Sunday, May 19, 2024

Two suspected ‘ Wizards ‘ arrested in Shibuyunji District


Police in Shibuyunji district in Lusaka province have arrested two suspected criminals for allegedly stealing goods from shops at Nampundwe Council Market using alleged witchcraft.

Both suspects are security guards at Nampundwe market.

The duo were arrested on Wednesday around 23:00 hours by the members of the market committee who were patrolling the market.

The suspects were later taken to Shibuyunji Police Station where they were formally arrested and detained for investigations.

And yesterday Shibuyunji police , with the market committee’s support, swung into action and recovered assorted goods worth thousands of Kwacha from the houses of the two suspects.


  1. How and why does the Government believe it’s witchcraft this time? When villagers kill an old woman on suspicion of witchcraft, the suspects are arrested for murder. It’s time we amend the witchcraft Act and treat witchcraft as a crime. Witchcraft exists and it’s real. My mother was is a witch that’s how I know it’s real.

  2. @Lombe,
    Your mother is a witch?

    Before you were born, your mother could have aborted you and thrown you away, but she did NOT. She went thru difficult times, but She carried you for 9 months.

    When you were born, your mother could have abandoned you and left you to fend for yourself, but she did NOT. You were vulnerable, so she breast-fed you, kept you warm and gently rocked you to sleep, maybe even sang to you. When you did poo, she did not leave you sitting in it, but lovingly wiped your small bottom and gave you a bath. She kept you out of harm’s way until you grew up.

    Maybe she could not do all the things I’ve mentioned above due to mental illness beyond her control. Maybe she did something wrong to you (And you have NEVER done anything wrong to her for which he has…

    • Cont’d …. NEVER done anything wrong to her for which she has forgiven you? Ever? You must be the only one on Earth). Maybe she has a health condition which makes her vulnerable and cause other people call her a Witch and she cannot defend herself.

      Whatever the case, she is your mother! She is your mother!

      You DON’T join other people demonising your vulnerable mother, NO. You find ways to support her condition, just as she supported you.
      Remember this African saying:- “Mayo mpapa, naine nkakupapa”. (Mother carry me, I will also carry you).

  3. # BRABUS. Lombe is telling you what s/he know about her/his mother. Although what you wrote inhere happened to you, me and her/him. She/he did not say she/he hate her.

    • @Kalinjimaano, Lombe has provided no evidence of her mum being a witch. Wait, no evidence is necessary because witchcraft cannot be easily proved? Sure. I grew up in Wested Province and there is nowhere in Zambia you will find that much superstition involving witchcraft. Growing up there were so many cases that passed as witchcraft and so many old people who lived in fear of being killed because each time someone died, a Witch Finder would convict one of these old people. At no time did a Witch Finder found the death was due to natural causes. In Lozi, the witches are said to use guns called Kaliloze, made from a person’s bone and powered by human parts and materials. Now I am sure those sudden deaths alleged to be as a result of a witch gun should have been heart attacks, strokes or…

  4. … heart attacks and High Blood Pressure. Now I know that many of those old people who were convicted to be witches after losing their minds, talking to themselves, messing their pants. Back then we were told they lose their minds because of the people they killed – the spirits of the dead haunt them! Those Wich Finders were feared so much so that they literary ruled the place. Whatever they said was taken as ‘gospel truth’. So Lombe, before you accuse your own mother examine the evidence very well. Many people are unfairly accused. I had a Mulamu who died of cancer in Livingstone in 2014 and he had documents that said so. The wife, my cousin refused the diagnosis instead holding the sister to her husband as the witch who killed her husband. His daughter’s witchfinder said it was the…

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