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Zambia to launch 100MW solar tender


Solar Modules
Solar Modules

Zambian government says it will launch a tender for photovoltaic (PV) projects up to 20 MW in early 2018, which will be developed under the incentive scheme for solar energy.
The 100 MW tender will be the first round of the program GET FIT Zambia, which was launched on December 7.

It is now the official implementation program for the Zambian REFiT Strategy, an initiative developed with the support of German development bank KFW, aimed at accelerating private investments in small and medium sized renewable energy projects in the country.

Through the REFiT Strategy, the Zambian government hopes to allocate around 200 of PV and renewable energy capacity to small- and medium-scale projects with a maximum size of 20 MW, to be procured over a period of three years. Eligible technologies include hydro, solar PV, geothermal, biomass, waste energy and wind power.

Under the 100 MW solar tender, the government said that selected projects will have to sell power to state-owned power company, Zesco under a long-term PPA, and will have to be located close to substations, whose reliability has already been tested by Zesco in partnership with the KFW.

The government said all substations used for round one and two of the Scaling Solar program however, will be ineligible.

Prior to the launch of the request for qualification phase of the tender, GET FiT Zambia and partners in the Ministry of Energy will host a private sector workshop in Lusaka.

The REFiT Strategy was formally launched by the Ministry of Energy in October, after being approved by Zambia’s cabinet in July.


  1. Didnt these tenders happen in june and wpuld be intalled by december, where is the st african company, tbe danish company the swedes . Is this just more talk to calm the masses

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