Barclays Bank Zambia
Barclays Bank Zambia
Barclays Bank Zambia Plc in partnership with Barclays Bank Kenya has arranged a business trip for Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SMEs) to Guangzhou and Yiwu in China.

The trip that will run from 17 to 27 October 2017 forms part of Barclays Bank Zambia’s customer value proposition that will provide its SMEs customers with a platform to network with a wider international audience as well as provide them with the opportunity to a market for goods and services. The business trip will include visits to the annual Canton Trade Fair and the International Commodities Fair, which exhibit various goods and construction materials

“At Barclays we understand the integral role that the SME sector plays towards developing our economy. It is for this reason that we felt it important to arrange this business trip for our customers that will provide them with business linkages to suppliers of goods and services” said Barclays Retail and Business Banking Director, Regina Mulenga.

Mrs. Mulenga further said that through the Bank’s partnership with Barclays Bank Kenya, Barclays was collectively supporting the agenda of driving the growth of the SME sector, which is a catalyst for job creation and development across the African continent.

“As Barclays, we realize that one of the challenges that SME customers face in finding valuable linkages to enhance their businesses. This trip is an opportunity for our clients from Zambia, Kenya and Tanzania to create meaningful partnerships that will help to expand their businesses as they interact with experts in different fields” Mulenga added.

Barclays Bank Zambia has continued to play a strategic role in supporting Government efforts to drive sustainable growth in sectors of the economy such as Agriculture, Manufacturing, Energy, Mining and the public sector with a firm focus to continue identifying opportunities to create value adding synergies for the development of the Zambian economy.

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