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Lucky Mulusa is not Honorable, to be celebrated after being fired

Columns Lucky Mulusa is not Honorable, to be celebrated after being fired

Chilufya Tayali
Chilufya Tayali
By Chilufya Tayali

I have read many comments, including the reaction of Mulusa on his firing and I take notable ones, like the one coming from my sister Pamela Chisanga.

Pamela said, “Mulusa was exceptional, because let’s face it, we are at a point in our nation’s history where integrity is in short supply, where one’s belly is more important than the next person’s, where one must be totally and blindly loyal to those in power to survive.”

I beg to differ with Pamela, firstly, Mulusa is not “exceptional”, he is just as compromised as many other PF ministers. From my privileged position I know he is not innocent. He pushed for certain people, with interest, to be awarded Govt contracts.

Chingola- Solwezi road is one of the examples where Mulusa for some reasons influenced the awarding of contracts, especially to Buildcom and swift contractors who have not performed well on that road.

China Geo have at least done their part but these two companies are struggling after being helped by this Mulusa you are celebrating. If I come in Govt and we decide to follow people who have enriched themselves, Mulusa would not be spared.

I know what he has been doing, such that at one point I had to call him and he asked to meet me but I ignored him because I knew I would not get anywhere since at that time his relationship with President Lungu was as sweet as honey.

I find it paradoxical that Mulusa, says, he is happy to have been fired, alleging that the PF Govt is corrupt (I am not saying they are not), when he had to wait to be fired.

Mulusa is feasting on the nativity of some Zambians who are celebrating him, just like they are doing on Kambwili who defending all the bad things of PF only to turn into a hero after being fired.

I also find his comments on the fire tenders and ZESCO, hypocritical and treacherous to President Edgar Lungu because, when we were grappling with the issue of electricity Mulusa was quiet from his privileged position, so how does he come around to talk about children dying in hospitals out of loadshedding.

Mulusa also disclosed that, he worked closely with President Lungu and if that is the case, why not talk to the President directly about the issues he is now devouring in public when he was part of Cabinet.

I think it is not out of honor and patriotism that Mulusa was talking carelessly in the public, the man must have known his time was near to go out. I suspect he must have been cut from some deals and he was not happy, so he became frustrated.

President Lungu has this tendency of killing people silently, whereby he just ignores you and make sure nothing comes your way, like he did to Mulenga Sata, Kambwili and others.

Mulusa could not handle being ignored, so he become careless to draw the attention of President Lungu, counting on the insurance policy of RB, but he touch the political artery of President Lungu which risked his prospects for 2021.

The problem is that President Lungu does not seem to care on the performance of his ministers, no matter how much we complain unless they attack him personally. As long as you are in good boots with President Lungu, you can get away with murder like Joyce Nonde is doing right now, because she has neglected Zambian workers to be abused by employers.


    • Look whoes talking this boy has no shame, morals, sense nothing one wonders what he stands for.
      To think he can insult zambians by trying to be a president is so annoying that you can slap the boy.
      Don’t we have enough fools already masquerading as leaders or wannabe leaders.
      This chi country of ours eish!

    • You ka Tayali why do you waste people’s time. No one can listen to your stupidity anymore.
      Keep chasing your unpaid money from Kamba and Mwila and you can open your anus as much as you like and no one will listen to you.

    • @Nigga Nature: That is what is worrying about today’s politics, how does everyone celebrate these people being fired without scrutinizing their ability?? What kind of a country are we building where even the worst and most useless politicians get support simply because they hurl falsehoods and insults at PF/ECL?? Politicians are suppose to be chosen on merit, Tayali has vividly outlined Mulusa’s shortcomings yet you praise him?? We really have to be cautious with devils we are bringing in our midst, we will live to regret!!!

    • But Tayali, if you claim to know the corruption in Mulusa and other current PF ministers, why do you put all your energy personal attacking someone who is outside government and has no hand on the misuse of public resources? From your attacks on HH shows that you’re just personal.
      I think you are just jealous that Mulusa has public sympathy that you don’t have..


  1. On Mulusa, he did one honorable thing at the point we needed one to do so…..wheelbarrows…… and lastly ZESCO and Zambia River Authority ZRA…so mundekefye, he is the one, he is indeed honorable in that sense….going ukubwata Bwana against Mulusa ba Tayali you shall loose a lot of political mileage…..lwenupofye….

  2. Mwaiche Tayali , remember i called you along time to my office when nobody knew who this Tayali and I thought you had an agenda or Vision , and now see that you donot have at all, look if you knew that information on the contracts why not bring out earlier also . But very important look the bible says what you do to other shall be done to , so the same what Lungu is doing shall be done to him and he shall one day remain alone and be judged for all the wrongs under his leadership , and the big problem here is luck clear Vision with all you who claim to be our leaders , though we actually lead ourselves , as there is nothing positive you do that adds value to Zambia and our lives . Donot say on Zesco there are more issues than Mulusa said , look it was after Lungu came in and along those…

  3. You ka Tayali why do you waste people’s time. No one can listen to your stupidity anymore.
    Keep chasing your unpaid money from Kamba and Mwila and you can open your anus as much as you like and no one will listen to you.

  4. Mulusa ba mutentemula! Mr Mwanawasa remains the only person who resigned out principle and cited corruption as the reason. The Rest…uuuuum,they only speak when they are fired. Next……

    • You have a point. Mulusa should have resigned out of principle. There is nothing honorable about being fired espcially after eating with them for a long time. The man claims he saw curruption but remained there to benefit from a corrupt team and we are celebrating him. It looks like anyone who hits at the PF government will be celebrated and even be given a high position on some tumaparties. Honorable people do not remain and work with corrupt people.This is why most intellectuals refuse to be appointed in corrupt regimes like PF.

  5. This twit Tayali is full of contradictions that it makes reading his nonsense very annoying. Tayali considers himself a politician yet in most people’s minds he is just a ka conman trying to earn a living through blackmail and arm twisting. Kennedy Kamba and Mwila have realised this and have stopped paying him the ransom money. Here he is telling lies about Mulusa and the contracts that he should be ignored with the contempt he deserves. Mulusa should be commended not to have resigned but wait to be fired for doing the right thing. Resigning is sometimes a sign of cowardice and that’s what Lungu would have wanted to see so he would say Mulusa left on his own accord. Lungu would have been the winner but now he is a loser in the eyes of well meaning Zambians. A man should resign only…

  6. A man should resign only if he has transgraced and his moral conscious can not allow him to continue serving the people. If a man feels he is doing the right thing, according to his conscious, he should perservere hoping he could bring change for the better. If he is fire by wrong doers he is a hero.

  7. I think Mr Tayali you missed mulusas point on loadsheding. He said no action has been taken after the state loosing a lot of billion caused by inefficient of zesco and zra.

  8. It takes a thief to catch another Thief. Yes Mulusa maybe a Thief but he is giving us more information on the bigger Thieves. Mulusa knows numerous corrupt deals and will expose the beneficiaries in the National Interest. On this basis Lucky Mulusa is a Patriot. The Koswe Mumpoto President and his Rats will be exposed and when they leave Power they will certainly be prosecuted for their corrupt activities. Time is the greatest equaliser.

  9. From the comments above, it seems Tayali has disappointed the weak minded and gullible who hero worship any brainless skunk who sings falsehoods and insults at ECL/PF. Zambians almost voted out Kambili and did so to Musenge yet today they are heroes to this horde of unreasonable people???

    Then to counter Tayali’s statement on ECL not caring about ministers’ performances, are you aware that since independence, only 2 presidents have demanded quarterly reports from their team??? That’s right, only Levy and ECL…

    • “..only 2 presidents have demanded quarterly reports from their team??? That’s right, only Levy and ECL…”

      Looks like lungu lungu uses those to further corruption then….like 42/42….

    • “….only 2 presidents have demanded quarterly reports from their team??? That’s right, only Levy and ECL…”

      So lungu knew about 42/42 And the 288k ambulances…??….lungu must use those reports to calculate his commission …

    • @Spaka Chikopo: Only a bonehead like you can’t comprehend what I have posted. You bring up the same argument like the 1.d.i.0tic upnd leader who has promised his tonga supporters inauguration soon after his petition is heard. Total losers!!!!

    • You have just told us that lungu gets regular reports and updates from different ministries yet lungu tried denying he knew anything about 42/42 when he was in NY ???

      who is lying, you or lungu or you are both lying as the usual kowes rat corrupt theives you are ?????

  10. “I know what he has been doing, such that at one point I had to call him and he asked to meet me but I ignored him because I knew I would not get anywhere since at that time his relationship with President Lungu was as sweet as honey.”

    Then why did you call him?

  11. Many people are making a big mistake.
    There is NO GOVERNMENT in the world that runs without COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY in cabinet.
    Mulusa deserved to go.
    Those praising Mulusa must clearly document for us his achievements other than speaking his mind(not necessarily the true).

    • And there is no government in the world which is lead by a person who does not mind and sees nothing wrong with being called a corrupt theif everyday…….

  12. Mulusa was man enough to break ranks with a syndicate of thieves who connive to rob the nation with impunity! Standing up to a system that abuses its own people should make Mulusa leave office with a clear conscience. Mulusa can hold his head high for being fired for not being incompetent but for being refusing to stand up for the rot that is going in what is on record as the most corrupt government in post independent Zambia presided over by the most corrupt president who manufactures corruption in State House.

    • The truth is lungu is being called a corrupt theif everyday and does not deny it……there is no President in the world apart from mobutu who did not deny being a corrupt theif….

    • But who has conspired to call ECL thief everyday?? On one side, the tribalist privatization plunderer who sponsors fake news online media and has lost elections 5 times, on the other, the crooked journalist who specialised in tax fraud, obtaining fraudulent bank loans, threatened judges and lost his empire when he thought he was kingmaker and challenged a president….nothing sensible can come out of these sick, twisted and unsavoury criminals….

    • @Spaka: corrupt thief, so why don’t you shame him and expose the corruption…oh, I know. It’s the 42/42…what else can you say??? In RSA, Zuma was called corrupt and the public protector made him pay for the Nkandla corruption, produced a comprehensive state capture report that is the basis of Zuma’s court cases, what do you have?? I know again: We shall arrest him when he leaves office….totally useless!!!!

  13. Tayali you are right. Soon we shall hear another loud mouthed former Cabinet Minister
    implicated in the Solwezi Road Scum.

    Watch this space

  14. Tayali has really disappointed these under5s skunks. Mulusa is one who had big plans for building state house somewhere in ngabwe and all you skunks who now praising him were busy showering insults at him. Under5s are our comedians on LT . They are useful 1diots to have on this site. Kiki. Just read ka spaka comments to prove what am talking about. Next if Dora gets fired they will again jump to her defence and starts praising her. Typical example is Kambwili.

    • These are the same koswe rats with Zambian citizen who think spending $1 million on a 280k truck is ok while people are dying of cholera……the other koswe rat Mr terrible seems to have had a mental breakdown protecting the corrupt theif lungu….

      Oval head small willy, people are dying of cholera badala ………

  15. Tayali’s excitement is worrying. He is a total shame and irrelevant to the political dispensation. The guys reasons with his mouth instead of the brain.

  16. Melisa and Kambwili are behaving like a Margot coming out of feases, in fact they are supposed to arrested for not reporting crime while in government employment

  17. Why do we even have to pay any attention to drivel from pointless Tayali?
    Tayali is irrelevant and unproductive, he has zero contribution to our society. He’s a pest by all means.

  18. Day dreamer! Tayali, Tayali awe sure the meaning of your name says it all! @ when I come to government! Kkkkkkkkk, Zambia yapwa mwe! Ikaleni fye Tata, hired gun!

  19. Who is wrong and who is right ? You can’t urgue with your appointing master while u are in Employment .A honest leader cannot be fooled by anybody fired by Him.
    A very leader is a Parent and must not involve children in any illegal deals .Once beaten they reveal . our present leaders are too careless to gain respect from their subjects.At least pretend to be perfect anyway.

  20. I think this Tayali boy will end up worse than Chanda Chimba. He’ll be sued by everyone & will lose all the cases

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