Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Marketeers’ body welcomes banning of Street vendors in Mufulira


The National Traders and Marketeers Association of Zambia (NATMAZ) in Mufulira has praised government for banning street vending in the district.

Association District Chairperson Elvin Sakala praised government for the move saying this will create fair competition for marketeers doing their businesses in markets.

Mr. Sakala said the presence of street vendors was disadvantaging traders stationed at markets as people were opting to buy things from the streets rather than going to the markets.

He urged the Mufulira Municipal Council to uphold the decision and ensure that vendors do not return to the streets of Mufulira.

Last week, Mufulira Municipal Council cleared street vendors from the Central Business District in a move aimed at improving the cleanliness of the town and ensuring that trade was conducted at designated places.


  1. Lets see this becoming a permanent solution. Very soon you will see the vendors in the corridors because government wont be working-as usual

  2. Build more markets for the displaced vendors failure to which they will be back on the streets where they depend for a living to survive

    • You honestly think they would move into the market if there was room, its fallacy to think that …simply create tangible employment and ban street vending!!

  3. Once campaigns kick into gear, they will be allowed and even encouraged to return. The PF do things for convenience and not out of core principles or values.

    This country will never develop with the level of mediocrity running it.

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