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Lusaka continues to record new cholera cases

Health Lusaka continues to record new cholera cases

Cholera Patients in a tent
Cholera Patients in a tent

Lusaka district has recorded 83 New Cholera cases with 60 being adult and 23 children.

The total number of cases under treatment is at 179 comprising of 51 children and 128 adults.

According to the cholera update released by Ministry of Health Spokesperson Stanslous Ngosa, of the 179 cases, 54 are admitted to the cholera treatment units and 125 at Heroes Cholera Hospital.

Cumulatively, Lusaka has recorded 2755 cases, of which 2514 were successfully treated and discharged as at 06:00 AM today.

Lusaka cases reported by cholera treatment units indicates that Chipata compound recorded 17 cases, Matero 17, Kanyama 26, Chawama 10, Bauleni 1 and Chelstone 12 cases respectively.

The cumulative death toll in Lusaka stands at 62 with 1 facility death recorded in the last 24 hours.

Meanwhile, a total number of 12 cases have been recorded in the last 24 hours in other districts, 3 cases in Chilanga, 1 in Chibombo, 2 in Mumbwa,1 in Ndola, 2 in Chikankata, 2 in Sinazongwe and 1 in Monze bringing the cumulative total of cases to 149 and cumulative deaths to 5.

Countrywide, the cumulative total of cholera cases stand at 2905, of which 218 are under treatment and total cumulative deaths stand 67.


    • It’s the drinking water. You were warned not to sell the land that supplies drinking water to the city, you never listened. The Chinese have contaminated our water.

    • Why are you going to open the churches so people can pray instead of opening bars? Who is your God, Christian Nation, money?

    • The new totaling centre in town is ministry of health offices. We are waiting for cholera numbers anxiously like we are waiting for presidential elections. Its sad. Hope we shall do the right things once we contain cholera.

  1. You have to let people pray by opening the churches causes cause prayer is also very necessary for the all country and the people infected to be healed by the Mighty God

  2. Please your honour,allow churches to open so that their can even stand in the gap,we can only salvival with God’s help,its so sad to allow bars to operate and close all church gathering,your honour all we know that Zambia is a Christian nation,please give permission to the church to meet,we beg you in the name of God. Chorela is not found in the church no, instead chorela can even found in these same bars you allowed to operate.

    • If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves then I shall hear there prayers and heal their wounds said the Lord of host

  3. Behind every disease,there is a spirit .It is why we the Zambians have to stand in the gap and Pray for our Nation..The fact that bars can open from 11;00 hrs to 19;00 hrs does not give us a passport to be found in bars all the time.Together we can do it and it will take at least everyone’s effort to get a desired end.

  4. God is the almighty he has power over all things .its a will of God to pray not of man .bible encourage us to pray without ceasing but why r we going to cease bcoz of cholera. Do thing whch s not against the will of God .

  5. The reason God gave us the brains is to think and manage our well being but because of laxity we find ourselves in unfortunate situations like Cholera epidemic and start accusing evil spirits and yet is just human failure to do what is right. We are in this situation because people who are responsible for the general well being of the citizens did not do their expected duties. The general citizenry for sometime now have been complaining about the governance style of the PF govt and this cholera epidemic is one of the signs that the people’s complaints had substance. It is time the govt started taking constructive criticism from the general citizenry seriously for the good of us all regardless of political affiliation.

  6. May the almighty God help Zambia in its current cholera attack. Let very one of us stand tall to pray for our mother Zambia. Long live Zambia.

    Paul Simbeye

  7. Cholera can not be controlled when isolation protocols are not followed. Health staff should not be lazy to allow relatives to nurse those affected they get contaminated and fall sick and spread the disease so it can’t be controlled like that…

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