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Robert Mugabe resigns


FILE PHOTO: Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe attends the launch of basic commodities in Harare, Zimbabwe July 16, 2008. REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo/File Photo

Robert Mugabe resigned as Zimbabwe’s president on Tuesday, shortly after parliament began an impeachment process to end his nearly four decades of rule.

The 93-year old clung on for a week after an army takeover and expulsion from his own ruling ZANU-PF party, which also told him to leave power.

“I Robert Gabriel Mugabe in terms of section 96 of the constitution of Zimbabwe hereby formally tender my resignation… with immediate effect,” said parliament speaker Jacob Mudenda, reading the letter.

The bombshell news was delivered to a special joint session of parliament.

Lawmakers had convened to debate a motion to impeach Mugabe, who has dominated every aspect of Zimbabwean public life since independence in 1980.

Thousands of Zimbabweans poured onto the streets of Harare after President Robert Mugabe resigned on Tuesday, and cars were hooting in the streets.

Some people were holding posters of Zimbabwean army chief Constantino Chiwenga and former vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa, whose sacking this month triggered the military takeover that forced Mugabe to resign.

Mnangagwa, formerly one of Mugabe’s closest allies, said in a statement that Zimbabweans had “clearly demonstrated without violence their insatiable desire” for Mugabe to resign.

Mubenda authorised a joint session of the House of Assembly and the Senate to debate a motion to impeach the man who is the only leader most Zimbabweans have ever known.

“This motion is unprecedented in the history of post-independence Zimbabwe,” he declared.

A bubbling factional squabble over the presidential succession erupted two weeks ago when Mugabe fired Mnangagwa.

The dismissal put Mugabe’s wife Grace in prime position to succeed her ageing husband, prompting the military to step in to block her path to the presidency.

After Mnangagwa fled abroad, the army took over the country and placed Mugabe under house arrest — provoking amazement and delight among many Zimbabweans as his autocratic reign appeared close to an end.

Mugabe is feted in parts of Africa as the continent’s last surviving independence leader, having played a key role in the liberation struggle and becoming prime minister in 1980 on a wave of goodwill.

His reputation was swiftly tarnished, however, by authoritarianism, rights abuses and economic policies.

His rule has been defined by economic collapse and international isolation.

Source: Times Live


    • This is not 1 April.

      Won’t happen and this is absolutely rubbish.

      Mugabe like his highness President Lungu were democratically elected by the people of their countries.

      They have done a lot to their countries- and are revered and respected.

      To push them unceremoniously outside the door is scandalous, contemptuous and illegal.

      President Mugabe should sue them all. Pathetic – I’m hurting now. I’m
      Absolutely fuming and pulling my hair. My heartbeat is all over the place.



      Sent from my iPhone X

    • Turn the volume up, more CHIMURENGA music imwe bantu. Where is his student to go and console him.

    • This was a done deal with or without KK, Mugabe was going to go. And it was unnecessary to send our beloved old man to talk to Mugabe.

      Mugabe tendered his resignation and there was nothing “contemptuous and illegal”.

    • Now arrest him for many atrocities committed over decades including kukurahundi & 2008 massacres.

      Strip him & family of all stolen assets.

      Thanx General Chiwenga for systematically removing the old despot & in so doing preserving innocent Zimbabwean lives.

      We misunderstood your strategy but u understand Zimbabweans’ suffering better & avoided exacerbating it.

      Next despot on the menu!

    • Zimbabwean Parliament Speaker Jacob Mudenda! He must be an expatriate from Zambia or a Zimbabwean Tonga.

      Whatever the case Zimbabwe is more accommodating even to the minority because Zimbabwean Tongas number less than 50,000 in population of 15m. Yet in Zambia where they are the biggest grouping they mistreated.
      Don’t argue! Last 2 elections show u that 3 provinces vs 7 are difficult to beat, one resorted to rigging! It shows they aren’t a small grouping!

    • Now, I would like KK’s hankie’s to work in Zambia, Uganda, Sudan and Cameroon as well. Those goons in those countries need to go.

    • @Ndobo,
      And yet just read through yesterday article where its alleged ECL sent was sending KK to talk to Mugabe. Many followers here barking blindly, praising ECL for a great job. Some even went to an extent of saying it was ECL greatest achievement. WRONG. The masses were flocking in the wrong direction…..a few found it unnecessary to send KK, and were right.

      You know what, blind followers were wrong……….a few critical thinkers were right 🙂

    • Long overdue … God speed to the people of the Zimbabwe. The smart people of the Zambian Enterprise still stand with you as you work on bringing your shared hopes back to your beloved country.

      God speed once more!!!

    • Ah! Now I understand why Edgar lungu is all paniky,,,,, speaker of parliament of ZIMBABWE not Zambia is Jacob Mudenda with relatives in dudumwezi, southern province zambi, now i understand the ‘spiral effects’

    • The only sad part about this is the Zimbabweans will forever be indebted to the Army..every candidate will have to be vetted by them like Egypt is where they pull the strings!!


    • We thought Mushota was the only blank chap on this blog, you are now exhibiting the same level of alarming proportions of brain degradation. KK never went to Zimbabwe please

  1. What a sad way to go. Leaders stop listening to the people they are supposed to lead. That’s the problem, especially in Africa. Mugabe has tarnished his name and history will not be kind to him. All for what?? Certain leaders that I can think of are also slowly going along this same path, buying jackets at $15,000 and their Hench-men buying hats for $25,000. A teachers pension after working for 30 years…..be warned, Zambians are watching.


  2. Changamire Mugabe has stepped down!! The Shona King who stood up to the whiteman, has called it a day. It’s a big day in African history. Now Zimbabweans have a huge task ahead of them. The thing that bothers me is that the people let the army and the veterans do it. Who will wield the power now?? Will Mnangagwa and the veterans, the army give up that power just like that???

    • One out……we need to put an end to this fake messages of imperialism and neocolonialism…. 🙂
      It keeps people retarded. Instead of growing, you find ways and excuses why you can not develop.

      Broken brains. Just be sharp and find ways to develop and advance and not blaming white man all the time.

    • @Kanyenye: You are like the guy who gets an education at Oxford, comes back to Zambia and tries to convince you witchcraft doesn’t exist. That it is only a superstition that retards development. That’s what it means to say imperialism doesn’t affect where we are today…’

    • Zambian Citizen you are so right. these Zimbos are docile. they don’t know how to fight for themselves. it took a power struggle and the army to oust this man. otherwise they would still be waiting for him to die in power. I don’t believe that with all this happening still they just stood by and just prayed. its ridiculous. these people think prayer without action is useless, stand up and fight for what you want. Emerson, Mugabe Chiwenge. same people…if it barks like a dog walks like one and smells like one…. its a dog!

    • @Citizenyoko,
      Continue hiding in that hole for retards and stay obsessed, you will be liberated soon.
      What is your definition of imperialism and can you name 5 of those?

    • AS long as there is peace, stability, economic progress and prosperity in the country, does it really matter who wields Power?

  3. I just hope our very own dictator-student trainee will learn a thing or 2 from Mugabe’s downfall… that ‘giants’ no matter how big and powerful they are ultimately fall spectacularly! History is littered with examples from the biblical days to the modern day tyrants (Hitler, Idi Amin, Mobuto Seseko, Saddam Hussein, Gadaffi, and now Mugabe to name but a few). Learn please!

    • HH doesn’t have anything to learn from Mugabe. We don’t need elections in UPND and all appointments to party positions are the prerogative of our great leader. And 11 years is not yet long enough for a convention or party conference. We will hold it when our great leader so desires.

    • Trainee dictator??
      1. ECL- in govt. from 2011 as junior minister and PS. Rose through the ranks to become head of state 4 years later after going through a party convention. Total time as president: 2 years.
      2. HH- hand picked to take over upnd in 2006. Has since taken part in 5 presidential elections and lost all of them. upnd has never gone to a convention since he took over and enjoys an almost 100% support from his southern province. Total time as head of upnd:11 years and still counting!!!


    • @Zambian Citizen

      “…….after going through a party convention”

      Will you please learn not to forget?. lungu’s thugs delivered the presidency to him on a panga platter at the so-called convention. Remember? Later, Kaiza, Kampamba, Kampyongo, ConCourt, Electoral commission and numerous other heartless thugs again helped lungu steal the election. These are the facts in public domain. Right now, while peace loving Zimbabweans and Zambians are celebrating the despicable dictator’s unceremonious downfall, it’s only lungu who is mourning mugabe’s overdue exit.

    • What a load of cr#p!!! Facts in public domain?? No wonder the Chinese clamp down on social media and sqeeze the b.a.l.ls of degenerates like you!! How can a normal thinking person post such sh#t??? You should be blogging on watchdog not here!!

  4. Zimbabwean are celebrating too early. This is a classic case of Libya and Iraq. Soon this joy will turn sour. No other African president has ever empowered it’s on citizens the way Mugabe and Kaddafi did.

    • Exactly my thoughts. We know its a just the first step and like they say one step at a time but my worry is the Army is Partisan. (ZANU-PF) How will they expect change when the same former Vice President comes from Mugabe’s academy..? Lets wait and see

    • You missed out Egypt, there big lessons to be learnt. Thousands upon thousands of demonstrators who had massed in Cairo’s Tahrir Square succeeded in toppling a dictator who had ruled for nearly 30 years.
      But the euphoria faded as Egypt was whiplashed from one political extreme to another, from the oppressive government of the Muslim Brotherhood to the military regime that now rules. Five years after Egypt’s Arab Spring, the country is on shaky ground financially, unemployment is rampant and the people are angry. And an ISIS-linked insurgency is growing, the terror attacks becoming more brazen and frequent.

  5. where is senior citezen and peter who said ati chaume after a permitted speech bob made haha back to the issue at hand,that is news most sensible people have been waiting for it will take time for zim to be back on track but its a start

  6. This is NOT the end of the crisis, UNLESS the resignation was ACCOMPANIED BY THE REAPPOINTMENT OF MNAGAGWA otherwise, the tussle for power continues!! By constitution Mnagagwa cannot replace a President as he is no longer Vice President UNLESS HE HAS BEEN REAPPOINTED!!One possible game here was for Mugabe to RESIGN BEFORE IMPEACHMENT TO DENY MDC APART IN HIS OUSTER so that ZANU-PF remains strong to keep MDC out of “real power” as he WOULD STILL BE A LOT SAFER WITH THOSE “HE COMMITTED ATROCITIES” WITH (ZANU-PF) RATHER THAN WITH HIS VICTIMS (MDC)!! It could also be that KK played a part and Mugabe wanted to show the World (especially the West that it is not their “noise or the stooges” that count but reasoning among Africans!!

  7. Fair well comrade Gabriel. Every journey has a destination. You have done your piece so it’s time to retire and enjoy the next 7 years.

  8. Now the next leg of this long road to freedom for the zimbos is to have free and fair elections without prosecution and state sponsored brutality of the opposition , typical in all dictator ships, established or budding ones………….

    • HH is next! He is the longest serving opposition leader – 21 years without a convention. Such characters should never be trusted with state power or you will end up with another Mugabe … Kikikiki

  9. in 1980 Zambia helped Zimbabwe gain its independence from the imperialist and British Colonist. In 2017 it has taken Zambia’s KK to convince Mugabe to step down. Somethings never change!!!!

  10. Finally it is the republic of Zimbabwe and NOT the Kingdom of Zimbabwe anymore .Uganda ,Equatorial Guinea and Sudan should be next the “Mugabe dominoes falling”

  11. Let this happen also to Zambia’s opposition dictator HH who has clung to the party presidency for over a decade. These are writings on the wall Mr. HH Don’t think UPND is for you and your wife Mutinta. Please leave the party in a dignified way otherwise you will follow suit like Mugabe, don’t be so power hungry HH

  12. He finally realised that there was not much choice for him: it was either to resign or to be impeached.

    He has done well for his land and it’s people and saved himself the last shreds of dignity he had by making this decision.

    As for our Zimbabwean brothers and sisters, they will soon realise that the battle may be easy to win but the peace is much harder to keep. The real tribulation for Zimbabwe has now begun…

    Quo Vadis? Where do you go from here??

    • @nine chale
      So you are still in line with my wise advice my boy,,,,shed off that cadre mentality,,,I will send you a medal for Christmas, keep doing good

  13. Uncle Bob we salute you for standing to the Ayrans and imperalists… i applaud the Zim people for not firing a single shot or throwing a single stone!!

  14. Congratulations to our dear Father, The Republican President, His excellency Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu for his timely intervention appointing and delegating HE Dr Kenneth Kaunda to negotiate and convince Mr Robert Mugabe to relinquish his office. This should not go unnoticed to the media and the ongoing euphoria in Zimbabwe, the region and the world at large. Congratulations Mr president for the timely move. We love and adore you.

  15. The question is, are scattered Zimbabweans going back home? Because their enemy is out of office now. What excuse are they going to be using? Xenophobia is coming now in south Africa. What u have done to Mugabe will be done to you soon. Watch out!

    • I highly doubt that… Emerson is not called the crocodile for nothing…he was Mugabe’s enforcer; remember the Gukurahundi which was a series of massacres of Ndebele civilians..so only enter the pond at your own peril !!

  16. Lessons for Zimbabwe from Kenya: getting rid of the man is just the beginning. Getting rid of the attitudes, structures and powers that kept him there for so long is the real battle. But for today, celebrate. You’ve earned it!

  17. What a Thanks Giving Bonanza for Zimbabweans! Let them declare this day, a NATIONAL HOLIDAY, and call for a whole month of continuous celebration culminating into Christmas.

  18. Article 60 (2): A political party shall –
    (a) promote the values and principles specified in this Constitution
    (b) have a national character
    (c) promote and uphold national unity
    (e)respect the right of its members to participate in the affairs of the political party.

    In the 11 years since under5 was appointed to succeed Mazoka, he has never held internal elections to legitimise himself as a leader of u.p.nDonkis in opposition, what more if he tasted power!?!?.

  19. I hear someone is occupying an office illegally, you are next my dear, if I were you, I would start packing, abo, baisa wafwa, selako, the real office bearer is on the way.

  20. By the way u.pnDonkis have been unusually quiet about the speech of under5 at Chatham House in London. They would normally have so much hype about their boy, but no! Must have been a flop, which explains the utter disdain that Stephen Sackur had for this embarrassment that you call leader of u.p.nDonkis. Imagine he comes from what should have been a prestigious occasion at Chatham house only to be told off by a BBC journalist who seems more concerned about Zambia than under5 eber will be!!!

  21. Good move Robert Mugabe.its time for all dictators in Africa to go.Joseph Kabila in Congo DR,Museveni in Sudan,etc must go now.
    Here in Zambia by 2021 HH will have been “cuundu chaitwa” upnd president for 15 years minus calling for any party congress.this will be 17 years less of what Mugabe did in Zimbabwe,so HH qualifies to be called a DICTATOR,hence he must go from Zambian politics.WE DONT WANT DICTATORS IN AFRICA AND HH IS ONE OF THEM AS 15 YRS ON TOP OF UPND IS NOT A JOKE!!
    In 2021 Zambians must not vote for dictators such as HH!!

  22. In the other news, the other guy who has contested elections five times and lost all is set to resign to pave way for new blood according to Galu Watchers in Zambia and Donkis Union.

  23. For goodness sake. Some bloggers are really static. This has nothing whatsoever to do with Lungu or KK. The wheels to rid of Mugabe were not going to be stopped whichever way. Lungu had been canoodling with Mugabe from day one. Obviously picking some lessons in suppression. He had no b.alls whatsoever at any point, to advise Mugabe on respecting the rule of law or stepping down. He now makes meaningless frantic manoeuvres and some myopic bloggers are bamboozled. My only scepticism is that civil society in Zimbabwe has no real ownership of this ‘revolution’. Civil society failed, out of fear and a lack of concerted agreeable commitment, to find a workable strategy to remove Mugabe. Will the army now ‘lord over’ all proceedings?

  24. It is now evidently clear to all Zambians that the nomad’s trip to Angola was nothing but a waste of tax payers money considering that Mugabe has resigned .He should have just sent one or two of his clueless Ministers to represent him instead of adding on his air mile costs . Lungu , enough is enough ! Cut down on your useless travels which are not going to help bring tap water to the people of chavuma or buy drugs for our hospitals .Zambians know you are not bothered because when you become ill you will be air lifted to SA for treatment which could be done at UTH if you are serious with your health policies .

  25. Saw someone surprised at the Zimbabwean Speakers name of Mudenda. We’ve Tongas as a tribe in Zimbabwe. In fact some Zimbabwean Tongas claimed to be Zambian from the valley and got good jobs especially in the mines. It’s only after their independence that they trekked back home to fill some jobs there.

  26. One thing I have learnt of the Zimbabwean constitution is that IT IS DICTATORIAL… It does not allow new blood to take part in politics. It says, Only those that fought for the country’s independence can ascend to Presidency… War Veterans… What a constitution! This means that Morgan who was did not fight or any other person who was not involved in the struggle for freedom, does not qualify.

    There is need to change some the clauses in the constitution for Zimbabwe to experience true democracy, otherwise the same thing will happen to new leaders.

    Free Consultations:
    1.I recommend Emmerson Mnangagwa or whoever will be president, to come up with Constitution Review Commission to look at the current constitution and change those dictatorial clauses.
    2. I recommend that the Army…

  27. Free Consultations:
    1.I recommend Emmerson Mnangagwa or whoever will be president, to come up with Constitution Review Commission to look at the current constitution and change those dictatorial clauses.
    2. I recommend that the current Army Generals (War Veterans) be retired in Nation Interest. And All war veterans in the ZANU-PF be retired in nation interest. They have done their part and we appreciate then greatly.

  28. Congratulations Zimbabwe. If the army had not taken this step, you were going to be ruled by Grace Gucci Mugabe. If LPM had not died, Maureen Mwanawasa was also set to rule us in 2011 here in Zambia. Remember how she ordered the army around to chase MCS at LPM’s funeral in Chipata. Ministers were scared of her. She even had the audacity to impose Magande on us. Now she wants to come back via HH and upnd. I refuse.

  29. Gods time is the best time: He needs to stay home and ask God for forgiveness. God has given him enough and good time for repentance from what ever wrong things he has done. Ba Mugabe God loves you that you were treated nicely. Take time to pray to God and honor God Almighty for being alive today. See your friend Dr. Kaunda a humble man.

  30. At least this part of the world has demonstrated that even under challenging circumstances legality must prevail! Hats off to the people of Zimbabwe. Viva Southern Africa!!! The World is watching!

  31. Good for Zimbabwe but this is not the way it should be. When a President steps down or leaves office in whatever way, people must be clapping in applause, not celebrating. If all those people could celebrate in that way, who has been voting for Mugabe in all those elections??

  32. Guys it’s rather embarrassing, our beloved first President isn’t the Man that got Mugabe to resign, the resignation was always going to happen because it’s the Will of the Zimbabwean people, the army and the fact that the time arrived for change.

    Let’s not take credit where it’s not due.. the people of Zimbabwe did it all by themselves and in a very decent and respectful manner, congratulations to them.

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