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HH dedicates Africa Freedom Award to fellow Africans in the struggle for freedom and democracy

Headlines HH dedicates Africa Freedom Award to fellow Africans in the struggle for...

HH with the Award

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema was on Friday conferred with the Africa Freedom Award in Johannesburg, South Africa, by the Germany led Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

Mr. Hichilema said he has dedicated the award to every African and Zambian who has joined in the struggle for freedom and democracy.

“It is a great honour to be invited to speak and later on be awarded here, we are firm believers of democracy and freedom of all citizens, therefore, we would like to dedicate this award to every African and Zambian who under very difficult times has joined the struggle for freedom and democracy, we salute the freedom fighters in Zambia, Africa and the world at large”, said Mr. Hichilema.

The UPND President also did participate in a discussion titled “The State of Freedom in Africa” at which he presented paper work with solutions to how Africa and including Zambia can attain its freedoms and democracy wholly.

“Together, as one, we can do great things, great things that can benefit our people on the African continent, we must unite as Africa, unite for our people against those that are working to stop freedoms and democracy”, added Mr Hichilema.

Mr. Hichilema also said that he remains grateful to the people of Zambia especially on their unconditional support they have continued to show to him even when the country is undergoing difficult times.

“We are grateful to the people of our country, Zambia, they have been with us through difficult times, the church, civil society organizations have been of great help and our country values democracy and freedom of all citizens, we love our country and we will work to make it a better home for all”, said Mr. Hichilema during the round table discussion.

“Freedom is not only being able to move freely, assemble freely, associate freely, demand freely by the way in some countries even what we have called “freedom” is not there because freedom is not freedom when our people are still going hungry and cannot afford better meals except a few, freedom to us means being politically free and economically strong”, said Mr Hichilema.

The Germany led Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF)-Annual Africa Freedom Speech and Award Ceremony is an annual event which acknowledges individuals who have made an extraordinary contribution to the cause of Freedom in Africa.

During this year’s speech and award ceremony, Mr. Hichilema was joined by Mr Ismail Jussa Ladhu who is the Director of Foreign Affairs and International Relations of the Civic United Front (CUF) and Mr. Mmusi Maimane, Federal Leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) as co-special guests.

The UPND President was accompanied by his Vice, Mr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and UPND South Africa chapter members.

HH at the Germany led Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF)-Annual Africa Freedom Speech and Award Ceremony

HH at the  Germany led Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF)-Annual Africa Freedom Speech and Award Ceremony
HH at the Germany led Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF)-Annual Africa Freedom Speech and Award Ceremony

GBM at the  Germany led Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF)-Annual Africa Freedom Speech and Award Ceremony
GBM at the Germany led Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF)-Annual Africa Freedom Speech and Award Ceremony

GBM at the  Germany led Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF)-Annual Africa Freedom Speech and Award Ceremony
GBM at the Germany led Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF)-Annual Africa Freedom Speech and Award Ceremony

GBM at the  Germany led Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF)-Annual Africa Freedom Speech and Award Ceremony
GBM at the Germany led Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF)-Annual Africa Freedom Speech and Award Ceremony


    • HH is just an elitist pawn sad to say. Surrounded by crooks such as GBM, do these musungus know the people they are awarding this award to?We lack a real opposition in Zambia – if you sit with HH for 5 minutes and discuss any issue you will be amazed at how shallow minded this chap is, completely dull- no substance at all I’m sure these whites were shocked at the low IQ of this guy after awarding him the award. Yes he is rich, yes he has an economics degree yes he has an MBA but doesn’t make him a moral or wise man.
      As for the govt continue scoring own goals and this nemesis of yours will continue to appear as the best alternative in the absence of any real options and the ones to blame will be yourselves!


    • Hahahahaha this reminds me of my literature days back at school…” The old man and the medal”….look at that grin on his face…..for those of you that have read this book am sure you can relate it to HH….typical house negro.

      2021 vote PF (Edgar)

      I thank you

    • Whatever this so called freedom award means, its the most useless award in its spirit and character. Its an insult and shameful arrangement by those who destaste African Nationalism seeing it alive and well with renewed spirit of pan-Africanism. What freedom has Hichilema fought for and won for a common blackman? Our icons of a free Africa and a blackman in the leagues of Muzee K.D Kaunda, Kambarage Nyerere, Samora Machel, Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba, Marcus Garvey, Anwar Sadat, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Steve Biko,Muammar Gaddafi, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Chris Thembisile Hani, and Thomas Sankara to mention but a few took no pleasure in such complicity. They were despised some to death and never looked to such flattery arranged for those who are willing to surrender Africa again.

    • Deep down lungu’s rotten conscience he knows HH is the man people voted for. Even gallons of beer cannot erase this fact from his mind.

    • Use.less award. This id.iot has done nothing to warrant him any award. Award for What?? Maybe awarded for being the most tribal opposition leader.

    • Wantanshi, you colonised loser!!! So to you, a worthless award from any white person is good enough to undermine the will of the Zambian people??? Even Nawakwi has respected what the people decided, but for you the muzungu has to endorse who leads us??? People like you should not even call yourself Zambian. Pathetic loser!!!

    • The jealous and envy on these uncivilised PF thugs is very noticeable. You can see from the comments that chabababa. There are more awards coming for HH. Some of us are not UPND but we appreciate the man

    • @Lucy: struggle for freedom??…kwekwekwekwekwe…what struggle for freedom??? You must be sick like the loser hh you worship. Since 2006, Zambians have repeatedly rejected this tribal politician and you want to blame it all on PF?? Let me refresh your memory: 2006 LPM won and hh was 3rd, hh won in Southern province only. 2008 by-election: RB won and hh was third and was still confined to southern province only. 2011 MCS won and hh was third again, winning only in southern province!!! After the disintergration of MMD, he was 2nd in 2015 by-election and 2016 to newcomer ECL but was still confined to southern, then his tribal cousins joined him from western and N/western. So a film about badaala’s struggle for freedom is for the tribal hegemony of the tongas/lozi and their N/western…

    • Fantastic… well layed out!! Am going to copy and paste this one in my bits for reminder… they still won’t get it though! clap!clap!clap!

  1. “freedom is not freedom when our people are still going hungry and cannot afford better meals except a few, freedom to us means being politically free and economically strong”, said Mr Hichilema.

    If you read and hear what HH has been saying in SA, everything he has said in the eyes of a sensible, honourable and objective Zambian goes against the moral high ground he is currently putting himself in, therefore making himself an OXYMORON.

    I refer to the statement above… HH was part of privatisation that he benefited and weakened the entire country including the people supporting him. He is now standing on a hill acclaiming moral high ground? THINK!!

    • I bet you are not one of the millions of Zambians who, today, more than half a century after independence, are still wallowing in abject poverty! You only read about poverty, hunger and disease among Zambians from the media. You are sheltered and protected. And if so, how did you amass your own wealth? The gap between the super rich and the poor in Zambia is one of the highest in Africa and the world. How come you don’t care about such a trend? How is it you have decided to politicize a statement like: “freedom is not freedom when our people are still going hungry and cannot afford better meals except a few, freedom to us means being politically free and economically strong”?

    • Whether HH benefited from the privatization exercise which was initiated by former and now late president Chiluba is beside the point. Many others did, including Chiluba himself. Most of those who did, took and hid their money in off-shore accounts where, to this day, it is accumulating dust. If HH, as you have so often alleged, also stole, we know what he did with his money. He did not externalize it and hide it in some off-shore account. He invested it internally within the country. Were you a reasonable person, this fact alone should have informed you that HH is not a thief. Thieves hide what they steal. Secondly, by investing his money in companies within Zambia, HH has and continues to help create jobs for fellow Zambians. Additionally, his companies are also contributing to…

    • …… Additionally, his companies are also contributing to Zambia’s GDP. To you, all of that is nothing! Any wonder people think that you are just being tribal?

    • So, Meimatungu, it is okay to steal from the people as long as you build companies that will employ the same people you stole from?


    • Radius I love the way you think. I have equally had the same question for years. If he love Zambia as much as he claims to do and in so many instances has claimed to have been unable to stop the plundering during the privatization process, would it no have made more sense for him to excuse his self from the process then rather that to be a part of the band of thieves? Should not his integrity have mattered more. I would really love to ask him one on one these hard hitting questions. I have never bought his arguments for the goings on of the privatization process

    • @ 2.4 abilima:

      No, that’s not what I said. What I said is that, HH is not a thief. Those who steal, hide what they have stolen. The country did conduct an exhaustive investigation regarding those who bamboozled the country’s wealth during the Chiluba era. Discoveries were made. HH never made that list. He has, on the contrary, been playing what appears to be a fair game publicly and openly. His companies are among those helping contribute to the growth of the country’s GDP and to reduce perennial poverty and unemployment in Zambia. Why can’t you learn to appreciate?

  2. Zambia stands a good chance of learning from the political failings and failures of other countries in the region. We can be a shinning example of true democracy in Africa.

    • Wish you (HH) all the best of luck during your political career. May the lord bless you (HH). Please, HH continue to multiply your wealth and accrue more profits and marathon benefits through all legal means at any cost. I like rich people especially all HH’s associates including hardworking Southerners and all honest Zambians. I do not like associating myself with lazy people who wait for opportunities in which they either swindle others or steal from the state. Stop using fancy names such as money laundering, fraud, corruption or nepotism when describing government thieves. PF officials are thieves and stop celebrating them just because such thieves come from the same region(s) where their support is strong. VIVA HH, UPND.

  3. HH, stop demeaning the Africans and more especially Zambians! You are just like the chaps who invited you, oppressors yourselves.
    If there is one country in the world where there is freedom and democracy, it’s in Zambia. You HH is a dictator, a tyranny chap who has no shame. In your club called UPND, have allowed anyone to challenge you for the last 13 years you have been losing elections? All you see and deceive yourself is that the Zambian presidency belongs to you alone, why God knows. Tell the same Germans why haven’t you attended any of of the Freedom Fighters celebrations in Zambia and yet go and accept something you have not earned. You shall d1e a bitter man, things in Zambia are far better today to those who work and strive for them. You are a liar and a disgrace chap.

  4. I hope they as well advised him to have elections within his party not just him appointing. Charity begins at home. Freedom to choose leaders in UPND and not one man appointing. How many years no convention and no elections in UPND. Show us how you would do if President.

  5. It seems to me that our government will never recognize any international body that chastize them in their governance system. You cannot be selective on who should show concern in the affairs of your country. You cannot regard every criticism as bad. As far as I can recall, the only organizations that the government has welcomed their comments are those that said the 2016 elections were free and fair. Anybody else is against them. How can you get better if all you want to hear is applause.

    The Germany Friedrich Naumann Foundation is a credible organization. They recognized HH because of his non violence approach to politics. They can never recognize Odinga even if he’s right. HH, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King Jr., have the same approach to Politics. HH is bound to go down in…

  6. he was arrested for blockin presidential mortacade . zambia is free country for anyone that operates within the law.

    freedom does not mean you shall step on others.

    You call your friend a clueless hyna.

    when reprimanded you run to south africa and german and uk to report and they give you medals

    these social clubs that give awards must watch mongu car race u5 vs ecl on the road

  7. The fact of the matter is even if HH was to take over in 2021 and the way the government with the likes of Dora and Mutati has messed things up chances are he will but things will not get any better! How can they when some of the same people who were in MMD, then joined PF left PF or were sacked then come back to rule in UPND? What magic will take place for the culture of bad governance that these chaps have inherited change – if you include the likes of Munkumbwe we are talking about recycled politicians from as far back as the UNIP era!!! Sad state of affairs! Never put your trust in a human being!

  8. isn’t it ironic??? These muzungus give an award based on democracy to a guy who hasn’t had a party convention for 13 years and has changed his party constitution to remain at the helm till kingdom come. And we the Zambians are suppose to say ” hallelujah!!!” . STRANGE INDEED!!!

  9. in a country that has rejected him 5 times to come and say he dedicates his ass licking award to his fellow africans is a slap in the face. this man needs to grow a pair

  10. I don’t know see anything that is bad or untrue that he said… neither do I see anything unpatriotic. People need to remove their partisan and hatred blindfold and started thinking objectively. Only then shall we prosper and move forward. There is no secret that Zambia is still stuck in the 15th Century socially, economically and politically with a select few looting the country at the expense of the majority poor. This fact has nothing to do with HH (even if the man died today, this fact will still remain). The supposedly enlightened who visit this site need to start demanding the best from the PF… they are the ones holding the keys to the national treasury, not HH. Thus demand more; demand they stop stealing; demand they uphold the rule of law; demand the uphold human rights, and…

  11. continue reading…
    … demand the uphold human rights, and maybe your extended families in the village and those to come 100 years from now will have gloomy of hope.

    • Nobody is focusing on what he said/not say – he said nothing actually after all the criticisms over his careless speeches abroad in the past, people are commenting on the uselessness of the award.

  12. the problems in africa are created by thesse whites

    the guy together with zda former boss and late president distroyed zambia. looted the ecomony and created ranches .

    the guy has never had intra party democracy in the party he inheritated from a deceased

    the guy committed ethnic cleansin in namwala after losing

    hardnose capitalist

    this is the guy whites wants to rule zambia.
    a guy with 3 provinces followin

    his deputy is a ruthless illiterate
    who can easly go to state house by default

    honestly imagaine GBM in statehouse

    these whites want to see bloodbath in zambia.

    • This arrogant know it all idi.ot will rot in opposition. Only his tribesmen from cowthern province will keep voting for him. In Zambia he remains a reject to the majority

    • Award for what??? Maybe for being pompous, rude, arrogant and tribal. If that is the case, then he deserves it.

  13. U call yourself a Christian nation but with full of hurt in ur lungs . Why organisin national prayers and yet ur are full of animosity. Cheer him up . He deserves it and good luck.

  14. Kikikiki …can HH defemd democracy and fight for economical freedom?
    Look,HH has been “chuundu chaitwa” upnd leader since 2006 minus calling for any convention.all other leaders in upnd a chosen by HH alone.CAN SUCH A LEADER DEFEND DEMOCRACY?NEVER.if HH became Zambian president,he can rule like DR Congo’s Joseph Kabila or Robert Mugabe (forever).Secondly,HH played a key role in the Privatization of Govnt firms with FTJ Chiluba.those Govnt firms employed thousands of Zambians.today we have no jobs in Zambia because of what HH and FTJ Chiluba did.DOES HH THINK WE ARE DULL LIKE HIMSELF?TRUTH BE TOLD,HH IS PURELY ON TRIBAL CRUSADE-PERIOD!!HH can cheat those whites and not us majority Zambians in 6.5 provinces!! let me remind HH’s sponsors (whites) that HH wont manage to sale them the…

  15. Continue….
    Let me remind HH’s sponsors (whites) that he wont manage to sell them the remaining Govnt firm through another privatization because HH WILL NEVER RULE ZAMBIA AS HE IS ONLY POPULAR IN 3.5 PROVINCES!!!PLUS STICKING TO GBM LIKE A LICE WONT WIN KAINDE BEMBA VOTES-MARK MY WORDS!!!

    • So 3.5 provinces have 48% of the voters and 6.5 provinces only have 50.3%.The Copperbelt,Lusaka,Eastern and Luapula have the largest populations in the country.How come ECL never got 60-70%. Clearly there is something wrong with the electoral system in Zambia.You have just exposed your ignorance.

    • If you did some mathematics at school you would have presented a better analysis – I guess you failed mathematics. Why haven’t you included the voter turnout in the respective provinces? As presented by you, an outsider would think that the 3.5 provinces had the same number of registered voters as the 6.5 provinces and the voter turnout was the same across the provinces.

    • Let me remind our own, that after the 6.5 provinces seeing what is obtaining, that people are riding the moral high ground they shouldn’t be on it. Let’s ensure we collect everyone else who did not vote to vote. TURN OUT the VOTE 6.5 provinces!! let’s equal the turn out to 98% in our 6.5 and let them do 100% in their 3.5. Elolwanya nomba!

  16. Why are u So bitter about HH by the way?
    You really sound bitter.
    Muzafa chabe na BP for nothing.
    You know learnt people like the ones that have conferred HH with the Prestigious Award of Democracy and Freedom don’t just give for the sake…to please who? It is on merit baba.
    Give Czar what is Czar’s….period or mudadaule, become abusive, jealous …etc it can’t take away what he has gotten which you and your trustees will never get…or maybe!

    • The bitter chaps are cowtheners who have failed to accept defeat despite under 5 having clearly lost 6 times. They have been jumping like monkeys from one court to another in protest but to no avail.

  17. We’re already free so what freedom is talking about. Our country is rated 4th of the 10 most peaceful countries in Africa but HH wants to create war so that imperialists can install him as president. It’s already happening in Kenya.

  18. This site has changed for worse in the last couple of years. The quality of posts has deteriorated a lot! Some people seem to be paid bloggers who just post along hate lines- this is shameful, to say the least. With such mentality our country Zambia us going backwards NOT forward! Whenever you talk/ blog say something that is factual and non-biased! Do not be tribally aligned against or for anyone tribe otherwise the notion of One Zambia one Nation will not be upheld. God bless Zambia.

  19. @Njimbu
    So 3.5 provinces have 48% of the voters and 6.5 provinces only have 50.3%.The Copperbelt,Lusaka,Eastern and Luapula have the largest populations in the country.How come ECL never got 60-70%. Clearly there is something wrong with the electoral system in Zambia.You have just exposed your ignorance.

  20. HH has outlived his purpose. UPND needs to hold a convention to elect a new leader. Its hightime HH considered philanthropy and retiring from politics. This man is too egoistic.

  21. he got 97 % frm one province thats how he managed 48% votes

    he has no representation in

    capital lsk o

    zero zero zero

    he goes to polls with 3 provinces where,he gets 95% votes.

    Dear Zambian . a vote for u5 is equall to voting for gbm at state house

    a ruthless illiterate

    • You are a mad person @Laughing matter. Why all this hallucination? Where do you live devoid of reality about Zambia? Why are you so paranoid about HH? Take it easy some times and use your brains NOT brainwashed rhetoric of no substance recited like a parrot day-in day-out. If this organization is useless as you claim, then why should you worry so much as to make you so restless you have to send so many posts about it? Chill man!

  22. Remember the interview on SABC by one South African analyst when he discussed the Mongu Debacle? He mentioned the German Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom trying to destabilize African countries using stooges!!!

  23. Kikii ati award for whaaat…..? You hh is already manipulated by colonisers. To him he thinks it’s an award but them they are seeing money. What a 5stupid person hh is. If he was wise he could’ve at least asked himself a simple question like what have I done democratically in my party to deserve thus medal. After elections he failed to restraint his tribesmen in namwala from displacing fellow Zambians from their homes simply coz of tribe. No one in upnd who holds a position was elected including hh himself but their he is happily receiving . This guy is indeed under5. Even malema deserved that award more than hh.

  24. The only good thing about this award is that it has been re-dedicated by it’s recipient.
    If the Friedrich Naumann Foundation is really serious on the cause of freedom in Africa, why don’t they start by checking unfair trade policies that are made by European bodies to marginalize Africa’s role in international trade? This is the main reason why our people still go hungry and cannot afford better meals.

    A mediocre award will not change anything for the common people. How long shall we continue stooping to foreign institutions for recognition? We need to start thinking outside the box and make ourselves prize-makers rather than prize-takers.

  25. If only you had before shown a similar genuine smile to your fellow Zedians I would have given you a benefit of doubt. But to see that smile among the white supremacists while accepting a stupid trophy, given to you by the clever whites so that you can willingly take away the little that’s left for the poor and give it to your masters to give you peanatmeans you’re not trustworthy.

  26. Zambia is 53 years old. You still have a house nigger to be recognized by a white man. I’m ashamed. HH please stop embarrassing Africans.

    • These are the same people who provide aid to support your people. Stop getting donor funds and be self sufficient. Just maybe I will take your blog seriously

    • @ Mwape – we need to be self sufficient and add value to our materials as finished articles to be sold out. Once we do that, they will go elsewhere cause they (whites) do not want to trade with us but give us dead aid.

      We are in this situation because of them… look at our Lumumba, Gaddafi and remember Thomas Sankarah … these are guys who decided to say up yours and your aid. We are going to take care of ourselves. What happened? I leave that for you to think and not plead for dead aid

  27. Does HH know who killed Khadafi and who killed Lumumba.
    If he was intelligent enough he would know what he is attracting in his life; really he doesn’t need these guy’s approval.
    HH needs zambians he should win their minds.

  28. Like him or a hate him, the man is great HH can by far make a good president than ECL ,MUTATI, NAWAKWI, AND MULIOKELA. He is morally right in everything that he does GOOD LUCK HH

  29. When his excellency MCS, Michael Sata (MHSRP) branded Hakainde Hichilema (HH) as an under-five politician some of us doubted. But today going by what (HH) has exhibited as he continues his losing spree is a very sad story for our great nation. The hatred being spewed from this man’s mouth is worrying. However, we were fore warned that an under-five hard joined political arena. Listening to the speech at which his friend Mmusi of gave him an award for sleeping at Mukobeko (maximum prison) it leaves no iota of doubt that this man has neither vision nor the ingenuity to develop a credible agenda for Zambia. History will judge him harshly as an opposition leader who brought shame, ridicule to his mother land just to go to state house. HH,s behaviour can likened to a man who gossips about his…

  30. …. HH,s behaviour can likened to a man who gossips about his wife in the neighbour- hood, but later in the night he comes back home to find solace in the same woman he gossips about. I am looking forward to the time HH will leave grade zero and start grade one.

  31. Africa Freedom award given to an African by a German organisation? Dogs are really growing horns, I would have thought it appropriate for a German organisation to award a German national for his work in Africa! This is really an insult to the African recepient, an under5 obviously at his boy age, he will not understand what I am saying until he grows into a teenager maybe.

  32. Meimatungu’s thinking is strange and in reverse.

    The truth of the matter is whatever this award means it is misplaced. We Africans and Zambians is particular must be careful the way we trade. We must politically differ but we must never ever connive with foreigners to ‘solve’ our political differences. Never!! These ‘awardings’ have done a lot of damage to Africa than good and they will continue to do so because it is an easy and cheaper way of obtaining resources cheaply from Africa. Just look at what is happening in DR Congo. This situation will continue for as long as Congo remain mineral rich. Therefore, selfish African leaders will continue to take advantage of the situation because they selfishly gain but believe you me they leave no legacy at all.

    African let us…

    • @38 Madiba:

      How strange that you say: “We must politically differ but we must never ever connive with foreigners to ‘solve’ our political differences. Never!!…” Was it not just yesterday when HH had to be sent to Mukobeko Maximum Prison and punished for crimes we are yet to be told? Who came to his rescue? Did you? Was it not the same “foreigners” you are today despising who made the difference? How do you want me to account for such glaring inconsistency on your part?

  33. When people make claims that Zambians voted for HH, I personally don’t know what they mean because I’m Zambian and voted ECL. And from my objective standpoint, I’ll vote ECL AGAIN! Am I alone?

  34. The jealous and envy on these uncivilised PF thugs is very noticeable. You can see from the comments that chabababa. There are more awards coming for HH. Some of us are not UPND but we appreciate the man

  35. Let’t learn to call a spade a spade. The award implies that HH is being recognized internationally for whatever it is they are recognizing him. Nelson Mandela was recognized internationally, and so is HH. What international recognition has our beloved president Edgar Changwa Lungu attracted? Is he not the most traveled African president? And yet, despite his frequent international travels, how is it he has not been able to attract similar attention from the international community?

    • It’s the Maimane connection that spoils it for me. On your reference to Mandela, don’t you know institutions the world over were in a race falling over one another to recognize him. When the time is ripe for HH to be recognized, if at all that will happen, even the most vicious of his critics will affirm him, trust me!

    • @Imute: ECL doesn’t need international recognition as his is recognised by Zambians. Remember, this is a guy from Chawama who campaigned for 2 months and still defeated serial loser hakainde.

      “when they praise you, then you are doing what they want. But when they don’t give you an award just know that it means that you are doing the right thing, what your people want”-FTJ, second republican president of Zambia.


    • @41.2 Zambian Citizen:

      But who was that then, who developed tantrums in Mongu over HH’s warm reception there? And who was that, who went to South Africa and requested to meet, not Zuma or Thabo Mbeki, but instead, Malema and Maimane? Are you sure ECL doesn’t crave recognition? Why then did he demand that HH recognizes him as president? Was that not the reason the Opposition Leader was arrested and imprisoned at Mukobeko Maximum Prison? What about those reports that a United States government official had had a conversation with him etc.?

    • Tantrums in Mongu?? It was hh who tried to pull off a bravado in front of his tribal supporters and embarrass the president. Endangering the life of the president has consequences and ZP rightly showed hh that Zambia has laws!! Why would ECL, the president of Zambia “request” to meet Mmusi “the neo-colonialists’ house pet” Maimane when he was officially invited to RSA by the RSA govt??? Maimane wanted to organise a protest outside where ECL was staying and ECL asked him to come and meet him face to face so he can lay out his grievances. But being the white party frontman he is, Maimane chickened out!! You see, Maimane’s strengths lie in his theatrical ability to act out his choreographed speeches authored by those white folks in his party, DA; So a face to face debate with a atute…

    • …with an astute African politician who also happens to be a lawyer was always going to be a mountain to climb for poor old Maimane, hence the disappearing act. Badaala was imprisoned not for not recognising ECL but for his childish and reckless behavior in Mongu. Imute, you live in the USA, If some whako politician had done that to Donald Trump’s motorcade, what would have been the end result???? Traffic violation or CNN headline saying “secret service shoot dead presidential motorcade attacker”?????????????? BE OBJECTIVE AND RESPECT THE WILL OF THE MAJORITY OF ZAMBIANS WHO SPOKE IN AUGUST 2016.

  36. Look at the picture
    What can you see?
    Who are the majority in the picture?

    Maimane from the racist party is the guest of honour
    The event is taking place in Africa but three-quarters of those on the guest list are white.

    President Edgar Lungu has been recognized by the people of Zambia and that is more important than being recognized by people who are not going to vote for you.

  37. UPND is deluded! This guy has been causing anarchy in the nation and someone thinks it is an award for “fighting?” Fighting what? Causing properties to burn is not fighting for anything but is ignorance!

  38. Bakaponya mu PF mwalifulisha eco mwafulila no bufontini, ubufi, ulu******, nabukapepa bwabufi, ulupato, bukaitemwe, muli bamataki ba PF. Bible itila, bonse mwebabefi mukakandwa kuli Lesa wakumulu not kuli bakapokola abakapatulula no mufimbila. Ba pf ala Jonathan muntufye, tapelo mweo nakalya. So Cenjeleni, mwitumpa iyo.

    • @ Leave a Reply to Peaceadvice… shimwana… we don’t like what’s transpiring with PF at the moment.

      I believe there are bad vices in PF and our BUT we love ECL cause he is not arrogant, tribalist, and know it all nefimofimo, like HH… Hell! UPND cannot even encourage a simple election process within his party. This entails he could be wamuyayaya like KK, Mugabe, etc… show some semblance of consistent democratic values within your party and I promise you, you guys will be a force to reckon with. But no, you won’t listen, meaning see you at the ballot nafuti nafuti!!

  39. Patron of all Tonga Ceremonies and head of a Bantustan party…enjoy your award should have been renamed award for the six time political loser hurraaaah for Adolf

  40. The Old Man and the Medal. Yes the Old man and the Medal by Ferdinand Oyono. What a masterpiece! I remember Meka. What a re-incarnation of issues.

  41. Bemba and Eastern thieves. Always stealing votes and burying them at cemeteries.At least GBM is out from these thieving crooks. If there are no votes to steal they will turn to heavy borrowing of funds for so called development while continuing to steal these monies into their pockets. From k2m the next we hear is he has k100b already. This is what HH is fighting for. A thief in power will want to intimidate everyone so that people will be afraid to confront him. This way your freedom is threatened. This is what HH is fighting for here in Zambia and Zmbia is in Africa. HH hates corruption and he has said time and again that if given a chance and no one steals his votes, his government will have zero tolerance to corruption. Indeed he is fighting for other Zambians who are in abject…

    • …kwekwekwekwekwekwekwekwe…this is what hh is fighting for in Zambia…kwekwekwekwekwekwe…no, no, no, hh wants power, period!! He’s frustrated that after losing to Levy, RB and the King Cobra a chance presented itself when the Cobra died but an unknown from Chawama denied him that chance; The unknown didn’t steal votes, Zambians just preferred him to the hh whose tribal inclinations are still stuck on him. He hates corruption??? This guy undervalued state assets and bought the same assets, now isn’t that corruption??? His company has continuously denied pensioners their money, is that someone with a heart for people???? Letting upnd thugs burn people’s homes in Namwala, is that someone fighting for Zambians????

Comments are closed.

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