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Zambia has posted positive growth- President Lungu

Economy Zambia has posted positive growth- President Lungu

President Lungu is shown how to operate a Studio camera by Zambia National Broadcasting  cooperation( ZNBC) cooperate Affairs Manager Masuzyo Nhlovu during a tour of the studios at Mass Media Complex

President Edgar Lungu says the country has recorded massive economic growth in the year ending 2017.

President Lungu attributed the economic growth to government’s sound policies that focus on economic development.

President Lungu said this in Lusaka today, shortly before touring Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) and the Zambia Broadcasting (ZNBC) studios, to check on progress being made on the refurbishment of the two Studios ahead of the shift from analogue to digital transmission.

The Head of State however bemoaned lack of acceptance of the economic growth by the people which government has scored so far.

He said most sections of society are only quick at condemning and at pointing out wrong things rather than praising the good that the government is doing.

“We are now focusing on making Agriculture the main stay of the economy in order to ensure sustainable development,” president Lungu said.

He explained that the country has enough maize not only for home consumption but capable to feed Africa as a whole.

President Lungu said in his recent visit to Egypt, he has learned a lot especially on how to improve the agriculture sector.


  1. The country has enough maize to feed Africa as a whole? Is everything okay here or someone is living in a maze or simply hallucinating? Don’t insult our intelligence sir, with all due respect. What positive growth’when the masses are living in abject poverty? Or is it positive growth in your pocket and bank account? It seems as though the vision less one has sleepless nights these days owing to the grand corruption that has taken place under his watch. We are keenly watching and the time of reckoning is surely coming.

    • Hehehehehe Kikikikikikiki bwetu bwetu bwetu bwetu …… LUNGU LUNGU …… SURE????? This guy cannot even talk any numbers he is running a country and cannot even articulate what is “Massive Growth” …. Sir, this is not an er..ection

  2. it is not in your job description to focus on critics,results should be seen not emphasized because we dont see them,no redemption for you we are better off without you sir cadres have more power now intellectuals who get persecuted for speaking up the whole system is rotten and needs an overhaul.

  3. Not sure if the great leader of this great nation is in touch with reality. Zambia has enough maize to feed the entire Continent of Africa! Zambia has recorded positive growth! He is not even at the same level with his Ministers. What Mutati and Ministers say is completely the opposite of what their Leader is saying. We are much trouble than we thought.

  4. Mwine mushi ngakwete ba kapaso abaleshipula alafwa ukwabula ukwishiba so is our president they don’t tell him the truth. Cino calo ca zambia cili mubwafya icine cine pantu abantu abalelala insala ni fulu fulu lelo ba kateka tabalefimonafi kano kuli abantu ba cishinka abakubeba ukuti ifintu tafili bwino nomba bonse ba kapaso ni bakandile cabe.

  5. All the bad oppositions are like that. They only concentrate on bad things Pull him down syndrome, and yet they want good laws, human rights this human rights that only when it favours them, shame.

  6. Very hard-working president! He will beat the wimp of a guy Hagain in the next elections! Hagain’s men have been campaigning! They believe that elections are on next month. Dull!

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