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Freedom fighters appeal to President Lungu over their pensions

General News Freedom fighters appeal to President Lungu over their pensions

A Kitwe based freedom fighter has appealed to the Republican President Edgar Lungu to help revisit the outstanding pensions and gratuities owed to freedom fighters.

In a statement made available to ZANIS in Kitwe, Jonas Kapenda appealed to the Government to consider settling the outstanding arrears it owed them from time the United National Independent Party (UNIP) was in power.

Mr Kapenda said most of the freedom fighters worked in the UNIP administration and had not received their pension, gratuities, and have since asked Government to revisit their packages.

Mr Kapenda explained that their gratuities and pension were canceled by the Movement for Multiple party Democracy (MMD) regime in 1991 when they came to power.

“As we celebrate our 53rd independence anniversary, I would like to call on President Edgar Lungu and his Government to revisit the outstanding pension and gratuities that the nation owes the former fighters.

“ Most of them who worked under UNIP administration had started contributing to the special pension scheme which the MMD regime canceled in 1991 when they got into power,” he said.

He observed that President Lungu had exhibited good leadership and hoped that he would help free the state from carrying on debt that the state incurred a long time ago.

He added that the settlement of debt would contribute towards the national reconciliation  peace and unity.


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  1. What I know is that they receive some money on annual basis. Maybe the speaker was just omitted. Please authorities document all the living freedom fighters and help them. Avoid the Zimbabwean situation where even those born in 1982 call themselves veterans.

    • Even Grey Zulu has not been given his pension. The great son of Africa has suffered. This is totally unacceptable.

      And yet some people can amass 23 million kwacha in a few months. They have money to buy wheelbarrows yet they neglect people that did real work for our beloved country. Is this fair?

      Our greedy politicians should be brought to book once they leave office.

      Enough is enough.

    • @1.1 The man Mr Zulu retired a long time ago and we’ve had 5 presidents since. I don’t think you’re saying the truth but simply being malicious. Mr Zulu is well off even without the pension under discussion. We’re talking about the “ordinary ” person who helped with our liberation.

  2. “Kitwe based freedom fighter Mr Jonas Kapenda … observed that President Lungu had exhibited good leadership and hoped that he would help free the state from carrying on debt.”

    LOL – Lungu exhibited good leadership? This sounds like the beginning of a very funny joke. Mr. Jonas Kasenda, I am sure you know better.

    I am a Tax payer in a Country that loans mother Zambia money. Lungu abused the power vested in him by ‘helping himself’ with more than 21 million (rebased) Kwacha, of public funds (Taxpayers’, pensioners’ widowed, etc…), in twelve months of being Republican President. And his silence over his despicable theft is very loud and clear.

    You call that good leadership?. Ninshi ukulabendelela pakwipusha pa mpiya shenu?

    • When people become destitutes they grovel and speak words of praise to the one oppressing them; mr Kasenda beeing a freedom fighter; you should be explaining to ECL the wrongs of breaking down this once peaceful nation that he Kasenda fought to liberate from the Colonialists instead of praising him. Surely after 53 years we should not be dependent with all our rich resources;

  3. Africa suffers from accountability and selfless service. Please people learn to serve your country and put in place laws that safeguard genuine entitlements. I do not understand why a country not at war has failed to settle its dues in 53 years. We are a classic example of failure.

  4. Correct me if im wrong. Was there a Simon Kapenda fighting a different freedom War against the state which now owes them for their ‘patriotism’? am confused. I think he was gunned down by

    • It’s difficult to distinguish who was a freedom fighter from an ordinary citizen without documentation. My father did not actively participate in the struggle but because of his age he can easily claim to have been. Come to think of it. …why didn’t KK do something about his comrades in arms.

  5. Possible Stockholm syndrome?

    If these people are truly being neglected then the correct due process is to release their entitlements.
    That is if*
    An investigation into the validity of the claim is needed.

    This once great nation needs accountability for its wrong doers. Tax monies need to be accounted for every day.

    Zambia is heavily rich with culture, water, nature, mineral resources, gem stones, and the amazing people, yet none of this translates to the majority.

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