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We’ll ensure Democracy and Good Governance thrives in Zambia, says PF Secretary General

Headlines We’ll ensure Democracy and Good Governance thrives in Zambia, says PF Secretary...

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila
PF Secretary General Davies Mwila

The Patriotic Front Secretary General Hon Davies Mwila has assured it will do all it can to make democracy and good governance thrive in Zambia. Responding to a media query, the PF Secretary General has also said that the ruling party believes in building a strong, united and prosperous Zambia where all citizens can find opportunities to better their lives.

“Patriotic Front is committed to good governance and constitutional democracy, which includes upholding the rule of law, separation of powers, respect for human rights, free and fair elections as well as political stability. We have demonstrated that accountability and transparency matters in fulfilling our people-given mandate. We have demonstrated commitment to promotion of dialogue and peaceful co-existence of political parties. This is because from our founding, we have held the strong belief that parties should engage in robust and healthy political discourse and not acrimonious altercation devoid of substance”, stated Hon Mwila.

“Democracy, in our understanding, is not about creating imaginary enemies. It is not about creating adversaries out of the political space. To the contrary, the democracy PF believes in emphasizes the ‘WE’, signifying our commitment to uniting the nation beyond any divide, tribal, religious or political. We must turn this season into a new chapter where politics are based on superiority of ideas presented in respective manifestos. We cannot allow empty political polemics 53 years after our Independence”, he said.

“We are aware that those who seek political office have resolved to work against the development being rolled out by our party. They will stop at nothing in giving all upcoming development projects a bad name. This is because they are aware that PF’s 2021 slogan will be ‘SONTA EPOWABOMBA’, bringing evidential proof to Zambians in line with our 2016-2021 election manifesto. We ask Zambians to evaluate the agenda by those who have become enemies of development. These are the same ones who said Zambians would not eat roads, but today Zambians are benefitting from the unprecedented good road infrastructure in all the Provinces without exception,” said Hon Mwila.

The PF Secretary General has assured that the ruling Party will not waiver in fulfilling the rich promises contained in its manifesto because it is resolved to present to the Zambian electorate not a mirage but accurate depiction of what fulfilled election assurances can look like.

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  1. This guy does not know English, the correct way to say what he said is that, ‘we’ll ensure Dictatorship and Bad Governance thrives in Zambia’!

  2. Iwe Chi Mwila, what democracy and good governance are you talking about when you believe those that raise concern against PF’s corruption should be beaten up? Am sure if you were to be given a simple test on the tenets of democracy and good governance you would even fail it iwe chi grade 12 drop-out.

  3. We do not want development projects that bring suspicious corrupt activities. Zambia’s biggest political mistake was voting for PF

  4. These clowns do not have a clue about basic democracy and good governance! Their strongest attribute as a government is corruption and stealing from the very people whose livelihood they are supposed to make better. Their big mistake is to treat the Zambian people with such disrespect and take them for morons!!

  5. Good take, SG. Continue to grow the party, democratically. I saw you dissolved the structures in North Western province to give opportunities to new ideas. This week parliament is debating Article 282 which will not allow govt. to borrow without the approval of parliament (this will create a direct link with the people; Boost for transparency and governance). I suggest you ignore the ARMCHAIR CRITICS so that we do the SONTING in 2021 nafuti, nafuti!!!

  6. Zambian citizen arent you an ARMCHAIR CRITIC. Just another example of your flawed logic caused by promoting your own biased viewpoint.

    • What armchair critic??? I attend community meetings. I engage government officials when I have a complaint. I meet with my area councillor when we have issues in our area. I attend business seminars. I am very familiar with the way government operates, not criticizing from without like you diasporans who depend on gutter journalism from outlets like watchdog. I have taken time to study our 2016 Ammended Constitution and take keen interest in what is being implemented and what is pending, no wonder I always bring up the issue of the Public Protector. So I don’t easily digest the jagged misinformation you try to lump on ECL and his govt. That is why I always oppose it.

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