Wednesday, May 22, 2024

A Zambian student joins Tell Em’ team to create a social media app


A Zambian student studying at Wiley College, in the U.S., has joined a team building a new mobile application for the iPhone – Android called Tell Em’. Michael Sakala, 25 together with Wiley College graduate Felix Ekwueme, 25 (founder), officially launched a new mobile application that aims to get users out in the world, sharing memorable experiences with family and friends.
Mr. Sakala was tapped to join the team to provide his financial and business skills, as the Marketing Manager, to help position the Social Experience company globally, as they prepare to partner with businesses in Africa.
According to a statement on The Marshall News Messenger, Mr. Sakala said the team chose to return to their alma mater for the launch to celebrate with the East Texas community. “This is a great way to show what Wiley College students and graduates are capable of doing,” he said. “The potential here, if we market this app in the right way, we can turn this into something big.”
And speaking in an interview, Mr. Sakala thanked the Zambian Embassy in Washington D.C for recognizing his achievement that puts Zambia on the world map in technological innovation and advancement.
Meanwhile, Mr. Ekwueme, who formerly worked for IBM, has a background heavy in software engineering and product management. He aims to position Tell Em’ to fill the social divide found in today’s society, by empowering people to share more and explore in-person experiences like concerts, football, and parties.
At the launch, Mr. Ekwueme noted that the Tell Em’ team all come from diverse backgrounds overseas, with Sakala coming to the U.S. from Zambia, Mr. Jones from Trinidad and Tobago, Mr. Inyanza from Kenya and Mr. Ekwueme from Nigeria. They all met and formed a quick and strong friendship while attending Wiley College.
Mr. Ekwueme said the app’s target audience is 13- to 35-year-old social media users and university students. He said they also expect the app to be popular among businesses, media organizations, and local city governments, who would now be able to measure and provide targeted content to their local and global audience. The team is currently raising the seed funds needed to fuel initial growth.
Tell Em’ retains social features, like messaging, and could be a strong competitor for apps like Snapchat, and Facebook, as users are rewarded for sharing videos on the app. The app enables users to swipe up while watching a friend’s video at an event, to purchase tickets to join them but also rewards users when people swipe up on their videos. A full description of the app with demonstrations on how to download and use it can be found at the app’s website,


  1. Congrats and keep it up. Ignore the non progressive comments from near site people who are only impressed when they see you build a lodge

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