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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Fuel prices go up

Economy Fuel prices go up

The Energ Regulation Board has announced an increment in fuel prices effective midnight tonight.

Petrol has gone up from 11.67 to 12.97 while Diesel is up from 9.87 to 11.09 and kerosene will low cost K7.82 from K6.50 to 7.82.

The increment has been blamed on changes in the international oil prices and the depreciation of the Kwacha.


    • Vasco de Lungu used 12,700,000 litres of fuel travelling to visit all his dictator friends in one year. When is he going to pay his fuel bill?

      Has he noticed that the price has gone up?

    • Where is the Saudi Arabia K5 fuel promised during campaigns, how many goats have been exported to Saudi Arabia? They need to ask for forgiveness tomorrow, let them not just play and feast tomorrow.

  1. I knew it as soon as i saw the kwacha going up between k9 and k10 that soon fuel will go up.
    With the daily political rantings by HH and his doom wishers in opposition,what do you expect?
    Everything kept on reducing when Kainde was in mukobeko.but after that lady Mrs.Scotland negotiated for his release,the evil spirits are all over our weak economy-God help Zambia!!!
    TODAY ALL UPND CADRES SHALL CELEBRATE THIS BAD NEWS.WHY DO THEY CELEBRATE ONLY DEVIL KNOWS BECAUSE WE ALL BUY EXPENSIVE FUEL,GOODS AND SERVICES!!!in their small brains,they think such bad news in Zambia would make Zambians hate PF and if that is done,then HH would win,how? I dont know-kikikikikiki.i say so because our economy has been bad since 2014 and it was worse in 2016 but STILL HH LOST!!so there is no surity that if…

  2. Continue….
    Lets not panic brethren because soon fuel prices shall go down again.nothing is permanent in life!!
    But PF Govnt must consider seriously about securing cheap fuel from Saudi Arabia as they promised in 2016.let them deliver this as they do so on many other promises!!once we have cheap fuel in Zambia,goods and services will go down and many people shall appreciate the PF Govnt!!

  3. Why are you complaining, isn’ t this the ”DUNUNA REVERSE” you were singing with jubilation bamambala ? Do not complain because ”UMUNTU NI LUNGU” and whatever is happening, you deserve it.

  4. njimbu who are so obsessed with hatred for HH that when the government faces a fiscal challenge you attribute to HH. Shift blaming. In your home when meal flour finishes , you accuse your neighbor for witchcraft. Sad to you young man

  5. Dununa, I drive a company vehicle, free diesel, free service. PF cadres in the township ban**nya!

    Including those marketeers who blindly support PF.

  6. Ba ERB, no timing at all! How do you expect people to honestly pray tomorrow when the cost of living is going up at midnight when the day of prayer begins. The PF should really find ways to reduce the cost of living for the people. As much as the exchange rate is not stable, does an immediate hike in fuel prices mean the is no solution to stabilize it in the medium term. Small businesses are really struggling as money is so difficult to come by. Every day increasing the cost of living through taxes, electricity tariffs, TV levies etc whilst salaries are stagnant. Twachula Pafula, PF has to be voted out in 2021 come what may, even us PF supporters just have to support the opposition.

  7. When HH was confined in Mukobeko, everything were moving fine in Zambia and now that this expired quinine is on the shelves again, we have started seeing terrible things. HH belongs to the cells and make no mistake that this chap mean well for Zambians.
    He is always NEGATIVE in everything and I wonder just how his home is run, its hell on earth!!!!!

  8. This is normal. Fuel prices are going up world over. What people should be upset about is why prices did not go down in those four years when Obama was serving his second term. Oil prices were down to $40 a barrel. Sta wanted to pipe line to Angola, where is that dream?

  9. You can f.o.o.l some people sometimes but you can f.o.o.l Zambians all the time and get away with it. What happens when the exchange rate gets to k50 to a Dollar. All indications are there to show we are fast forward going the Zim way.

  10. Has anyone noticed the typing error on the second word in the first line? I’m just here for the roasting!! Expensive country we live in. Pray and fast for those tanks to be filled by midnight.

  11. ERB are useless, let them just shut up and leave market forces dictate fuel prices. when fuel is cheap they claim we are selling off old stock. old stock never finishes but when its hiking its instant ninshi there is no cheap old stock.
    Everything its global…

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