The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) says it is concerned about the increasing number of Gender Based Violence (GBV) cases among couples in the country that result into partners losing their lives.

CCZ General Secretary Father Emmanuel Chikoya has since called for maximum restraint among couples by applying the principle of love and forgiveness.

Father Chikoya said there are always better ways in which couples can manage conflicts as opposed to fighting and killing each other in the process.

He pointed out that   couples can choose either to seek counselling from Faith Based Organizations or marriage counsellors or better still walk away from abusive relationships.

He said this in reaction to the shooting of Precious Manganesa by her boyfriend Shinka Kaputo in Lusaka’s Meanwood area fortnight.

Meanwhile, Father Chikoya has called on the Government to comprehensively address the nation on the procurement of 42 fire engines at one million dollars each.

He says in-as-much-as CCZ appreciates every genuine and prudent expenditure aimed at procuring the much-needed equipment to combat fires in the country, the Council is concerned about the exorbitant cost of the fire engines.

He has argued that it is not morally upright to price a single fire truck at one million dollars when other better equipped fire trucks in the region cost about 865,000 US dollars.

He says it is the duty of government to comprehensively and convincingly respond to issues raised concerning the stewardship and prudent utilization of national resources.

Father Chikoya has also demanded that peaceful protests against the procurement of the over-priced fire engines be allowed to take place, adding that citizens are within their rights to ask critical questions pertaining to the utilization of national resources.

And the CCZ General Secretary has appealed to all political players in the country to commit themselves to the long awaited dialogue between President Edgar Lungu and opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Father Chikoya says as the nation is approaching the National Day of Prayer and Fasting on 18th October, there is need for political leaders to unite as a way of bringing people together.

He says the day of National Prayer and Fasting must be non-partisan.

He says the Council of Churches supports all efforts including those being spearheaded by the Commonwealth.

He noted that  Commonwealth is a more credible and neutral institution in facilitating such reconciliatory process.

He said the Council is however disappointed by maneuvers by some invisible hands against this legitimate process of creating consensus and creating an enabling environment in the political arena as the nation prepares for the 2021 elections.

He has also called for civility among politicians in the country.

He says politicians must avoid politics of insults and personality assassination but instead must battle by debating issues affecting citizens in the nation.


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  1. the cause of deaths is the pretense of the minister of religious affairs..close or shut that ministry



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