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Friday, January 24, 2020

Mufumbwe residents burn down police post after cops attempted to stop moving coffin

Rural News Mufumbwe residents burn down police post after cops attempted to stop moving...

Mufumbwe residents have burnt down Mufumbwe Police Station following an attempt by police to stop what is locally called”chikondo”, a traditional belief meaning “a movng coffin” from taking place following the death of Matha Mingochi of Kakilufya area of Mufumbwe District, a Grade 11 pupil at a local secondary school who died on 13th October, 2017.

When Police advised the people to stop the practice, the mob began throwing stones at Police Officers, a situation which led the Police Officers to retreat to the Police Station but the mob followed and finally burnt the Police Station and in the process, two vehicles and office materials were also burnt.

The mob was following a suspected wizard who they accused of causing the death of the deceased but by then, he had not yet been found.

Some Police officers have been injured by the mob and have been identified as Constable Kamwengo,Sergeant Tembo and Reserve Constable Munangandu.

Two Motor vehicles, a canter belonging to Inspector Kalunyange and a Toyota Noah , property of Nkinke Nelson which was parked at the Police Station by Court Bailiffs have also been burnt.

And Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo expressed her disappointment over the incident.

“As Zambia Police, we register our disappointment at the continued behavour by members of the public of venting their anger on public property in instances where they feel agrieved. Such practices are detrimental to the wellbeing of the economy and as Police we will not allow people to disregard the Law with impunity,” Mrs Katongo said.

“The matter will fully be investigated and anyone that will be found wanting will not be spared but arrested and prosecuted. Destroying of Police Stations does not disadvantage Police Officers but the same members of the public who instigate or take part in destroying the infrastructure.”

She warned, “We will not leave any stone unturned in our investigations until all those that played a role in this matter are brought to book.”

Burnt down Mufumbwe Police Station
Burnt down Mufumbwe Police Station

Burnt down Mufumbwe Police Station
Burnt down Mufumbwe Police Station

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  1. Where are the new fire tenders to quench that fire mwebantu please? Only in Zambia indeed, twasebana big time…

    • I can’t imagine a $1m asset being stationed in Mumfumbwe. In any case, they would first need to have a fire station…but going by them burning a police station, that is not advisable. They would burn the fire station and the fire engine/tender/truck too!

    • We ought to embrace, promulgate and publicise it. Westerners are clamouring for a fragment of such heritage!!!

    • Most black Africans panic when they see a wooden box we call coffin. Just watch the prank by Leon Schuster in S.Africa with a coffin and black people in a mini-bus. kikikikiki

    • Chamboli
      So modern forward thinking people believe in Christianity and the Bible written by a Third Party witness…really laughable.

  2. This is where the PF GRZ has misplaced priorities …..you are paying those chiefs to only lick lungus boots and dance to him.

    Chiefs should be trained and advised to stop and sanitize there subjects against such retrogressive practices as witchcraft and witch hunting….

    The same would be said about area MPs…..witchraft belief holds back development.. there is no developed country where you find law makers beliving in witchcraft

  3. This is what they are good at. Witchcraft and tribalism. If it’s not tribalism or witchcraft it is stoning the presidential motocade. These tards are not yet civilised. They are the only people in the country who proudly call themselves clowns or ifinyau.

  4. Please I want to witness this moving coffin…I will happily donate a smartphone to record the whole ceremony!!



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