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Death of CBU student injured by police saddens the Green Party

General News Death of CBU student injured by police saddens the Green Party

We as the Green Party are extremely saddened by the death this morning of one of the Copperbelt University students who were severely injured by Police last week.

We would like express our deepest sympathy to all students affected by this dreadful event and especially to the families, student fraternity. Our thoughts and prayers are with friends of the student who has died or those that were injured, some of who are still in intensive care.

We condemn in strongest terms the high-handed approach by the Police and, and in particular the use of excessive force on unarmed students.

We demand that the Minister of Home Affairs Steven Kampyongo, Minister of Higher Education Prof Nkandu Luo, and Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja take full responsibility for this dreadful event.

We hope that serious measures will be taken to bring culprits to book. The long arm of the law should take it course. Meanwhile, we urge the student populace to remain calm during this trying moment.

Furthermore, we want thank staff at Kitwe Central Hospital who responded with such professionalism and care.

Peter Sinkamba
Green Party of Zambia


  1. And when people say that Zambia is directorship the PF bootlickers and their leaders refuse, it is only in a directorship where police kill protesters.

    • They went for opposition political parties, civil society organisations and individuals with divergent views, we remained silent. Now that they are coming for us, who should we turn to? God please come and save us.

    • Whenever demos were being organised we the wise used to stay back and sometimes sneak out and leave mafias to fight running battles with the police. I don’t know why some students want to be seen like they are stars in matters that are administrative. You’ve got your union reps who should digest the issue to the end but looks like you ignore them.
      The police are now brutal with such demos because they think opposition cadres are the ones in fore front they want to beat them harder.

    • Is that how Zambia is enforcing the law now? Rule of law, what has happened to this once beautiful, and safe country? This is scary !!!!

    • Watching that video makes me sick, Demos at Unis have always been there but no one has ever been killed, It just shows the people you have in power now, EL for war crimes.

    • Blame the students. They start the rioting because they have frozen brains and don’t know how to negotiate.I feel for the family of this young man.

    • Your hh is the one paying these students to misbehave. Now another mother’s son is no more while his (hh) is eating chicken! HH will then not accept but use it as a weapon. The man truly is cut from the devil’s loins.

  2. i am at a loss of words,dont even know who to blame for these atrocities ,the whole system is broken down starting from the head

  3. Very sad indeed, these murderous Police Officers should be identified and charged with murder. How do you beat up someone who is already on the ground! The guy was not even resisting arrest.

  4. Cry the beloved country! I really cry for my country Zambia because God loves us so much but we are playing games!
    Now the Government has blood on their hands!

  5. There goes another poor man’s son, brother, nephew, uncle. For what? For asking to be feed while on campus. His family was full of hope knowing their son was in university, alas, all has gone in frames. He had to spend a lot of sleepless nights studying while in secondary school to be accepted at CBU, because he wanted to secure his future, only to be murdered in cold blood like a common criminal. Maybe the PF government truly has no money to feed the students. But wait a minute, where is the money being dished out in churches and markets coming from? How come the President can manage to visit 4 different countries with all the pop and splendor within 14 days without any difficulties. Its a shame. Condolences to the family, the students and the entire country. May the student’s soul…

    • Kitwe Bous
      I share the pain my brother.And the government through Luo and Lusambo have the audacity to add salt to our injuries as a nation watching this?

  6. @1.2- HH OVALHEAD,

    Let me get this straight. A human being has died at the hands of the Police. You have watched the Video clip above. Please clarify, have you seen or NOT seen any wrong-doing by the Police in this particular video clip? Simple question.

    If it is in the US or here is UK and a group of Policemen beat a young student in the similar manner as the video clip shows over allowance protests, that is evidently assault, to say nothing about killing him.

  7. In the US of A, Britain, Australia you are shot to die 100 times if you protest by collateral damage. You cannot go out breaking other people’s cars and claim democracy in America. You are dead meat.

    • These students did not go breaking anybody’s property not even university property. So do not comment like a halfbrained cadre.

    • Tuzhi
      Zoona tuleya kwisa?You mean a normal person cant feel sorry for these hapless hopeless chaps some of whom voted for PF,that is if politics is all that works in your brain.

    • Ken, you are such an…, whatever the boy may have done does not deserve such brutality. Those police potdogs do not deserve being in the service. Note that the property that was damaged was ochestrated by the same so called police. May the boy’s soul rest in peace.

  8. When a country is in the hands of Business men, such is life…these thugs don’t care about us, the dont care what happened to people as long as they are making money then to them LIFE is normal. This is painful just watching the footage makes me feel sick.

  9. The worst thing is that the Police heads and PF political heads will come out in full support of these police officers just like they supported that very obviously drunk !d!ot who wanted to shoot Gary Nkombo

    • Sharon. Don’t run your ignorance about the laws of Zambia. There’s no corporal punishment in our laws. The police have committed murder, they will face the rough of the law. Watch the video, The student was defenseless. The unruly police descended on him like a park of wolves. All those police officers in the clip are going in for murder. In descent society, inkan.du lu0o the pr0consul africanus should resign on moral grounds.

    • Sharon. Don’t run your ign0rance about the laws of Zambia. There’s no corporal punishment in our laws. The police have committed murder, they will face the rough of the law. Watch the video, The student was defenseless. The unruly p0lice descended on him like a park of wolves. All those po0lice officers in the clip are going in for murder. In descent society, inkan.du lu0o the pr0consul africanus should resign on moral grounds.

  10. @ HH Oval head. I can lumpenize you and you would curse the day you were born. This is police brutality of the worst nightmare in the history of CBU. You have no clue to what it means to be a university student under GRZ bursary committee (BC). Oval head you are sick and your seven fathers who fathered you were sick.

  11. Some bloggers here have the audacity to justify this killing. How roundly inhuman and daft can you be. There was clear excessive brutal use of force on a human that was not armed or an immediate threat to the police. The murder has nothing to do with the reason for rioting. It has to do with an unprofessional police inculcated and drunk with the primitive politics of the day. Those responsible should be prosecuted without exception. Luo and Kanganja should be fired or resign – What a useless brutal regime with no direction or humanity.

  12. @Sharon & princess, I hope you suffer one day at the hands of our useless police force.
    People have the right to protested if they feel that they are not been treated right.
    This PF rubish government needs to see its MATAKO sooner than later.

  13. My heart goes to the family of the deceased and the injured and I pray that the people responsible for the heinous act against defenceless students will take time to reflect on their actions and do what is expected of responsible leaders- resign or apologise. Lusambo the day of your reckoning is approaching very fast. Luo you should behave like a professor but you are behaving like a brain washed cadre. Kanganja tell your officers that it is not a police force but a police service so they should be civil when dealing with people especially those fighting a just cause like meal allowances. How do you kill someone who is telling you that we are hungry? Its a shame.

  14. My heart bleeds for mother Zambia! My heart bleeds for the family that has lost a child, a life that can never be replaced. In all honesty how do you kill an unarmed citizen? How does one take action without assessing the risk involved?
    My plea is let institutions run like institutions, the students are not enemies of the state; they are adults in the right state of mind who are able to reason and fight their own battles.
    As leaders it is important to make decisions which are for the greater good. We have all been placed in leadership for a good reason and should take responsibility for our actions.
    A life is lost, the family has lost, the nation has lost.. What have gained? Can we proudly say we have sorted the issue at CBU when our hands are painted red? Where is the respect…

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