NDC is now bigger than PF was in its five years of formation-Kambwili

Mr. Kambwili at Mufulira Police Station
Mr. Kambwili at Mufulira Police Station
Mr. Kambwili at Mufulira Police Station
Mr. Kambwili at Mufulira Police Station

Roan PF Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili says the recently formed National Democratic Congress (NDC) is bigger than the way the PF was in its first five years.
Mr Kambwili who works as a Political Consultant for NDC said he can foresee that NDC is growing leaps and bounds.

Mr Kambwili said this on his Facebook page after the party held a mobilization meeting in Mufulira on Sunday.

“Today the NDC team completely shut down Mufulira such that the whole PF provincial leadership including the MMD thugs camped in Mufulira. As political consultant I can foresee this party growing leaps and bounds because the pressure that they have put on the patriotic front is immense,” Mr Kambwili said.

He said the NDC led by Mwenya Musenge is bigger than PF was in its first 5 years of formation adding that the PF structures are in total confusion and in complete disarray.
Mr Kambwili said the NDC is swiftly coming in to provide credible leadership and a lasting solution to the poverty that Zambia faces.

“After a successful meeting with more than 3000 people the patriotic front members got agitated and sent irate thugs to throw stones and break cars at the Hindu Hall in Mufulira,” he said.

“However alert NDC youths combined with professional police officers apprehended the thugs and they locked them up. Whilst at the police station the deputy mayor and Chiteme where seen verbally abusing the men and women in uniform saying that NDC should not be allowed to hold any meeting because this country belongs to President Lungu.”

He added, “Unfortunately, the PF youths that where sent by Lusambo (Copperbelt Minister) joined the NDC entourage that toured the mining town to a huge huge atmosphere. The Copperbelt is crumbling very fast, although not as fast as it is in some of these other provinces. Can these MPs and senior officials allow Musenge the political mosquito to mobilise for his party.”

Mr Kambwili described the behavior of the Mufulira Deputy Mayor as an embarrassment to President Lungu and the party people used to love so much.

Mufulira Deputy Mayor roughs up a police officer in Mufulira
Mufulira Deputy Mayor roughs up a police officer in Mufulira
NDC members meeting in MufuliraNDC members meeting in Mufulira
NDC members meeting in Mufulira


  1. We have seen these politics of poverty Mr. Kambwili. Why don’t you just resign and join your new party. It’s clear that you are scared of the ruling party. Please test the water by resigning and contest on the fast growing party as you claim .

    • Is this not the same prostitute whose naked picture went viral on social media early this year? If the police had arrested her that time, she would probably be in jail now and would not have had a chance to behave like a rabid bitch as shown in the picture, even now she needs to be arrested and charged for harassing a man in uniform representing GRZ.

  2. i have told you that PF is a violet party led by thugs; here you have it again; now i know why Lusambo and his thugs sent people from all copperbelt districts to welcome Lungu at Ndola airport to give impression that Lungu is popular; well done Kambwili and Musenge; put more pressure on PF; now I wonder whether PF cadres here will call me an NDC supporter; to PF cadres anyone against PF violence and corruption is UPND; which is a shame;

    • Even if HH has stolen he can make a better president than CK. Politics of chimwela is what brought pf to power and its a disaster. Frankly I hate Tongas and HH in particular but between HH and CK, I would swallow my pride and vote for HH.

    • @ Shooterz
      You hate Tongas and yet your tribes men have married well cultured Tonga women. Are you not being a hypocrite? Have issues with individuals within the tribe but not the tribe because there are some very good tongas better than your tribes men.

    • @Shooterz Please humble yourself and comment wisely. The same way you hate the Tongas they will also hate you 4 times (using the rule of one pointing finger with four pointing at yourself).
      There are some sentiments that are better kept to yourself than bringing them to this fora.

    • @C-General,
      Well spoken. Ba LT moderators are a big let down by ALLOWING this site to be used to PROMOTE tribalism and racism.

      For people like @shooters to advocate for tribalism, and all that trash in this day and age, in a Country that has moved forward and now wholly embraces Dual Citizenship is being completely lost. Tribalism and racism is for backward small-minded prejudiced people with self-limiting beliefs. Period.

  3. Rethink your boastfulness CK for the good book says “the race is not to the swift” and the children’s folk stories told us the hare lost the race to the tortoise.

  4. Wishingful thinking ba Kambwili!!!many politicians think that way but when reality catch up with them,they change goal posts claiming that elections were rigged.having 3000 people attending NDC mobilisation meeting do not make it big.Ask Wynter Kabimba,Miles Sampa who thought the same way few years ago.plus resign from PF Kambwili so that you can test waters in Roan if you are that popular!!GBM thought the same way about Kasama central,the rest is history!!!HH has been trying since 2006 in vein.in 2021 Kambwili will know how tough it is to win the presidency!!!Giant Michael Sata spent 10 solid years in opposition!!Kambwili cant even beat PF in the Copperbelt.so stop dreaming ba NDC as you are too far away from plot one!!

    • What do you have to say about Bowman ferrying cadres from all over CB to showcase Lung’s popularity? Shouldn’t people of their own free will attend such meetings? Ferrying them, paying them money or buying them beer to show false support is a fallacy. Which begs the question…who is really popular on the CB at the moment- PF or NDC?

  5. The Deputy Mayor of Mufulira is exactly the reason why decent women and men avoid politics at all costs….Zambia belongs to everyone not only to PF

  6. @Janet:i also live on the copperbelt,NDC is not on top of PF here.those are lies!!if elections were held today,even HH’s upnd can do better than NDC on the copperbelt.you should know politics.having few peoole talking about a party does not mean all those will vote for you-far from it.whenever president Edgar Lungu is in the copperbelt,dont you see huge crowds around him?stop dreaming my guy.yes NDC may have support in the copperbelt but not more that PF-THIS IS THE GOSPEL TRUTH!!

    • I believe CB is up for grabs. Who ever can sell their message will get it. PF has made too many promises on the CB and fulfilled zero. Miners were promised farming land, they are still waiting, retired soldiers same thing, Jerabos were promised part of that dump site, not delivered, and worst of all, miners are now being seconded to companies they do not wish to be part of. Grievance galore on the CB makes it ripe for a takeover.

  7. @LOMBE (MA): we are know that you are a upnd cadre so you cannot say “firing Kambwili was a mistake”.
    PF is not upnd.in PF nobody is bigger than the party.Kambwili became big headed in PF and wanted to be the one to lead PF in 2021 when a party still has president Edgar Lungu!!!ALL I CAN TELL YOU IS,LETS WAIT FOR NEXT ELECTIONS AND YOU WILL SEE HOW KAMBWILI WILL BE EMBARRASSED BY PF EVEN IN ROAN CONSTITUENCY-MARK MY WORDS!!examples are many such as;Sylvia Masebo lost Chongwe to PF,GBM lost Kasama central to PF,Dr.Saviour Chishimba lost Kasama central to PF,etc!!
    If a by election came up in Roan today,Kambwili would be beaten 100% by PF’s Nathan Chanda!!CK is simply an empty tin,a noise maker who is miles away from state house!!!FOR NOW CK CAN MAKE NOISE,BUT REALITY WILL CATCH UP WITH…

  8. With this political scourge in Zambia, full of hatred and bad-wishes- towards one another, REAL POLITICAL LEADERS will stand but NOT the likes of mwenye musenge AND His cohorts CK.HE is thinking like North-Korean ruler(Kim Jong-il) who still believes that HE can DAMAGE U.S on the brink of an eye. CK is busy deceiving Mwenye Musenge by believing that they will destroy PF . And HOW possible that PF will sit down awaiting destructive action from CK and Mwenye musenge ? The politics of HATRED saw the downfall of UDA,ZADECO and NDF(B.Y’s party) unfortunately, even the founded fathers of these ALL are demised only history is what Zambians keeps, Hope , CK is following the same scourge.

  9. Njimbu you praise MCS for trying to won election for 10 years yet you call HH a loser for tryinv to emulate MCS.
    You show your bias and lack of logic

  10. Mr Kambwili your party will just spoil some votes on the copperbelt for pf in 2021 not really wining because you can’t even beat upnd on the c/belt,your party is still small if you ar not careful you will not even afford to have a single mp,your coleagues in 2016 combined excluding HH managed less than 2 percent.Zambian politics in recent years is two party system,one in power another one major opposition.

  11. What i know about gatherings of that nature is that some attend such meetings out of curiosity! Curious to probably think they can get something for their Chibuku, Bread etc. Most of those attending such gatherings either are bored or want a place to spend some time. In Zambia we have very few Social Amenities, so if people like Kabwili visit, they will go their out of curiosity not that they want to join the so called new party No!!. After all, why don’t the same party do a recruitment exercise and see how many will willingly join? SHAME ON YOU KAMBWILI. Yes resign from the PF and stand on the same NDC of yours to see if you can win…..TRY THAT BA KAMBWILI WHY ARE YOU CLINGING ON TO THE PARTY YOU THINK IS LOSING POPULARITY…POLITICS TEYA BANA!!!

  12. Ba Kambwili, just accept that things are too tough for you and that you can no longer delay developmental projects where you are not given bribes. Copperbelt is soon going to be transformed into a place we used to know it. Projects like road works were stalled because you Kambwili was stopping or frustrating the PF efforts, we know these things.
    By the way, its wishful thinking on your side to believe that you can ever compete against President Lungu, bufi ubo, your competition will be with UPND and thier HH.

  13. Mr P and Njimbu – stop calling others cadres when you are also cadres. I’m amazed that the two of you are quiet about your mayor’s conduct in the pictures roughing up a police officer. That is why I will never be a cadre but will remain a voter. Cadres are not objective in their arguments because their thinking is tilted to what they believe and not the reality they see.

  14. Imagine if this was an opposition member roughing up a policeman in uniform? That person would be behind bars by now. Let him mobilize and campaign freely, what are you scared of? Now this country belongs to Lungu? What nonsense. Come 2021 you will dance pelete.

  15. As a self proclaimed political scientist, PF should get worried with the formation of NDC for the simple reason that despite not being capable to win the presidency in 2021 will surely disturb the dominance of PF in its strong holds because they have the same playing fields. With the uncertainty in the direction of the economy, people like Shooterz will rather vote for a party with a non tonga president. This should work well for UPND if they play their cards well. UPND should look for a person who is very appealing across the tribes of Zambia and make him or her as the Vice President and this person should not be from the bantu botatwe,Western or Northwestern provinces.

    • Mushota is a denominator, who wants to be a numerator because Nick is underperforming. Back to the substance of discussion NDC are jerks to be fair. Zambians have been looking for a messiah since KK, they got Chiluba who turned out to be a thief. Thesis has been a few trial and errors since. Now NDC thinks CK and Mwenya Musenge are Messianic. I beg to think otherwise.

  16. Shamless PF theives and thugs who think they own Zambia.. ….and no one else has the right to talk to the electorate……without violence and corruption PF can never win

    • …hmmm, Fr. Bwalya beaten in Mazabuka-PF is violent. upnd thugs attack Moonze DC-PF is violent. Izak Khoza and Stephen Sackur rightly pointed that violence is on both sides, yet wise old spaka believes PF is the only violent party. I seriously think you need a mental evaluation, dude…

  17. Has Kambwili paid back the illegal salaries he drew when he was campaigning for chagwa? There is a concort ruling the highest court on con matters

  18. Let us respect people in uniform. it is my hope disciplinary action will be taken against the PF cadres that harassed the police officer. This should not be tolerared

  19. its wishful thinking to say that Ck can win if he stands against ECL not even HH can uproot our God given President. This is God vs the Devil we shall see who is powerful. The campaigns of these others are full of insults while our own ECL puts God first as he campaign. A Devil will never rule this country

  20. Every Zambian has a right to form a political party, the right to clean water,the right to speak, the right to gather, the right to enjoy freedom in there country Zambia, this country belongs to every citizen and not PF members only. Let us not follow politicians, these people will make you hate your neighbors kill your brothers for their personal gain. Tongas Bembas,lozis, chewes, we are all one, don’t listen to politicians.

  21. Late vindictive King Cobra President Sata investigated HH very heavily over allegations of wrong-doing with the privatisation of the mines. King Cobra found NO wrong-doing. He drew a blank. That was a clean bill of findings. Period. In my book, that counts. From that day onwards, I put a tick on HH.
    In equal measure, and for the sake of transparency, whistle blower Chishimba Kambwili should ALSO be investigated heavily over the VERY QUESTIONABLE ACQUISITION of land from the Luanshya Golf course, and the BUILDING OF THE MANSIONS thereon. Should the investigations find Kambwili with no illegality or abuse of office, then and only then, will he be taken seriously by people with an objective mind. Until then, Kambwili is in the same boat as Lungu, who dubiously acquired US$2.1 million in 12…

  22. What a disaster! Democracy thrives in diversity. So true democrats must cherish and relish diversity. It must push them to work even harder, fairly and just, to prove the legitimacy of the mandate they got from the electorates. The event in Mufulira paints a dark cloud on our democracy. Some dictatorships may shame our democracy if we are not careful. Do our leaders, both ruling and opposition understand what democracy means? That is why we must first have primaries, whereby each party selects its candidate democratically before being adopted as candidate in the general election. So NDC, UPND, GP, HP, PF (alles) must hold their primary elections fairly before 2021 comes. This must be a condition in our electoral laws.

    • @Yabby,
      Well spoken. Thats a good and objective trend of thought. This is the kind of debate we need to help our democracy take root under Rule of Law.

  23. I used to wonder why even when a party president knows s/he can’t win they still filed nomination until I had a 1-on-1 discussion with one candidate. The developing partners gave over USD200,000 for filing nomination successfully as a strategy to “level” the playing field since ruling parties had government resources at their disposal. This is a lot of money for an individual. So you have an idea why perhaps it is lucrative to start a political party and be a president. Unfortunately of course it is a democratic dispensation. I would include a clause in our electoral laws: “If you don’t field candidates in at least 50% of constituencies, you are not eligible”. This will weed out many potential USD chasers!!

    • @Yabby,
      Well spoken. Thats a good and objective trend of thought. This is the kind of debate we need to help our democracy take root under Rule of Law..

  24. @37 Pink toe, you are very right.
    Reminds one of the mass crowds that Dean Mungomba used to attract before he stood against Chiluba in 1996. Huge crowds, until one day we caught the leadership quarrelling with youths who were demanding to be paid for their “services”, yes right on the main road!!
    Obviously chi Kambwili has some gurudas to tap into. Nga balyamo elo bakutaluka kwati cisushi. Ask GBM, he tried it too when he first attempted to stand as MP many years ago.

  25. Haven’t we heard this before? ¿???. Were we not told by Fred m’membe and winter kabimba that “the rainball party is the fastest growing party in Zambia”.? That PF were worried and trembling in their boots because rainbow had destroyed all their structures on the copperbelt.? Haven’t we heard this before?? In came general elections, they couldn’t even produce one councillor.
    What about Myles Sampa and his party?? Was he not singing from the same hymn book as kambwili? How he destroyed PF structures in matero???

  26. I hate to see police officers being treated like that in any situation. Police officers also need protection from politicians who behave in such manners. I hope that police office can come up with a case against that rough looking woman.

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