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President Edgar Lungu during the Inauguration Ceremony of Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Photo Gallery President Edgar Lungu during the Inauguration Ceremony of Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa

First Republican President Dr.Kenneth Kaunda with Former President Rupiah Banda Enters the National Sports Stadium during the Inauguration Ceremony of President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Harare

President Edgar Lungu second from left with other African Leaders follow the preceedings during the Inauguratin ceremony of the Newly sworn in Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa at the National Sports Stadium in Harare

President Edgar Lungu congratulates Newly sworn in Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa at the National Sports Stadium in Harare

President Edgar Lungu confers with Namibian Vice President Hage Geingob during the Inauguration Ceremony of President Emmerson Mnangagwa at the National Sports Stadium in Harare

President Edgar Lungu confers with Bostwanas President Lt Ian Khama during the Inauguration Ceremony of President Emmerson Mnangagwa at the National Sports Stadium in Harare

Newly sworn in President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwas suppoters celebrates at the National Sports Stadium during the Inauguration Ceremony of President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Harare

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  1. Nice to see Super Ken. I wonder how Mugabe and Grace must be feeling this time. Embarrassing also that he couldn’t even be there to do a proper hand-over. The man missed a golden opportunity to resign on Sunday when everyone expected him to. He could have at least salvaged a bit of his respect and got a respectable send off. Selfishness can indeed be very blinding!!

    • There will be alot of good will from IMF,World Bank,UK ,USA,China-as they scramble for Zimbabwe.A lot of money will be promised to Zimbabwe for infrastructure development and Zimbabweans will praise Mnangagwa..at the end of the day Zimbabwe much like the rest of Africa will be under economic indebtedness to the China and the West. Mugabe tried to free Zimbabwe from foreign rule but did it badly.

    • Ba Lusaka Times, are you sure lungu didn’t sneak out to go see his fallen mentor? Don’t you have a photo of the two together? What a cruel chap lungu must be! We want to believe lungu and mugabe were all weather friends? He can’t surely abandon him at a time he needs a shoulder to lean on! It must be absolutely devastating to mugabe who believed he would be president until death. Now to be just a common guy must be very hard to stomach.

    • Lungu has no principles and certainly ho vision. He is a Mugabe sympathizer and beneficiary so what is he doing at the Munangangwa Inauguration Ceremony. Chase the blood sucking man from it. He is a mole!

    • No no no, Lungu said military rule is NOT good. He didn’t say:
      -LT Gen Ian Khama of Botswana is bad. Or
      – War Vet. Mnagamgwa and his military friends are bad.
      Let him repeat words.

    • Insoni for what. HH was not invited because he is a noneentity in SADC. Lingu was given a dignified pride of place … so insoni for what. HH will never equal the level Lingu has reached in the region

  2. Namibia and RSA sent their Veep and minister….Lazy Lungu without shame is there…Zuma understands that he wasted time flying to Angola for that SADC meeting hence his schedule is tight with Lazy nothing in the intray; its party till the break of dawn!!

    • Ian Khama is there. This was a well calculated move by president Lungu. Whether we agree with his policies or not. All our former presidents went with him. Even president Kaunda who helped free Zimbabwe twice. May God bless Zambia, Zimbabwe, Africa and the real Israel.

    • Tantwe well spoken. In this whole Zimbabwe Saga, Zambia has been very tactful and upfront. This is one instance we can be happy of having an elderly statesman like KK. He soften Mugabe’s exist by chatting with his fellow madala.

    • Khama has always wanted Bob to retire so why shouldn’t he be there plus he is a hard work unlike our utterly lazy sausage Edgar!!

    • @ Nzelu, what bis this “He soften Mugabe’s exist by chatting with his fellow madala.”

      Mugabe is a MURDERER that is directly responsible for the VIOLENT DEATHS of tens of thousands of people he swore an oath on the Bible to PROTECT and SERVE! And maybe 100,000s more that have starved or died of disease because he STOLE the countrys wealth.

      His ext does not need to be “softened” !!! He needs to be put on trial for MASS MURDER and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!


  3. Ian Khama and President Lungu were there. This is one time diplomacy was actually a well needed gesture. This is a business opportunity for Zambia.

    • What business opportunity when you import everything from RSA…you have no shame.
      Wake up from your docility & folly!!

  4. KK, Malawian. Banda (Ala B) Malawian, Lungu – Malawian, Mwanawasa (son to a Malawian Father), Sata(na) -Tanzanian, Chabala Kafupi (Kiluba) was Congolese. When are going to have our own Zambian President mwebantu?

    • You are just a hater Shinyenga! Before 1964 there was no Zambia but Northern Rhodesia, Nyasaland and Southern Rhodesia. People could choose where they wanted to be citizens. So stop hating!

    • And now president Munagagwa Zambian former UNZASU Secretary General and Kafue Trades school house monitor.

  5. Am 100% sure Lungu was inviting himself to Botswana and Namibia when he spoke with the Botswana president and Namibian rep.

    • The more you demean and insult President Lungu the more you distance your Supreme Leader from being elected and the more majority Zambians will hate your Supreme Leader HH whom you worship…

    • Why is it that every time someone says something about lungu, pf cadres will reciprocate by insulting HH, ba zakeyo how do you know mafikizolo is upnd, maybe he is fdd or green party.

      You are very strange beings, sometimes i wonder if you came on earth through natural birth, i think it was AI.

    • @Divide & Rule you must be a danderhead not know what language the Supreme Leader and his cadres use when referring to President Lungu…

  6. ndime swear not dont forget Mnangagwa has relatives in Zambia Mumbwa in particular his elder brother lives next to my Yard my friend. Hence the invite

  7. I wonder what this excitement is all about for the crocodile. Its like from Robert Gabriel Mugabe to Gabriel Robert Mugabe – whats the difference. Just wait and see if a leopard can change its spots!
    I end here.

  8. The only thing i see in upnd is empty tins what has lungu done to feel shy,if any its your time to remind hh to step down or maybe tell as wamuyayaya ,hh supports anything that he thinks suits him remember what he said about what happend in kenya what is he saying today ?same was he invited in zim ,this man hh will never lure hes a betrayal like sata told nevars mumba that you are worser than lucyfer himself

  9. We shall never see such an occasion in our life time for Hazluza Hagain! He is the one I believe the Donki cadre #2 Insoni Hagain, above meant to say!

  10. Upnd can only form government if the southern province breaks away from the rest of Zambia to be called Tongaland with its citizens called Tongalese. The hatred is too much. BBC reports that he Edgar entered the National Stadium to a thunderous welcome. Or did you want him to antagonize Zimbabwe just because of Mugabe. Also the new president is a direct protégé of Bob so why hasn’t he felt insoni?

  11. Silly people have no shame, they speak like fools again and again, why talk about HH when it is ba fimo fimo who are at fault. Why cost the Zambian people money by taking all the past to Zimbabwe, where were they when the Zimbabwe citizens were being terrorised by the teacher of all dictators. The world can see through a dictator, I hear it when my Zimbabwean say, watch your backs, this is how our dictator started, stop him in his wit. We sure we will.

  12. Adolf has been a political novice for years. Many years ago he was invited by LPM whom he now praises as a leader with a vision but at the time he thought he was goon. LPM told him he need a good man not contaminated to work with HH ‘pretended’ he was only a businessman. No one will forget that he used one tribesman to convince his wife to allow him run for president with a view that the then leading candidate EZN did not have financial muscle to go around the country which he did. He lost and never spoke about the pact again. Then he embraced MCS, but he soon clashed with persons like Summer and that fell apart. He then as usual clutched straws embracing Fat Albert, MaRoads he lost again and being a man with no principles is now just bitter.

  13. Lungu is only loyal to himself and nobody else. Having said that, it was good that he showed up otherwise the same people condemning him will still find something else to blame him. This was done in the name of SADC though!

  14. Nkope Shinyenga you illiterate, uncooth nincompoomp, you are perched there in the U.K. in a fragile glass house paid for by Zambian copper and labor calling out the entire national leadership as made up of illegal immigrants when you can come and run for office as a true patriot! Bwana stop walking on glass shards from your collapsing glass house from which you are launching rocks. Did you notice that ZAMBIAS deligation is truly made up of freedom fighters? Name another country that was represennted as well. You are the same assz olz who said KAPWEPWE was Tanzanian. What a shame! Shemuna1 sHAME!

  15. Lungu is more intellegent and smart than most of these opposition supporters commenting here. Imagine what message it would have sent if Lungu did not go there in person. The same haters would have twisted the story around and say it is because he still supports Mugabe. That is how smart he is.

  16. Nothing going to change, same party, right hand old man of Mugabe , just different seating at the food trough and the deal he cut which was announced on BBC that mugabe and grace exempt from criminal prosecution and a very nice pension paid for by the tax payers of Zim.
    also Lungu is running around but failing to realize that all investment and aid money that could go to Zambia is now going to go to Zim, so as ever we miss out and the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

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