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Zambia’s Luambe National Park Now The World’s Most Carbon Neutral

Economy Zambia's Luambe National Park Now The World’s Most Carbon Neutral

Luangwa Valley Ariel View
Luangwa Valley Ariel View

Luambe National Park in Zambia has achieved a conservation milestone last week as it became the most carbon neutral National Park in the world.

Luambe’s carbon neutral status is a result of the USAID-funded Community Forests Program (CFP) implemented by BioCarbon Partners (BCP) , in partnership with the Zambian Government. This world-first level of carbon neutrality means the emissions of all tourism and conservation management activities within with the park are offset, including all international tourist airline travel. Platinum is the highest possible carbon rating available from BCP.

The announcement comes just 18 months after the Lower Zambezi National Park – also in Zambia – became the world’s first to achieve carbon neutrality from operations. This latest announcement from Luambe secures Zambia’s recognition as a global leader in carbon offsetting.

“Luambe National Park’s carbon neutral status sets a great example for other protected areas in Zambia,” said USAID/Zambia Economic Development Office Director Jeremy Boley. “This status shows the world that Zambia takes emissions reduction seriously.”

Luambe Camp voluntarily funded the carbon neutrality from their own internal revenues, investing in renewable energy sources and purchasing Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) audited forest carbon offsets generated within Zambia. Luambe Camp began operations in June 2017, and are committed to establishing a new bar of environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Mario Voss, Director of Luambe Camp, stated that “as a business that operates as a showcase and celebration of Luambe National Park’s unique beauty and biodiversity, it is crucial that we take responsibility for its conservation. We’re passionate environmentalists and it is important to the whole Luambe Camp team that we can offer our guests a truly eco-friendly experience.”

Funds raised from REDD+ offset sales are reinvested into conservation and community development in buffer zone areas to national parks within Zambia. All countries on earth have now signed up to the Paris Climate Agreement, and there are more signals towards innovative carbon conscious milestones and action. With experts agreeing that Africa is likely to be the continent most vulnerable to climate change, the leadership of Zambian tourism businesses and the Zambian Government agrees to operate with carbon neutrality and set a positive example throughout the continent.

Director of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW), Mr Paul Zyambo, stated that “We are happy to partner with another innovative carbon-conscious achievement in the conservation and tourism sector in Zambia with partners like Luambe Camp and BCP. Luambe forms a part of Zambia’s famous Luangwa Valley and we hope that this showcases how special this area is, and why it is worth a visit.”

Dr Hassan Sachedina, BCP’s CEO, added, “It is exciting that Zambia now has two of the world’s first carbon neutral parks, which are helping to conserve two of the most important biodiversity strongholds left in Africa. I am really proud to be partnering with these family-owned businesses raising the bar of what eco-tourism to include carbon offsetting.” We hope that this spurs more action globally to address climate change.”

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    • True..what is the meaning of this. Does it mean make zambia easily pay offthe Euro bond and provide meal allowance s for CBU students

    • This is for us pursuing PhDs in Earth Sciences to understand. Not Mushota’s PhD in MBA…lol. You sound sober and normal today.

    • It simply means there is no air pollution there. It is the only place where animals and human beings can breathe the freshest air on the planet if you like.

    • 1.4 Nine chali, I am sure being carbon neutral has much more to do than just the absence of air population. Other elements such as being energy efficient probably come to play. Would be nice for someone to actually articulate for us in practical and financial terms what this milestone means.

  1. I think Mushota has a point. The story needed a little bit of unpacking because these concepts that are new globally, and therefore require explanations. And if we are not careful, there could be some fishy arrangement where the nation could be losing out millions of dollar. First of all, Zambia does not have a Clean Energy Regulator. Number two, we do not even have an Act of Parliament to regulate Carbon Credits. The Green Party had campaigned on the premise of enacting such a law to make Carbon Credits trade-able property. They terribly lost last elections and the issue was buried. Else where in the world, carbon credits are financial products and derivatives traded for huge moneys. The question is: who is trading in this arrangement?

    • Carbon credit does not serve its intended purpose. It’s turned into a business in itself, and has drifted away from a conservation.

  2. And who is regulating when there is now national law and delegated institution to trade in carbon credits and trade-offs?

  3. Having not one but TWO National Parks in our Country recognised as global leaders in carbon offsetting is truly a good head start in combatting global warming.
    Now is the time to build on that by finding practical ways that ‘carbon credits’ can reward businesses and communities in Zambia that take such initiatives. Pollution is a global issue because polluted air does not recognise man-made borders.
    “If we can find approaches that meet the needs of the poor in ways that generate profits for business and votes for politicians, we will have found a sustainable way to reduce inequity in the world.” Bill Gates- 2007 speech.
    Hydropower, carbon foot-print, carbon credits, solar power, charcoal power, Carbon sink, wind power, tree regeneration, etc… We need to arrange these terms into a…

    • Cont’d… into a sustainable equation before they re-arrange us out of existence.

      In short I say, charge polluters beyond a certain threshold globally and use that to reward off-setters below a certain threshold.

  4. Journalists must endeavour to explain issues simply so that the man in the street u derstands them. From the numerous posts above LT has failed to deliver. Ba Editor if you care about your clients, Recall this story, rewrite it and republish it

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