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Canisius Banda trashes HH’s Award, a mockery of African freedom from colonial imperialists


HH with Canisius Banda at KKIA this morning enroute to Eastern Province
HH with Canisius Banda at KKIA this morning enroute to Eastern Province
Hakainde Hichilema’s much touted award has been rubbished as a mockery of African freedom from colonial imperialists.

Both former UPND vice president for administration, Canisius Banda and former aide to Mr Hichilema, took shots at the award perceived to be a reward from colonial masters whose motive was to once again control African governments.

“That Hakainde Hichilema accepted such an award from imperialists raises suspicion and shows his clear ignorance of Africans and their painful past,” former UPND vice president for politics Canisius Banda has charged.

Dr Banda questioned the wisdom of former colonial masters judging and awarding Africans an African award when their history was murky as perpetrators of injustice against Africans.

Mr Hichilema confirmed on his official Facebook page that he was awarded for the extra-ordinary contribution to peace in Africa award by the foundation, owned by South Africa’s Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane.

But Dr Banda reiterated that accepting awards from imperialists as UPND leader had done raised suspicion.

He said that it would have been better if such an award was given to Mr Hichilema by Black Consciousness institutions, as whenever a white man gave a black man an award, it appeared disrespectful.

Dr Banda pointed out that Mr Hichilema had shown his clear ignorance of Africans and their gory past by accepting an award from imperialists.

He warned that the UPND leader that praise could fool as awards usually reflected the desires and satisfaction of the giving entity more than they did the merit of the recipient.

Dr Banda said that flatterers had never been known to be selfless persons and that their actions were always self-serving to the detriment of the flattered.

“When the award is given by imperialists as the Hichilema case is, such an eventuality has nefarious connotations.

“Just how did we get to this that Europeans are now giving gullible Africans awards of African Freedom?” he questioned.

Dr Banda quoted the second republican president, Dr Frederick Chiluba who said that “when they praise you, then you are doing what they want. But when they don’t give you an award just know that it means that you are doing the right thing, what your people want”.

And Mr Mumbi said conferring of the extra ordinary contribution to peace in Africa award on the UPND leader is a completely misplaced foreign ploy from people who want to destabilise the dialogue process and later come back to Zambia to claim mineral rights.

Mr Mumbi said the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, was insensitive to the Zambian populace for giving such an award to Mr Hichilema and wondered what the opposition leader had done to be bestowed with the accolade after having adamantly refused to recognise President Edgar Lungu as Head of State.

He said the award would hurt dialogue efforts between Mr Hichilema himself and President Lungu.

Mr Mumbi said Mr Hichilema had the worst political record in Zambia and that he was not at peace with past presidents of Zambia and political opponents and wondered how the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, would award such an individual.


    • I meant to say 7ools award Kiki. What a joke of awards. The same party’s veep bought an honouraly doctorate and now the latest buy is a medal. Yawning now. I feel randy. Chifundo in upnd.

    • Too bad you won’t be able to take it away from him. How do you “trash’ it, if not by the figment of your imagination?



    • Fun the dude is using a doctorate acquired through European education yet he despises them as imperialists, why not take up sangomaship training and throw your doctorate in the pit latrine sir.

    • Its Canicious who? Is it the dirty guy with a lot of beards who was struggling to pay rent and evicted at some point? I am Just asking

    • Dr Banda for a penny you are ready to insult a brother. Let us look at the education you have, it is Western in every sense. If you want to be respected and have a valued opinion please reject the education or qualification you have and start practicing traditional medicines as that is what is of African origin.

  1. old man and the medal
    the same people took away Mugabe’s, why
    This is an indication of western regime agenda
    what are the results in Kenya?
    Oh by the way, corruption should be fixed by ourselves. PF government needs to be held accoutable

  2. He is calling the white man an imperialist yet the man bears white man’s name ‘Canisius’ and has a white name’s title ‘Dr’ which he earned through white man’s education. Look at his pic above, is that not white man’s clothes he is putting on. This man is talking rubbish.


    • Pwapwapwapwa, nichipuba let him become a sangoma and stop using his doctorate kaili it also smells imperialistic. Kikiki

    • You Donkeys should study history and realise that education was not originated by white people. They have just improved it.

    • @ JJ Exceedingly well stated. Canisius is a very bitter man and it is good that HH did not put hime as vice president because he would be practicing politics of revenge. How many years are we going to cry IMPERIALIST. Surely after 53 years od independence we should have put all that behind us now and be INDEPENDENT and not DEPENDENT and bitter as your education is an imperialist education Canisius.

    • Zambia @53,did you ever do comprehension at senior secondary school? We just asking NDOTOLO(Dr) banda to let go of his European doctorate, so that he can rightfully aquire your” unimproved ” education system since you saying they just improved it.

    • Look at these stupid hypocrites, they carry yhe whites mans awards in their qualifications, their hosipitals and budgets are funded by the white man, chaps like Peter live in the white mans country and probably has been a beneficiary of the imperialists social benefits and yet has the nerve to talk about imperialists?? PF people like the presidents wife have been awarded and no words said, but because its HH these nicompops come out.

    • @3.2 Peter

      People change names. He can drop that colonial relic – “Canisius” if he is as ambivalent as he claims to be, against white people. Otherwise, he is just a hypocrite, a charlatan and an impostor. HH’s first and second name are both African – who is more African, Hakainde Hichilema or Canisius Banda?

    • You right hakainde is actually more African, talk about investments, he has invested right in his village, and a he is a village headman, what is this Canisius talking about, what has he done in his village?

    • Idio….t!!!!!!!!!! Africa started civilization. UPND and PF have uncouth clowns. Read up on history. Africa even had baby Jesus here.

  3. “Dr Banda quoted the second republican president, Dr Frederick Chiluba who said that “when they praise you, then you are doing what they want. But when they don’t give you an award just know that it means that you are doing the right thing, what your people want”.


  4. All I hear is jealousy.

    What is this hate for the westerners? It’s was 53 years ago that Zambia gained independence..

    Stop blaming others for your own inconsistencies and man up.

    Zambia needs real men, that can admit their faults. Not this blame game aimed at confusing the public.

    • World history speaks of so many evasion, Greeks, romans, Japanese, Europeans, Mongolians, Persians etc, so many nations were under roman rule, after gaining their independence they don’t blame romans for their incompetences, whats wrong with us Africans? A white person insults you its racism, you insult and abuse a white person like what happened at chengelo school, you didn’t see white people toitoi in the streets and screaming racism. Too much self pity for nothing.

    • This is typical jealousy of the highest order. Really, this is Africa. If i was HH i would consider leaving public life! HH is HATED not because he did something wrong but just because he was born tonga which he never chose and because of his wealth. just these reasons. Was it his decision that Zambia privatizes its enterprises and if he stole from Zambans why hasn’t he been taken to court over 20 years after privatization. Lusambo during campaigns promised the electorates that the first thing he going to do when he goes to parliament was to set a motion to probe HH over the privatization issues, but he is quiet and people have been waiting. Africa for you.

  5. Dr C. Banda,
    I have one advice for you sir. Sometimes it’s better to simply be quite as silence cannot be misquoted even though it is often misunderstood. You probably really hate your former political compatriot Hakainde with passion for whatever he did to you. However, there is magnanimity in silence or else you might come across as being either jealousy or choking with malice. Mandela said that being filled with hate is like drinking poison and expecting it to kill those you hate. Move on sir please move on; we know you are enemies but do not choke with hate; it’s gonna take you down. Just advice.

  6. CANISIUS BANDA – I hope you read this. We know you. We know who bought you the house you now have, and the mercedes benz you now drive, for you to ditch UPND and HH. The plan was to portray UPND in bad light as a tribal party. Your plan fantastically flopped, and it was not surprising. You like portraying yourself as a humble God-fearing ‘pilgrim’, the same strategy that ECL uses, but deep down BOTH of yourself and President ECL are evil schemers, very petty, and full of jealousy. You are bitter because you expected UPND to implode after you resigned, but instead it has actually grown in national popularity. I don’t recall you winning ANY award so far in your career, even as Ministry of Health spokesperson you were utterly miserable at it. So please enjoy your dirty money, BUT PLEASE…

  7. CANISIUS BANDA – (Ccontinued)

    Please enjoy your dirty money, BUT PLEASE stop duping us with your fake ‘pilgrim’ image: your day of reckoning will one day catch up with you.

  8. Just visit what this fake pilgrim will eat, drink and smoke in 12hours. U will be surprised to find even z maize meal for his shima passed thru a grinding meal. Z english he writes, the media he uses- everything ni from whiteman. A banda mweo, what is being educated kansi? To be so petty? Come on man, u can do better to help the down troden! Dont waste kaundas free education this way sure?

  9. CANISIUS BANDA – I’m back again. I forgot to make one point. Let us all call a spade a spade: faced with a choice to make a choice between you and GBM who was to be the number-one Vice-President for UPND, I actually think that HH made the CORRECT decision to choose GBM as UPND Vice-President instead of you. GBM has proved to be a more effective and impacful Vice-President than you. While you were Vice-President the Party was quiet and HH seemed to be doing all the work while all you did was write Lusaka-Times articles about your ‘pilgrimage’to your fantasy island. If you had continued, UPND would be dead now and I don’t think you would have been able to speak out against President ECL when HH was in prison – like the effective way GBM kept the UPND road hot and spoke for HH. Knowing…

  10. CANISIUS BANDA – (continued)

    Knowing you, you could have even sold HH and UPND out to ECL and PF, when HH was in prison. Just shut up and enjoy you corruption and bitterness money. As a leader you are weak, as a professional you are clueless. You should try being a drum-beater at N’Cwala, or as Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s doctor – may be then you might win yourself some kind of an award of recognition.

    • I think Judge Masipha you’r very petty with your arguments I think it would be stooping very low for Dr. Banda to even respond to your postings.

  11. CANISIUS BANDA – I’m not finished with you yet!
    So should NELSON MANDELA have declined the Nobel Peace Prize?
    Should DESMOND TUTU have declined the Nobel Peace Prize?
    May be DR KENNETH DAVID KAUNDA should return his Honorary Doctorate then?
    You call yourself DR CANISIUS BANDA because you studied WESTERN MEDICINE! Why didn’t you study African Medince and WitchCraft?
    You see? Don’t come here condeming Western Countries! Mano ayabu Bokko Harram ayo. Don’t bring Boko Haram thinking in Zambia, we have enough problems already with the tanking economy, $42Million Dollar affair, and $380million that we have to pay Lap Green. If you have run of ideas may be try going to the ‘Seminary for Fake Pilgrims’ to refresh your daft head.

  12. Without wars in third world countries the West cannot survive. The war in the DRC is not a war between factions or tribes but a creation of the imperialists so that they can put their filthy hands on that country’s mineral wealth such diamonds, coltan, uranium etc freely. They don’t like Zambia in its current state because it subjects them to negotiations for whatever they want. Unfortunately we’ve so many gullible pawns such as our own HH.

    • Wait.. don’t you mean the opposite?

      The corrupt multinational companies that are invading Zambia are aided simply by the corruption and easy of access to government officials.

      And the easy of setting up a deal that is against the people..

      You seriously don’t understand the basics of governments need to protect its resources from big powerful multinationals.

      They don’t control you from the outside, they buy your politicians and control you with them.

  13. My advice to Dr Canisius Banda is that he must learn to forgive other people. never create enemies. The future is in the hand of GOD.

    • The future is in the hands of the 17 million Zambians that have the right to vote..

      We are not a theocracy, we are a supposed democracy

  14. Dr Banda, how do you say HH is gullible when he played you smoothly and dumped you on the political marabo (dumpster)? As for Edward Mumbi – a study on being irrelevant to any process. He picks fights he can’t win. Another one singing from a marabo! Like Heinous Hyena Oval Head, all your brains are emptier than a camel’s bladder. Nothing inbetween the ears.

  15. Why do you insult people who speak the truth. What peace has HH brought apart from insulting ECL and past presidents. We enjoyed peace when he was incarcerated. The atmosphere was good for business and everything. Canicius, well spoken sir. You did not choose your name but this is what we have found.

    Why is it that any well written article is funded by PF?

  16. HH is being USED by the WHITE supremacists, whites wants OUR minerals, nothing else. Tongas and upnd bane war is not good at all. HH is taking Zambians slowly and slowly on the path of civil war.already Zambia is divided among chiefs, tribes and regional because of HH and his political leadership.My fellow bloggers let’s not allow history to come back between Nkhumbula and KK which led Zambia to be in the situation we are now. WHITE supremacists are WICKED, look at DRC today , CAR ,SERRA LEAON as well as ARAB WORLD people are dying in masses because white supremacists. It’s sad that some bloggers are political blind

    • @ Mr P

      You are speaking gibberish. What sort of gobbledygook is that? You can’t even stitch an argument together and with that level of shocking incompetence, narrow-mindedness, low IQ, and illiteracy, you want to defend CANISIUS BANDA????? I would be worried to be defended by goons with your level of intelligence and articulacy if I were Dr Canisius Banda. If you can’t put together a good defense for him just keep quiet and let him speak for himself. Have a good day.

    • Before the white came, we had no proper use for our copper. Our grandparents only used it for african jewellery. If the white man didn’t invent electricity and electrical appliances, our copper would still be of no use today. The white man created market for our copper and also blessed us mining technology to mine it on large scale for the benefit of our people. You and Canisius are hypocrites trying to mislead the uninformed.

    • Mr P. the division of the country and tribes came in with PF. If there are traitors to our country it is the PF that are selling our country to the Chinese and anyone with cash for self gain. The country is being robbed by our own people. People that are supposed to look out for Zambia and it s people. Do not blame HH for this. You are able to blog etc because of the education from the white man. Tell me what great invention has come out from we black people in Zambia? Our hands are still in a begging position from the imperialist; and why? because we have selfish leaders who think of themselves and not the betterment of Zambia as a whole.

  17. Well done HH. I am not UPND and will probably never be, but thanks HH for standing out and getting this award. The envious ones will always be there. Ignore them and focus on what matters. For if they do not talk, how will their masters pay them

  18. GOD loves everyone both black and white people. Never accuse other race for one’s failure. GOD is able to lead us to greater heights when we cease to blame others for our mistakes.

  19. Advising HH and his die hard tribal supporters is simply wasting time.these tongas cant listen to anybody over their god HH.for them HH is the begging and the end.SO ITS UP TO US MAJORITY ZAMBIANS IN 6.5 PROVINCES TO TEAM UP AND CONTINUE DEFEATING HH ON POLLING DAY TO PREVENT HIM FROM ACTIONING ZAMBIA TO IMPERIALITS!!!whites cannot support an african politician minus any hiden agenda (eyes on our mineral resourses)!!!These whites know HH too well from the privatization era with FTJ Chiluba.SURELY WHAT HAS HH DONE CONCERNING FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY IN ZAMBIA FOR HIM TO GET AN AWARD?NOTHING!!HH is purely on tribal crusade.none tongas were chassed from southern.remaining ones there live in fear daily.democracy wise,HH has never had a convention in upnd since 2006!!SO WHAT NONSENSE IS THIS?LET…

    • This goat, Mbuzi, Called Njimbu is another rat. Very jealous indeed. That’s why I am saying the goat is the rat. These are rats who see tribe in everything. If they don’t see tribe they will see race. These are people who don’t realise that we moved from one stage to the other, bena bachili mu stone age

  20. JUDGE MASIPHA, please do not behave like Chishimba Kambwili who claims that he has proof of corruption and fails to submit or even tell the public. You say you know who bought him the house and the Cannisius is driving. Please tell us who bough this guy a house and a car.

    • @ Jason Nyirenda

      With due respect, I cannot go hunt for food and then come back and feed you – you can eat on your own, pick up the fork and push the meat into your mouth. If you want me to have to decipher for you what I have said, while you just sit there and not use your head, you are pushing the wrong wheelbarrow. Worse if what you have just said is intended to challenge me – no comment! You can express your love for Canisius Banda without having to challenge my criticism of him. Just to give you a tip, the best way to rebut my accusations about Canisius being bought a house and car is to actually go out there and investigate and prove me wrong with your own evidence. Don’t ask me to reveal my evidence to you because you didn’t send me; otherwise it looks like you want a…

    • @Jason Nyirenda, @njimbu will tell you “efyo naumfwilekofye naine!”
      I own a house by courtesy of FTJ empowerment scheme, I drive a Merc by courtesy of Autorec Japan And I don’t have a PhD. Why cant the good doctor have these things???

  21. Dr. Banda, your ranting would fit best in an academic argument as opposed to the platform you are using. The analytical part of your argument can be summed as frustration on your part. You blame the imperialists yet you contribute nothing to strengthening African institutions in the effort of promoting peace and democracy to effect awards that you would term as indigenous, African by Africans! You blame everyone else but your self? Yet we have another form of imperialism from the East that has continued to rob our nation and you are quiet. Note, our systems are rotten to the core and you know this!! The Imperialists are dictating everything that borders on governance because educated f00ls like yourself are nothing but cry babies. On one your hero is globe trotting with an empty bowl…

  22. …..begging from the imperialists yet you blame them – imperialists for awarding somebody something. Leave HH alone, his award is timely. The courts did not convict him yet he seeks no retribution. You are a joke Dr. Banda! You are the biggest opportunist in Zambia today. Agony being no opportunities are coming your way because your hero has read you mind and he could only dangle one carrot in your face to make you jump. Funny thing is, you did. Hence, no use for you anymore!! Keep ranting, cry a bit more and louder this time pilgrim!!

  23. I said it earlier and now the think tanks are dismantling this award thing accordingly. Accordingly in the sense that no competitor can give you room to beat him/ her. The ba Zungu have always wanted our land and control over us and slowly they are closing in through people like the one they are now praising for what doesn’t fit him. This is the man who has been predicting having worn the elections even before they are held. Each and every time he has lost the contest and cried the loudest. We do not want his partners the Anglo Americans and no wonder one envoy is talking about our constitution rather than their own which I think is not perfect in my eyes also. TAKE CARE OF THE CURRENT WHITE COLLAR SLAVERY IN THE COUNTRY!

  24. Imwe banthu award sitikana but from DA. Helen’s father founder of DA used to hang activists during the apartheid era. I thought the award was from some noble organisation. DA, supreme leader awe.

    • @ lh
      Why do you Zambians keep believing what other people have written without doing your own research? No wonder you keep voting crooks into office. Mmusi Maimane leader of DA was only invited to present the Award to his fellow African HH. The Africa Freedom Award (which Canisius Banda doesn’t even mention in his PF-cadre article) is managed by The Friedrich Naumann Foundation which was established in 1958 by Theodor Heuss, the first president of the Federal Republic of Germany. All you had to do is google the award. SECONDLY, don’t lie about the history of DA. Just google Demcratic Alliance South Africa and WIKIPEDIA has the full story. Don’t come on social media just to display your bias against HH. You can choose what to believe but PLEASE you can’t bend FACTS.

  25. The question is what wrong has HH done to deserve the applause of the enemy? Can someone amoung those who are attacking Dr. Banda tell us what act has HH done to deserve this award which KK or Grey Zulu or other freedom fighters have not done. Lets not be blinded by our loyalty.

    • Can you explain why you deem the Friedrich Naumann Foundation as our enemy. Please dwell on the activities they have undertaken since inception in 1958 and itemize those activities that have been inimical to Zambians or Africans in general???? If you can’t please learn to simply SHUT UP.

  26. Fun Mr. Banda to hear that from you, I perceive it is rather out of jealous that you intend to down play the recognition your former leader has received. If it was not hh who received this award you would not have said a word, is hh the only African to recieve this award, how many Africans have refused it how much money is Zambia receiving from the so called imperialists Donners and how much have the rejected? Where is Zambia begging for loans is it not from emperialist you today dispise? This hypocrisy of the highest order, don’t allow jeolousy to consume you.

  27. @ lh

    Why do you Zambians keep believing what other people have written without doing your own research? No wonder you keep voting crooks into office. Mmusi Maimane leader of DA was only invited to present the Award to his fellow African HH. The Africa Freedom Award (which Canisius Banda doesn’t even mention in his PF-cadre article) is managed by The Friedrich Naumann Foundation which was established in 1958 by Theodor Heuss, the first president of the Federal Republic of Germany. All you had to do is google the award. SECONDLY, don’t lie about the history of DA. Just google Demcratic Alliance South Africa and WIKIPEDIA has the full story. Don’t come on social media just to display your bias against HH. You can choose what to believe but PLEASE you can’t bend FACTS.


  29. @ lh

    Just to conclude, clearly The Friedrich Naumann Foundation has been in existence before even Canisius Banda was born. If you ask me, therefore, the Foundation has more experience fighting for the welfare of Africans, including CANISIUS BANDA, than Canisius Banda himself. Canisius Banda himself right from birth has been benefiting from the work of the Foundation on the continent. Rather than calling them colonialists/imperialists he should show some gratitude for saving his a.r.s.e from the real colonialists. If weak backsides like Canisius Banda can sell fellow Zambians to corrupt Zambian leaders, can you really imagine him ignoring offers from much richer colonialists to sell-out his fellow Africans!!??? This guy would not have made it as a Freedom Fighter….that is why he is…

  30. @ lh – (continued)

    If weak backsides like Canisius Banda can sell fellow Zambians to corrupt Zambian leaders, can you really imagine him ignoring offers from much richer colonialists to sell-out his fellow Africans!!??? This guy would not have made it as a Freedom Fighter….that is why he is now selling out a freedom Fighter like HH. He should be ashamed as a supposedly educated person to behave the way he is. He will never be a winner.

  31. Ignorance in Zambia is shockingly so high. Mafontini bafulisha. I really wonder sometimes the average IQ in the population of our lovely country, but I’m sure it is quite low – unless you are talking about stealing and corruption IQ, that one is the highest in the world and we should all be very proud of the record.

  32. Canicious please do not go that route. Bitterness and Anger should not be a driver of academic discussion. Imperialist or not, the award to HH is a recognition of his efforts at fighting injustice and corruption.

  33. Please please please stop using the obsolete word ‘colonial’ and more horrifying and surprising ‘imperialist’. Is this a Star Wars movie? All African nations are independent. And Africa is not one nation but many. I too do not understand this award. It is not a good time. Obviously causing the rift to widen and we are allowing it by arguing. Colonialism no longer exists. Zambia has just celebrated its independence why mention the C word? If anything the wiser person should ask HH to stand down from accepting something he has not yet acquired. Plus it takes more than one person to acquire freedom. Is Zambia still under some oppression outside of its own country? We are oppressing ourselves with all this infighting. Stand together, unite peacefully. Throw the hate away. Be the better…

  34. Mugabelogy nayonaula abaice, they hallucinate about imperialists and colonists, that makes him happy because he knows it will make him hold on to power. Unfortunately even young Zambians have fallen for the trash.

  35. PF guys shall burst with hate untill God comes. Are these people surely Christians? It looks like they are now worshiping Lungu as their god. They shall never say good on HH even when things are okey. See now they have started selling prison premises which has never happened before and eventually all schools shall be private schools.

  36. Reading the blogs here and the way those critical of HH are being voted down, it is more than evident that LT has certainly been overrun by the UPND and Zambian Watchdog types.

  37. Do Watchers in Zambia are evil! Just like a party called UPND. They are paid to sow anarchy in Zambia but they will never prevail.

    • The problem with trying to support what does not make sense is that you can’t have anything sensible to say. Then of course the only thing to do is simply to spew insults like a typical village f0ool.

  38. I can’t say that I trash the award but what I do not see anywhere is what the award is all about. I tried to Google it but there is just nothing to tell us what exactly is meant by “extraordinary contribution to the cause of freedom in Africa”. What exactly is that? Not even the German foundation says anything to answer that question, so let me guess.
    They first offered it to Raila Odinga for overturning President Kenyatta’s election. Raila refused saying his fight was for Kenyans and that award was beneath his status.
    Then they offered to Mmusi Maimane who also declined saying South Africans would associate him with and confirm his white capture. Then Maimane proposed under5 who wholeheartedly welcomed the limelight, not knowing what permanent damage this has done to his alreafy…

  39. Dr Banda speaks well for Africans. To be honest, the only Award worth a Man is that bestowed upon you by your kith And kin, your peers and the citizens you hope to rule in Govn’t.

    Unfortunately the honour of electoral win has never been bestowed HH by his people.

    The Award is meaningless it cannot give him that win. He should turn these awards down. Refuser them, they are just insults and geared to divide Zambians. Shame.

  40. Then they offered to Mmusi Maimane who also declined fearing, and sensibly so, that South Africans would associate him with and confirm his white capture. Then Maimane proposed under5 who wholeheartedly welcomed the limelight, not knowing what permanent damage this has done to his alreafy dying political career.
    Now tell me which Zambia will vote for under5 with this new status? You know how sensitive Zambians are to imperialism, ask Guy Scot.

  41. What is it that Mr HH has done to deserve an award? This is suspicious. All he does is going to court and denouncing the same courts and other arms of the government. If it was given to KK people wouldn’t have doubted because those people fought for our independence. But HH, loosing elections 5 times has earned him an award. The title was supposed to be “most loosing candidate award”. It’s really a mockery.

  42. Judge M. You are right Doc is full of nonsense and lacks human values. He calls himself a Christian but is full of hurt in his lungs. Please cough the hurt out of ur lungs maybe you could be a better person.

  43. Dr Carnitius that’s jealous please stop chasupa shani? you wanted to continue holding the office of the vice president of the upnd when you did not even have a house at your age ati dr uwabula mano imyefufye epela even those who are looking at you as a politician fipuba finobe

  44. Ati “Award from Imperialists”…then you go to the same people “ati yayi Kuli Njala na matenda kuno….tipempako tandizo”.
    Learn to appreciate the achievements of your fellow human being.Have you forgotten the developmental aid Germany is giving to Zambia.
    You bastards can’t even build decent toilets for your own people in the compounds.Cholera year in and year out.Please think before you talk…

  45. Ha! So it is Mmusi Maimane’s party that awarded HH! Maimane’s award to HH is only in an attempt to undermine Zambian democracy because, among other reasons, Maimane was deported from Zambia when he wanted to visit HH at Mukobeko.

  46. Freemasonry are rising in the name of education , politics and making one better as their symbol of empowerment . HH and Maimane cannot deny this satanic elites who wants to control the entire world by giving you fake education , fake medicine yet you are still appraising them . Stop depending on this people who plundered our wealth and went to build in Zimbabwe . Most of the buildings and roads are constructed by the Chinese . If it were not the Chinese majority of African cannot afford to buy just the simple smart phones . Chinese made technology available even to the poor people in the world . Bakandile mule iluka . Muzungu is about is family that’s it .

  47. Muzungus teaches hw to speak icisungu not hw to make something Chinese teaches their people to make something . That’s why everyone in Zambia the good job is to join the Zambian Army or nursing surely . English is highly spoken in churches by the prophets and they think that God from Britain .

  48. Be careful with Muzungus who teaches hw to privatise , them they don’t privatise . They have satanic policy to control your wealth . We mwine wacipe ukulakusuninakofye . Ukutupa .

  49. but recently Lungu was given a casino by the Chinese people and canicius didnt say anything.coz if anything,wat did that imply? u say it was a gift, for wat?y didnt he refuse coz it came from a different colour skin as u put it for HH? now that he accepted,y didnt he turn it into a church so that the people if Zambia can benefit,at canicius banda! Remember that these political duties are tempral and wat HH was given is permanent

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