Friday, April 19, 2024

Second Sinazongwe Petro Bomb victim dies


CLEMENT Hantobolo, the man who was burnt together with senior chief Mweemba after unknown people petrol bombed the house they were sleeping in a fortnight ago, died at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) and was be put to rest in Sinazongwe.

Member of the royal family George Bbabbi told the Daily Nation that Mr. Hantobolo died on Monday in UTH following his referral from Livingstone general hospital after his conditions worsened and put to rest in Sijuwa village in Sinazongwe district.

Mr. Bbabbi said the royal family had received the death of Mr. Hantobolo with shock as they had not expected another victim to die as both patients seemed to be responding well to treatment adding that the Baleya clan had been devastated with the development but insisted that calm must prevail in the chiefdom as police was investigating people behind the arson.

UPND council chairperson Alick Muleya was two weeks ago picked by Police to help with investigations over the burning of Senior Chief Mweemba’s house.

But the UPND leadership in the district protested the development saying the burning of Senior Chief Mweemba’s house was being used to settle scores with the ruling party and have appealed to the powers that be not to take the development political.


  1. A country led by FOOLS whose main agenda is to amass wealth through corruption and smearing false accusations on innocent souls. Ba mamaka mukanya, let power let power slip away from you one day. You petrol bomb a chief so that you can raise false accusations against innocent people, who doesn’ t know that you a party which comprise of crooked mafias and murderers ? Ubupuba !!

  2. Mutinta said there will be volcanoes after hh was arrested and immediately after that we started seeing buildings going on flames. How can one fail to connect the dots sure.

  3. Reminds me of a very senior police officer displaying “unexploded’ bottles of petrol from a burnt down market in Lusaka. How that was possible beats me. Only Zed professional police can say such things! Any news on the City Market fire? Maybe police forensic officers still on study tour in Turkey.

  4. This case need to be investigated properly if not we may face more problems in future , I for one dont see any reason people should start killing each other ;really it is ridiculous to have such kind of events in this generation.
    When you differ with some one in thoughts it doesnt mean you must kill him! Your opinion is only one in a million people must learn to respect diversy reasoning .
    No human has superiority over the other we live together to exchange ideas and not to suppress decenting thoughts , that is being primitive.

  5. The poor loser cannot even see an opportunity to make a name for himself. Anyway if he opens his mouth cholera will break out.

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