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Embrace criticism, President Lungu tells new appointees

Headlines Embrace criticism, President Lungu tells new appointees

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu at State house
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu at State house

President Edgar Lungu has advised newly sworn-in Clerk of the National Assembly Cecilia Mbewe and Anti-Corruption Commission Director General Zachariah Phiri to embrace criticism.

Speaking during the swearing in ceremony at state house, the head of state said the two have huge roles to play in serving the public and will be subjected to a lot of criticism.

President Lungu has assured them of State House’s support and noted that he will not interfere in their work.

He said he will continue engaging the newly appointed officials when need arises.

And newly appointed ACC Director General Zachariah Phiri has called on the public to report corruption allegations to the commission and not through the media.

Mr. Phiri also emphasised the need for citizens raising corruption allegations to provide evidence so that it is easy for the commission to carry out investigations.

President Edgar Lungu greets Mrs Cecilia Mbewe Clerck of the National Assembly looking on is Vice President Mrs Inonge Wina at State house
President Edgar Lungu greets Mrs Cecilia Mbewe Clerck of the National Assembly looking on is Vice President Mrs Inonge Wina at State house

President Edgar Lungu Swearing in Mrs Cecilia Nsenduluka Mbewe - Clerk of the National Assembly at Statehouse
President Edgar Lungu Swearing in Mrs Cecilia Nsenduluka Mbewe – Clerk of the National Assembly at Statehouse

President Edgar Lungu Swearing in Mrs Cecilia Nsenduluka Mbewe - Clerk of the National Assembly at Statehouse
President Edgar Lungu Swearing in Mrs Cecilia Nsenduluka Mbewe – Clerk of the National Assembly at Statehouse

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    • I like this infusion of millennials in national state craft structures. Continue giving them chances.
      Congrats young folks don’t disappoint the masses in your discharge if your duties. Best!

    • @Nubian, that indeed right. But start with yourself, yesterday you pontadi that your man at home do nothing but just cooking for you. Muletasha.

    • “President Lazy has assured them of State House’s support and noted that he will not interfere in their work.”
      Zambians wake up from you dont need such vague assurances from corrupt fellas..you need policy amendments to make ACC free from interference.

    • By appointing them, you have already interfered in their independence imwe BaVodiga Rungu.
      These are key civil servants who should swear allegiance to the TAX PAYER, and should be sworn in at Parliament before the people’s representatives.
      Swearing in is not a duty that should take 40% of presidential duty time, the other 60% being taken by trips abroad and commissioning projects he has been promised a cut in.

    • Arise and serve mama Zambia judiciously in every opportunity. Last week I had a lengthy phone talk with Professor PLO Lumumba of Kenya one emerging PanAfricanist and iconic anti-Graft advocate on battles for mama Africa. On Oct 20,2017, I was also privileged to attend the GOP convention in California where Steve Bannon delivered a Keynote. More than ever before, I Left with a clear picture why liberals belabor relentlessly with wrath against a stunning genius turned political machinist of grassroots mobilization. Like in China, USA and Russia, nationalism is strong and reigning. Let’s just be smart.

    • Voice in the wilderness, look at the inept opposition MPs. MPs are supposed to be the ones to validate these appointees. Our MPs do not know why they are in government anyway.

    • Nyanjas being appointed everyday whilst other tribes are being purged. It started in RB’s reign. Zambia has 73 tribes but I don’t remember a Kachokwe, a luchazi or a lozi being appointed by lungu.

      I’m not tribalist but when I point out lungu’s shameless tribal bias, some pipo will label me tribal.

    • Chakolwa lungu is just plain stup1d. How on earth does expect his stooges to fight corruption when is the head of the most corrupt bunch.

      In countries of serious men and women political leaders accused of corruption would have resigned to pave way for thorough investigation.

      We need to get Zambia back by any means necessary.

  1. WELL DONE …..CONRATS CECILIA ….“This is one way which will entail Zambia meeting the 50-50 representation threshold of women and men at all levels as per the African Union and SADC Protocols on Gender as well as our own provisions in the Gender Equity and Equality Act”

  2. Good advice. Don’t tell them to fall on others like a ton of bricks; or to tell others that they can also throw punches.

  3. But how to they arrest you Mr. President when you have just appointed them?
    You should be the first one to answer charges before we can go to others. Madam do you have the guts to interrogate PF government officials? I doubt?

    • Its laughable if he was serious about fighting corruption he would instructed his MPs to table such an issue tomorrow in Parliament and make it independent but Lazy is joker he thinks he is Church where he can lie at will. This is like a School Head Master appointing a pupil as Head Boy and then stating that he will not interfere.

    • Are you serious you don’t known nothing about constitutional appointments or you are just joking as usual. These names will have to be debated in parliament where your mediocre mps from magoye will vote. Grow a brain.

  4. As long as we keep on the path of Presidential appointments will never see meaningful fight against corruption .

  5. Guess what the new appointees are both from Wako niwako and Umodzi Kumawa Province. The new ACC Director will start by covering up the 42/42 Corrupt deal .There is nothing that this young man will do becoz the Fish Rots from the Head downwards. As CK observed ECL is Mr Corruption Number One so the Leadership is encouraging Corruption.

  6. As Africa we need to move away from presidential appointments of such important offices.
    The ACC, DEC, ZP, Courts, ECZ etc they all need autonomy. Kudos to the new office bearers. Be brave. Our cadres are quite a force to reckon with.

    • Meanwhile the upnd Supreme leader Ayatollah Akainde continues canvassing the international community seeking recognition. The traitor thinks Chatham can install him in State House

    • Exactly what Kenya did back in 2010…the result is the recent annulment of presidential elections by a free supreme court vetted by a public panel of experts.

  7. start with fire fire engines

    publish all the bidders and their rates

    explain creritaria for pickin 1m dollar per unit

    also explain govt tendure procedure.

    most of these critics were born in oposition and have never worked in civil service.

    please clear the air we are fed of noice

    • Also investigate the Maize Gate Scandal

      The Mukula Tree Gate Scandal

      The $1.2billion Ndola-Lusaka Dual Carriage way

      The unexplained rapid accumulation of wealth $23 million Kwacha by ECL in 1.5 years

      Many more to come…..

  8. dangote started his busines from 1978.

    what about this one here.

    lima bank.ubz. zambia airways employees died of depression

    he will never enjoy the money he got. he will die bitter as punishment.

    teargasiin his house is nothing compared to the souls that suffered because of him. zda boss. and late head of state

    if it was in china or russia its straight firing squad. but here you even allow him to insulting us after stealin

    • We can not afford another guest in Embassy Park…even in death these people cost us a lot of money. These Lazy Bum has to be brought to book to answer for his crimes like poor Henry Kapoko who will be doing hard labour.

  9. Total rubbish bwana Lungu. When we raise criticism about the fraudulent $42m fire truck tender you insult and dismiss us.

    • Lazy Lungu knows you are a docile people …there he is still buying ambulances for a whooping $200K each, you can build a small rural clinic all equipped powered with by offgrid solar power !!

  10. Hon Mulusa got farm just three weeks in states in Mapepe area ,on the right when heading to Kafue. The farm next to police farm. He also made a road within a month to that area. At a Mr Zulu former security man to the late President Micheal Sata used to go and get 70,000 from a mobile company based in Zambia. He is such a corrupt man than the friends is joking about. Where did he get the money to buy such big farm when he was just in charge of projects at state house

  11. @Mula: Nsenduluka is not from Eastern but a bemba married to Mr Mbewe from the East.
    Look,as long as you people from 3.5 provinces continue associating yourselves with a seasoned loser HH,you will continue missing out on senior Governt Jobs because the office of the president cannot trust you.plus HH made things worse for you in 2016 when he claimed that senior Govnt officials brief him about classified information.so you only have yourselves to blame by taking HH as your saviour.wise bantustans such as Dr.Hamukale,Brian Hapunda,Kakoma Kanganja,Mr.Mukwinta,Paul Moonga,etc are enjoying the national cake by working with a Govnt of the day!!!HH HAS BEEN DOING TRIBAL POLITICS SINCE 2006.BY NOW MOST OF YOU SHOULD HAVE BLAMED HH.BUT YOU HAVE KEPT QUIET AND SUPPORT HIM WITH A PASSION!!SO LET HH…

    • Zambia is evenly spread (North and East ares for Lungu, South, West and N. West for HH and Central Province about 50-50) and the only factor that differentiates HH from being president is the urban areas, Lusaka, Copperbelt where opposition are never allowed to campaign. Be objective.

  12. The new appointees loyalties are to the person that swore them into their positions. This says alot. So what will change?

    • He has made personal assurances…really laughable…like him stating that he will not steal or abuse his authority. We only have ourselves to blame for letting him do it!!

  13. And you think this young man with little experience can handle these hardcore corrupt fellows we have in Zambia. This shows that the head is not serious about fighting corruption. By the way we have educated and qualified people from other regions. It doesn’t send a good one Zambia one nation message to swear in two people for two key positions from the same region one comes from especially a day after independence celebrations where he preached love and unity.

  14. Well done Mr. President! Please don’t listen to tribal parities! Their criticism is not based on truth! It is hatred fro others who are not from Namwala United Club.

  15. Your govt Mr Lungu is incompetent ,very autocratic ,nepotistic and corrupt with no vision .Even economic growth has stalled and debt burden risen sharply so better you get out of plot one asap.

  16. President Lungu should be first to embrace criticism before asking others to do so. He promises big punches to those who criticise him, it a new way of embracing criticism? Threats and arrests have charecterised your presidence hence I do not believe you mean what you say and day what you mean Mr president.

  17. Is that the President laughing with the head of the ACC? Talk about being compromised. He should be appointed by Parliament with at least 100 votes.

  18. Its not enough to take criticism. We want answers and accountability. You can’t say you take criticism and don’t allow it to sharp and reform you. I think give PF a new name because its a different animal from the ideals of the late MCS. I’m disappointed in you. I actually dreamt I was UPND… but that’s like jumping from frying pan into the fire. REPENT

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