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Zambia police summons Chishimba Kambwili


Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili
Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili
The Zambia police service has summoned expelled Pf Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili to the police.

According to a call out dated November 22, 2017 obtained by Muvi TV News, Dr. Kambwili is expected to appear at the police headquarters on Friday 24th November 2017 at 14 hours.

The call out issued by Lusaka division police headquarters officer in charge is asking Dr. Kambwili to report to the anti-fraud office for investigations.

It further states that Dr. Kambwili will not be detained longer than necessary.

Dr. Kambwili has of late been critical of the leadership of President Edgar Lungu.


    • I can never support Kambwili. His mouth is his biggest downfall and he is not quality. Im sorry, but I have resolved to only support quality leadership. There is no difference between Kambwili and the rest of the PF gang of thieves!

      What economic principles does he know, and what vision does he have that can redeem the Zambian economy to its former glory? Zero. Isnt this the same guy that used to insult the whole tribe in the South? Kambwili, Mumbi, Chama, Kampyongo, etc., are not leaders. They are noise makers from group three in primary.

      Him and the tourist President are cut from the same cheap material.

    • He has already got the popularity with or without police arrest.
      He has already told us a lot about things we didn’t know.

    • Whats the charge? Regarding which case is he being summoned ? Twanaka please Ba PF with your euphoric police infiltrated by cadres…… and by the way LT. Please don’t use Dr. To refer to Mr Kambwili or Mr Lusambo or any other such character with Dodgy Doctorates PLEASE!

    • Zambians, taking sides even before you hear the reason. It is up to him to clear him name. If he us found wanting so be it.
      Who said if you are in opposition you cannot be investigated.
      The old saying says; do not throw stones at others if you live in a glass house.

    • @Bawesu – if ACC and ZP wanted to catch BUFFOON CK in million dollar scandal they could but everytime they digging they find a connection to State House and stop in their tracks. Next PF hire a hungry Tayali to dig up small issues that CK’s lawyers will happily clear away!!

  1. He will now need the Tongas he despises so much. when he was issuing those disparaging remarks against Tongas he thought he was going to be PF for life. He is very dull. At his age, he is supposed to know that no one knows what tomorrow brings, and especially that he is a politician. Tongas are part of Zambia and they do vote in national elections.

    • @ Kaputo Davies The man apologied why continue talking about insulting a tribe in the south, He is sorry learn to forgive.

  2. Walila mvula walila matope literally meaning one who cries for rain cries for mad.
    When there are accusations flying left,right and centre,arrests are bound to happen.
    Let Kambwili clear himself so that he can accuse others while standing on a higher moral ground.

  3. He should leave Kambwili alone.You have been travelling everdady.all inaugurations in Africa Lungu goes.what a president.I wasted my vote on Lungu.I’ll never vote for this man.If possible we PF members should remove lungu othewise 2021 will be a disasater to the party Sata suffered for.The man has no vision at all.Meanwhile you’re making Kambwili more popular.Already the man made PF win in copperbelt,luapula,muchinga,northern and part of lusaka.The man lungu has no vision

  4. Its that little fooools Tayali who has been employed to frustrate behind enemy lines….everytime BUFFOON CK opens his mouth quizzing Lazy Lungu for answers Tayali the boy suddenly pops up!!

  5. This is lungus attempt to muzzle CK…..nothing less nothing more…..CK provide more revelations on lungus corruption, you are gaining support and popularity….

  6. The UPND members are zombies till 2021 when again we will renew their zombie status.
    If you follow Zambian politics very well,you know too well that no zombie party has ever gone to plot 1.
    UNIP,MMD and PF are fluid,responsive and national with tentacles throughout the Zambia society.

  7. Lungu was the first one to arrive in Harare.. ..he will be the last one to leave…

    We know how much lungu has been told he needs to accumulate in travel allowances to have any chance of covering up and fraudulantly accounting for the the stolen monies thus far…

  8. Everything that goes “UP” must come “DOWN”. “Principles of Physics”.
    On your way “Up” Never Forget the People that push you “Up” because you will certainly need them on way “DOWN”.
    Simple Logic but, I do not really understand why Politicians always forget this.

    • Not just politicians. Even in ordinary life we commit the same mistakes that’s why marriages break, jobs are lost, people go to jail because we don’t seem to learn.

  9. Power belongs to the people a nd not to a group a few people let us learn from ZANU-PF. Relax mwe bantu. Interviewing some one on Friday afternoon? It means the man will spend the weekend at that green hotel at no expense.

  10. Un.pDonkis and their daft reasoning. If Hachimbwili does not report this afternoon as summoned, I hope that he can be smoked out and properly accommodated in one of the many suitable hotels that under5 has recommended…. kikikikikikikikikikiki…..

  11. We are a race called humans, whether black white or yellow. One sad thing about this race is the tendency to sin or to lean towards doing evil, called the sin nature or the flesh. A serious negative trait about this nature is the love of oneself better known as selfishness. Selfishness is the desire to put one’s interests before those of others and it has its roots in pride. This is the exact opposite of humility, a virtuous quality. Selfishness can lead to frustration and hatred when one is unable get what they want. The person so affected may show their true colors and pursue a hostile agenda towards those he perceives to be responsible for his frustration, like when they get fired from their Government job. This is particularly so in the Zambian political arena. This is the picture we…

  12. This is the picture we see of our politicians here in Zambia. Politicians use gullible citizens to drive their own agenda, pitting them against each other and soliciting their support by making false promises to tighten their hold on them. They may do this regardless of who gets hurt in the process, whether emotionally of physically. They simply don’t care. The current cadre of some opposition leaders and many others, like those who have fallen from grace with the Government for reasons of corruption, do not have our interests at heart. All they want is to promote their businesses and make more money for themselves and their foreign sponsors. I don’t regret to say that most Zambian politicians fall prey to these evils: the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life (1…

  13. I don’t regret to say that most Zambian politicians fall prey to these evils: the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life (1 John 2:15-16). God is watching and waiting (2 Peter 3:9). Selfish politicians must let those who have been elected to office do their work until they are removed by the ballot. Those in power enjoy the advantage of incumbency, but this must not get to their heads. They are elected to work to the people’s expectations. We are also watching them and I’m holding my voter’s card. .

  14. We need a person like kambwili for things to move in zambia. Mweba kuchipata namufilwa na lupiya banda alifililwe.take it back to Bemba’s as they know how to handle issues.

  15. Tongas should evolve. Tongas are swines for sure, ati 60% teachers recruited are bembas and easterners. You want the government to recruit 98% tongas. Zambia is for Zambians not for tonga alone. That’s the reason you are fighting for a tonga HH to rule Zambia with your delirious way of thinking. This is 21st century, but you are still in early stone age thinking

  16. In a Democracy like our we should never allow the likes of Mr Chishimba Kambwili to set the political agenda for Zambia. Zambia needs people with reall leadership coupled with real knowledge. These (Chishimba’s) are just loud rude boys worthy only their loudness, inside there is very little substance other than the politics of the belly. If this man Mr C Kambwili had any real substance and really determined to fight corruption, he should think before he opens his mouth and present issues soberly.

  17. There we go again. Same story in African politics whenever you are in the opposition party you become the criminal of the current government. Investigations begin, fake Charges,imprisonment Etc. I do not support any of those kinds of primitive ways. This needs to stop. Persecuting people in the opposition because they do not agree with you is not democracy. I do not support the guy I think he’s a bafoon but he has a right to be one. The president somehow always the use the power of the police just that investigations to people who disagree with them. Nothing has changed.

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