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Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany hails German political breakthrough

General News Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany hails German political breakthrough

Zambia’s ambassador to Germany Anthony Mukwita
Zambia’s ambassador to Germany Anthony Mukwita

Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany Anthony Mukwita has hailed Germany’s political breakthrough to form a new coalition government after months of negotiations.

Mr. Mukwita said the breakthrough offers inspirational lessons to the World on harnessing and promoting democratic processes.

In a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today by First Secretary for Press at the embassy of Zambia in Berlin Kellys Kaunda, Mr Mukwita said he is happy Europe’s largest economy has reached consensus and ended a political standoff that spread political uncertainty in the EU.

“It is great for us as diplomats hosted by this great country to watch them agree to disagree and then eventually agree to find a long-term solution to move this great European nation by simply sitting around the table and talking until a decision is finally reached…it’s a great mark of leadership on the part of Chancellor Angela Merkel and all involved or party to the progressive discussion,” observed

Ambassador Mukwita said Zambia can learn a lot from the German experience especially that Zambia is seen as a budding democracy and beacon of peace and stability in Africa.

Last Friday, Chancellor Angela Merkel announced she had reached a breakthrough agreement with Germany’s second-biggest party during talks aimed at forming a new coalition government.

The agreement comes after months of uncertainty and political paralysis according to local German media reports.

Chancellor Merkel’s Conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU), her Bavarian-based allies the Christian Social Union (CSU), and the Centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) produced a document outlining positions on a range of issues including migration, the Eurozone and taxes in order to agree to work together.

The draft pact will form the basis of formal talks aimed at creating a new coalition government, which the CDU/CSU and SPD hope to form by April after months of protracted discussions since the polls last September that failed to give Merkel a clear majority.


    • Zambia as a beacon of peace ? Hey I’ve yourself Anthony.

      Zambia is not even a giant in Africa at all.

      I like you and I think you deservedly are our ambassador there but this is a lot of codswalllop



  1. Ba Mukwita naimwe you call that a major break through, Political standoffs are very common Europe for example Belgium could go a year without cabinet. In such times their countries continue to run smoothly because of strong governance systems. And what do we have in Africa ohh sorry nangu mu Zambia, strong corrupt systems. iwe Mukwita are you teaching the someone that when election results are petitioned is a standoff in which you step down and submit powers to the constitution of Zambia? Don’t comment on everything you see in Europe, you will be just shaming yourself. you must have been a mature entry!

    • It’s not all wrapped up yet but they’re almost there. At least the 2 major parties (CDU & CSU) have reached an agreement, it’s just SPD which is causing the unnecessary fuss and still dilly-dallying up to now… Schulz is ready to close the chapter but his cronies wont let him do it quick for one reason or another. Mal seh’n..

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