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PF accuse UPND of sponsoring Kanyama riots


Kanyama Riots this morning
Kanyama Riots this morning

The ruling PF has accused the opposition UPND of having sponsored the riots in Kanyama that erupted Friday morning.

In a statement, PF Media Director Sunday Chanda said that the slogan-chanting UPND cadres burnt tyres as they fought running battles with the Police under what they had disguised as a protest by “traders” from Kanyama who were moved to another site following the Cholera breakout.

Mr Chanda said that today’s protests were politically engineered by UPND in their quest to politicize the Cholera outbreak and that PF had warned about this 48 hours ago, and UPND went on to deny it.

Below is the full statement


Lusaka, Zambia, 12th January 2018 – The statement circulating on social media attributed to the PF Department and apportioning blame on street vendors is fake and must be ignored with the highest levels of contempt it deserves.

Today, slogan-chanting UPND cadres burnt tyres as they fought running battles with the Police under what they had disguised as a protest by “traders” from Kanyama who were moved to another site following the Cholera breakout.

Today’s protests were politically engineered by UPND in their quest to politicize the Cholera outbreak. We had warned about this 48 hours ago and UPND went on to deny it. Today, UPND cadres chanting their Party slogans took to the streets in Kanyama, burnt tyres and threatened public peace.

We find such politics to be obnoxious and against the acceptable standards of decency acceptable in politics. We wonder what UPND seeks to gain if they disrupt ongoing Cholera interventions.

We have said before and saying it again that UPND’s desperation because it is threatening the national security and unity of our Country.

In 2017, Zambians witnessed the burning down of Courts and markets as well as acts of sabotage targeting Zesco power lines with a clear view to make Zambia ungovernable and UPND was implicated.

Zambia does not need a political party that is ready to place lives of innocent supporters in harm’s way just to make a statement. We have seen innocent lives lost such as the late Mapenzi Chibulo who was short during UPND protests.

We do not want to imagine what would have happened in Kanyama today had the Zambia Police reacted with maximum force. Lives could have been lost all because of a political party seeking to prove political relevance.

In this regard, we wish to commend the Zambia Police for exhibiting maximum restraint in Kanyama after the politically staged-managed protests.

Lastly, we call on Zambians to condemn UPND’s politicization of the Cholera outbreak. This is immoral and amounts to a party attempting to indirectly celebrate a misfortune.

Cholera is a matter of public health and we call on the rest of society, traders and street vendors inclusive, to cooperate with the necessary measures government has taken so far in protecting lives.

Issued by:

Sunday Chanda
Media Director – PF


  1. Blah. You will also accuse them of bringing cholera and also accuse them of sending soldiers to clear out the vendors. When will you stop?

    • When will PF stop accusing others for their failures? When they just came to power they used to blame MMD. Saying that they found a bad economy. Now every failure they are blaming the opposition. What kind of failures are these?

    • Mr Chanda..sometimes it’s wise to listen before rushing to speak.Those people had their livelihood taken away.Your Pf did not devise a plan of how those residents were going to continue conducting their businesses.They got hungry. It really isn’t rocket science. The cholera outbreak is a political thing because PF was caught asleep on the job.Under your(PF) watch Lusaka became filthy.Under your watch unemployment remained high,under your watch our water and sanitation systems have deteriorated,under your watch garbage is not collected.That is political my friend.Hunger is very political.Now get over yourself and commit more of your mental faculties to providing solutions for Kanyama residents

    • Upnd have nothing to offer but always jumps on other wrongs to capitalise on them . up to now I have never heard any serious policy of agate upnd is promising zambia if elected apart from tribalism and sponsoring anarchy

    • That is PF calibre for you. Sunday Chanda telling the nation that UPND has the capacity to organise riots with the military out on the streets! Simply amazing

    • When you are used to sponsoring everything from Christians for Lungu to Bahati for Lungu and expel Kalaba; you will have no choice but to think people cannot protest on their own without sponsorship

    • Ubupuba bweka bweka in the morning, afternoon and evening. Next they will accuse the opposition for sponsoring PF corruption.

    • The RB-controlled, MMD-mismanaged, VISIONLESS PF regime has failed to provide 500,000 jobs they promised & the people made alternative plans to do street-vending to make ends meet. Then you chase them away from the streets without giving them a proper alternative and you expect them to remain ndwiii (quiet).

      The people need to eat, pay rent, school fees, medical bills, etc. Street vending is their last hope to the RB-controlled, MMD-mismanaged, VISIONLESS PF regime.

      The RB-controlled, MMD-mismanaged, VISIONLESS PF regime has failed to provide piped water & sewer systems & people made plans by shi.tting in empty Shake-shake packets which they throw in streams and you are surprised that cholera has become an epidemic.

  2. Please Zambia. With Cholera and chaos. How can we defend ourselves when racists call out country a sh1th0le?

    This Pamafi iFingi party has taken our beautiful country to the dogs for the love of populist policies.

    Wake up Zambia. We are better than this.

  3. People have lost their sources of income due to poor policies and when they rise up to talk, you run to your most popular scale goat. No wonder they continue to amass wealth while the rest of the country sleeps on empty stomachs.

  4. Ba Shimucita panono bapokele mwikalafye umwanakashi…..
    Up your leadership, Zambia can easily degenerate into chaos….
    You have to be careful from the people of Southern and Western parts they produced MUSHALA!

    • Such levels of ignorance, blame game and divisive shallow-mindedness are a danger to any country. This is what fuels popular uprisings.

  5. Responsibility comes with accountability. Blame game is is a veritable sign of lack of responsible leadership. It’s funny because this is what Harry Kalaba cited as one of the reasons for his resignation. Lack of accountability in PF.

  6. PF in their rush to win votes they helped make this situation possible. Its true Patriotic Front has made us a sh*thole country.

  7. The minister for local govt and housing admitted that they have been caught napping , just because those people are flashing the UPND symbol does not mean they are UNDP. When people are frustrated, annoyed and this case hungry they will turn to your enemy and start praising him. I will give an example of a soccer match between Zambia and Uganda on home ground, when the Zambia national team is not playing as expected the supporters who are Zambians by the way will change sides and start rooting for Uganda that does not make them Ugandans … it is because they are frustrated that their team is not playing to their expectations but once Zambia start scoring they change so my advice to the PF is instead of playing the blame game start scoring so you can change the tides if not come 2021…

  8. “….Meanwhile, Government is set to connect Kanyama Township to piped water. Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection Permanent Secretary Eddy Chomba confirmed…”

    Yeah yeah……the one of lying chandas again…….remember when he told us lies that UPND had killed a PF cader in liyai ???

    after spending $17 billion, hundreds of thousands of people have no clean drinking water , right in the capital lusaka where the corrupt theif lungu lives ……

  9. When some of us say lungu is unsuitable to be president the corrupt PF theives call us UPND ……lungu is a corrupt theif…..he does not deny it………how can you have hundreds of thousands of people in the capital city Lusaka who live in old established compounds be without clean drinking water when they have just plunged the country into a $17 billion debt ???? Clean drinking water is a basic human right…….yet the corrupt theif lungu oversaw spending $1 million on a 280k truck ???


  11. Sunday Chanda, for once grow up and face reality. The people of Kanyama want their normal life back and sanity to prevail. Your PF govt has shut all shops and markets, where do you expect people to buy food? This has NOTHING to do with UPND.
    I won’t be surprised if you will accuse the opposition of spreading Cholera.

  12. It must be a case of angry and frustrated people turning to the opposition as a way of showing their disgust with the prevailing situation.

    Let’s not be rush about these things. Just imagine what $42m can do to Kanyama or Chawama.

  13. I wish I could go back to my posts in Satas days where I warned that street vending was a time bomb. Its very sad for the nation to face so many calamities

    • Street vending is not a problem , even in Asia and far East street vending is rife…it is cleanliness …….the local authority cleaning up every day after trading that is what is lacking with us dirty lazy Zambians……worst when you have a corrupt lazy leadership with wrong priorities ……

  14. PF should just concentrate how they will pay 9 million dollars to Tutwa Ngulube. PF has become so paranoid to believe they are not in power.

  15. This is the calibre of leadership we keep referring to. How pathetic that all self failures are being blamed on a party that is not even in power. Sponsored a riot? Really?

  16. I wanted to commend Akainde for what sound like wise words. But on second thoughts I realise that he is as sly as they come. Remember last week he claimed that he had been stopped from visiting “our people to see how they are surviving after being forced from the street vending without being given alternative source of livelihood”. I am almost certain they expected the riots to be uncontrollable. Another evil “strategy” stopped dead..
    Meantime please clean up mukobeko and chimbokaila, we need a clean environment for our guests.

  17. PF cadre ain’t u ashamed that your supreme leader has amassed so much wealth while his own people live in a sht hole. You were warned about cholera 3-4 months ago. You ignored it and even used cholera to deny others right to meet. Now after people have died that’s when u want to implement tough measures

  18. Street vending is not a problem , even in Asia and far East street vending is rife and used to attract and enhance tourisim where tourists want a local feel…….it is cleanliness and proper drainage …….the local authority cleaning up every day after trading, with no stagnant water… that is what is lacking with us dirty lazy Zambians……worst when you have a corrupt lazy leadership with wrong priorities ……

  19. When someone like Sunday issues such a childish statement, one wonders if it gets approval from the PF hierarchy before issuing it? Do they go through the statement and gives approval for it’s issuance? If So, then surely the one approving such a statement must either be incredibly stupid or coming up with a political masterstroke to avert more riots? Surely he must acknowledge privately people of Kanyama are hungry and frustrated…whether they chanted UPND or are UPND cadres the truth is the government in power is PF. That’s their “Father” whose policies are hurting their livelihoods irrespective of their political affiliation which is also not an issue here by the way. In other words this statement is either incredibly stupid or aimed at averting more riots…in fact it is…

  20. Cont… fact it is an acknowledgement by the PF in disguise that things are not ok….people of Zambia are fade up but they are yet to face more hardships because the ship while it may still be afloat, is in the middle of the ocean and it’s captain has lost his navigational instruments…Clever and insightful passengers are jumping into the water for safety…(HK e.g)

  21. Mr. Kampyongo,
    Or else? What? State of emergency?
    Another trump-up charges to cover-up YOUR GOVERNMENT INCOMPETENCE and FAILURE which has endangered life of MILLIONS of fellow Zambians wishlist you and your fellow PLUNDERERS are wallowing in Nation STOLEN WEALTH??
    Incompetence, plundering, corruption, destitution, hunger and creeping slavery are YOUR achievements?

  22. Ba opposition awe mwalichula: Even if a PF member is sick then it is the UPND who have caused sickness.

  23. If cadres are publicly blandishing party symbols and singing party songs and slogans as they are burning tyres, THEN which party do they belong?

  24. Headline in Zambia’s best selling newspaper which run out on the streets as early as 0900hrs:


    the paper has displayed pictures of cadre flashing the upnd symbol and has further detailed how regalia clad cadres injured several residents and fought with ZP. Very sad indeed. upnd is destroying Zambian politics. No wonder Hayatolla Hakainde called for calm after commanding his thugs to attack the ZP and civilians.

    • The riots were not spontaneous but well planned. You can in the video that the rioters are from one group even that the van moving with rioters is not being attacked. You’re not destroying Lungu but Zambia.

    • Yeah yeah… corrupt PF rats have just failed…..after all the eurobonds we still have whole communities without clean drinking water in the capital city …..

  25. Sunday Chanda !! are u a blind or u are just serving your job? stop nonsense behavior. accusing your friends every time can’t help u . its us Zambian who have voters card not u alone.

  26. I was expecting this from the PF they are never responsible for anything. Each time it is the UPND, people who a jealousy that they are in power seriously, does PF think every Zambian is their carder? Do Zambians looks so stupid that can make judgement on their own or rather that they are easily manipulated for political gain? To me such a statement just shows luck of respect for the Zambian population, if one has nothing to offer the best to shut up. Sort out the mess, the people will not eat media statements period.

  27. Spanish authorities are checking out Messi Foundation for possible tax evasion. Zambia should check out Paradise Papers for tax evasion.

  28. Another tribal bigot with a vile language. You need a lot of mouthwash to keep your mouth shut. Why do you hate people without any cause? You are indeed a neo-nazist.

  29. Sunday’s writings are inflammatory always aimed at painting a horrible picture about UPND. For some of us who are neither PF nor UPND, this picture should not be associated with leadership of a nation. What I expect from a ruling party is a fatherly advice to all Zambians representing the voice of our leader. Now if what Sunday writes is actually how our leadership sees these issues, then I believe we are in serious leadership crisis. This is not the kind of thought process that uplifts nations in this century. This is complete uncivilized behaviour of centuries ago.

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