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Indeni appeal FAZ ruling in favour of Kansanshi Dynamos


Division One Zone Two side Indeni say they will appeal FAZ’s decision to award three points to Kasanshi Dynamos over allegations of fielding an ineligible player in May this season.

FAZ on Monday announced that Kansanshi have been awarded three points and three goals after Indeni fielded midfielder Mathews Simbeye who is alleged to have been a Chambishi player.

The FAZ disciplinary committee found Indeni guilty of breaching FAZ rules and regulations.

But Indeni secretary Stephen Sinyiza said in a statement that the FAZ ruling ignored a number of issues.

“We will appeal the matter because we believe procedure was not followed, the player in question [Mathews Simbeye] was on loan from Chambeshi FC and documentation to that effect is in place,” Sinyiza said.

Meanwhile, Kansanshi now top Zone Two with 60 points, one above second placed Kitwe United, with one match remaining in the season.

Kitwe were leading the table with 59 points from 29 games before the controversial awarding of three points to Kansanshi by FAZ.


  1. FAZ are biased in favour of Kansanshi. Dynamos There was also the controversial case of an employee of Kansanshi Mines who was an assistant referee in the match against Kitwe United. How did FAZ rule in that case?

  2. Rules and regulation are there to guide us in any organisation and if for what ever reason you ignore to follow that is the end result you get penalized. For the assistant referee being a Kansanshi employee is far from the truth moreover kansanshi has no say appointing match officials. LEKENI TUMBEKO PREMIER. VIVA KIMABANGA

  3. AM,

    FAZ clearly bungled this case and displayed clear bias even if the assistant referee was not a Kansanshi employee. According to today’s Times of Zambia report (08/11/2017), Kalulushi Modern Stars and Kitwe United, also lodged a complaint against Indeni’s use of the same so-called ineligible player, Mathews Simbeye, but FAZ threw out both cases. How does the same player become eligible when Indeni plays Kitwe United and Kalulushi Modern Stars, but is ruled ineligible when Kansanshi Dynamos is involved? What is also interesting is that Indeni Secretary, Stephen Sinyinza, has revealed that Simbeye was on loan from Chambishi Footbal Club, is fully registered with FAZ and carries the association card. And you think there is nothing suspicious here!

  4. When we complained the Fax handled the Walter Bwalya most of you guys supported them. We never got the player from drc but from Forest Rangers but still NKANA was made to pay money and officialls were suspended. Kitwe fight it and next time elective members give us better guys not ba chipantepante

  5. FAZ seems biased against Kitwe teams. I have two incidents to illustrate this. One was when Nkana was playing Nchanga Rangers in Chingola and the other was Nkana versus ZANACO at Sunset Stadium. In both instances, there was trouble from the fans and Nkana fell foul of this and was fined and the host teams got scot-free! How did FAZ know that it was Nkana fans who caused trouble? Is it not the responsibility of the host teams to provide security at their stadia? Is it not the host team which should be punished for not providing adequate security?

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