Northern Province PF welcomes Miles Sampa back in party

Former Matero MP Miles Sampa
Former Matero MP Miles Sampa

Former Matero MP Miles Sampa
Former Matero MP Miles Sampa

The Patriotic Front in Northern Province has commended Miles Sampa for rejoining the ruling party.

In a statement to ZANIS today, Northern Province Youth Secretary Chanda Nsofu stated that the party is committed to reuniting its members together even those that left but would still want to rejoin the party.

Mr. Nsofu said reconciliation and forgiveness are cardinal and should be emulated by all well-meaning and progressive members of the party.

He has commended the central committee of the Patriotic Front for welcoming back Miles Samples and others who had left the party.

Mr. Nsofu has also congratulated Northern Province Minister Brian Mundubile who is also Mporokoso Central Member of Parliament on his appointment has PF member of the central committee and Chairperson of legal Affairs.

He added that this will help strengthen the party further in the northern region as he has proved his capabilities through his works in the Province.


    • Tababa sure since the mistaken expulsion of CK.Baleumfwa insoni to recall CL back.You can just see the way statements coming from fatherless bwalya and his sister Mumbi Phiri.Tapaba nsoni tell your president to reconcile with CK if he really walks the reconciliation talk!!!The real cracks will be seen clearly in the dying minutes of 2020-kafwafwa.Nkobwelelamo kuli UNIP, but nabo bali salangana!!!!Mukasambamo mu lusambo…
      Cacine Miless had no principles and direction.

  1. Saboi has left……and we all know the reason. Miles is back. Why he couldint join the bitter UPND, we dont know. 2021 its PF again.

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