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Linda Kasonde urges lawyers not to be dishonest

Headlines Linda Kasonde urges lawyers not to be dishonest

Law Association of Zambia President Linda Kasonde has urged lawyers not to be dishonest. Ms. Kasonde said that the levels of dishonest in the country have gone high and lawyers have not been spared.

Speaking at a function that saw the admittance of 41 lawyers to the bar at the supreme court, Ms Kasonde said that the number of lawyers in Zambia is still small hence the need to ensure that quality service is given to the public.

Ms. Kasonde encouraged lawyers to specialise in constitutional law as there are very few Zambian lawyers who can consider themselves to be constitutional law experts.

Ms. Kasonde further said that given the fact that there have been so many amendments to our constitution recently, there was need for more constitutional law experts.

And speaking at the same function, Chief Justice Ireene Mambilima urged lawyers to be exemplary in their conduct. Justice Mambilima said that law promotes freedom of expression which should be used to argue the points of law.

And Zambia Institute for Advanced legal studies ZIALE Director Ann Malaya said her institution has embarked on various reforms to improve service delivery.

She said ZIALE will also engage institutions of higher learning that are training lawyers in order to improve on the quality of students.


  1. I don’t understand what she means by saying no one can claim to be a Constitutional lawyer or expert after the change of the Constitution. Can someone help me understand.

    • Irene should have included freedom of expression, assembly, association, existence, media, freedom from Govt oppression and all that guarantees equality as God intended for man.

    • I believe she meant that because it is a new constitution (basically a new written book if you like), it will take time for everyone to study it and become familiar with it or become an expert in it.

      Basically a constitution requires studying and interpretation and this takes time. Sometimes students or lawyers use and cite precedence and there hasn’t been many just yet (apart from the infamous presidential petition and the minister ‘pay back judgments).

      However she is not entirely being truthful herself. My understanding is that the new constitution wasn’t written completely from scratch, it’s not entirely new. Rather there were some aspects of the old version that were retained. So I’m sure there are experts already in some areas, apart from the new clauses. I think what she…

    • continue reading…

      I think what she was supposed to say is that no one can be an expert in the entire thing – the constitution covers so much subjects.

      I agree with her though on her point about dishonesty… this country is r0tten and devoid of morals.

    • @Lombe,
      Kasonde is just acknowledging that after the mambo jumbo and backflips performed by concourt she doesn’t believe that they are real experts in those positions.
      Therefore, she is giving hope to the new blood to study hard to become, future experts, and replace the current regime of concourt judges.

      At the moment Zambia has low calibre concourt judges or whatever they are called. We just need to live with that.

    • I have always thought to be a successful lawyer you have to be dishonest, immoral, no principles, no scruples, completely bereft of ethics. How did a creature like lungu end up in state house? Piled up evidence says he is dishonest, a thief, yet he is president!

    • She simply means the new constitution has yet to be tested through real life application and so no lawyer in Zambia should pretend to be an expert. A written constitution can be ambigous in some of its clauses like EL and his minions are misinterpreting 5 years ternia as a measure of presidency. So the conCourt need to interpret the relevant clauses in order to set presidence for future interpretation of that clause of the constitution. The constitution would have been tested to give valuable experience to the practicing lawyers.

    • One is an expert in a field if they have done considerable research and contributed significantly to the existing body of knowledge. You can’t say the same for most Zambian lawyers. Ask them the last time they published a research paper in a scholarly journal.

    • How can lawyers ne expected to be honest when the most dishonest lawyer who was struck off is in State House? This is like a thieving father asking his children not to be stealing. Linda go away! You are slowly losing credibility. You should have said lawyers don’t be as dishonest as Lungu even if he is in State House

    • No.1 WIDOW Swindler is in State House. Surely how can you expect the lawyers to be honest?

      1. High Court judge Sunday Nkonde stole FTJ’s stolen property for himself. All the Tedworth blocks of Flats which were repossessed by Govt are now in his name & he’s protected by fellow Koswe-Mu-Mpoto. FTJ’s children are suffering in poverty.

      2. The Koswe-Mu-Mpoto drunk all the benefits of the widow from chilanga Cement. He practicing license cancelled and then became destitute, living in the garage of former MMD transport minister & drinking everyday. Then one day he decided to try his luck in politics. That’s how Zambia got it’s curse.

  2. @ lombe…she is trying to justfy the 5milion slapt on LAZ by Danny Pules lawters after that failed constition court……on presdent lungus 2021 bid……you know the story.

  3. Lungu is the most dishonest of them…..levels of corruption and dishonesty have almost doubled with his rule.

    Now people think being called a corrupt theif if ok if it is ok with the head of state…

  4. Yep! They should strive to not emulate lying and thieving lawyers like Koswe Mumpoto Lungu and abena Tombolilo Fube!

  5. I wonder why our politicians do not see life outside politics like Aliko Dangote. That gentleman and true son of Africa can win a presidential election anytime in any country in Africa without even getting out of his office to campaign. But we have multiple losers, former Mps and former ministers, tribalists, political wannabe’s, the whole rotten fighting for space at Znbc and other media including cheap musicians trying to show us and to justify to us commoners how important they are.

  6. Manyengo quite correct, just an understatement, Bonehead Mushota is as thick as two plank. PHD, my foot!!! Nothing but a chewing cadre.

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