learn from other people’s mistakes”.

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      It’s not by coincidence that Lumumba was killed when he had intentions to keep The Congo’s wealth for the people of Congo. The rulers of the universe do not want to see Africa’s prosperity.

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      That’s why Gaddafi was killed. Libya had no need for Western loans or aid. His actions would have spread to the rest of Africa and in the end Africa would have done away with the IMF etc.

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    ESCALATING numbers? Are we sure this is not also fuelled by Economic Migration, now that a peaceful and advancing Zambia is now seen as the place to set up?

    It’s good to help our neighbours, and Zambia has been good in the past with Zimbabwe, South Africa. BUT PLEASE STOP the floods NOW. WE WON’t cope in the future.

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