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Presidential Affairs Minister orders Ndola council urged to stop demolishing shops

General News Presidential Affairs Minister orders Ndola council urged to stop demolishing shops

Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe
Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe

Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe has ordered Ndola City Council (NCC) to stop demolishing people’s shops provided they have legal documentation.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Sikazwe, who was in Ndola, described the demolition of shops in some markets in Ndola by the local authority as inhuman.

He wondered why the same council that issued people with building permits could change its position and start demolishing buildings which it approved earlier.

He further stated that people were supposed to be notified before sending bull-dozers to raze their buildings.

Mr. Sikazwe has also ordered the Ndola City Council to find alternative trading places for street vendors who were evicted from the streets.

The minister has supported Ndola Central Member of Parliament Emmanuel Mulenga’s proposal of constructing a trading shelter near Chisokone market sing Constituency Development Funds (CDF).

And Mr. Mulenga has thanked President Edgar Lungu for allowing him to go ahead and put up a shelter that will accommodate about 400 hundred traders.

The Ndola Central parliamentarian has however described the demolition of shops at Twapia market as unfortunate.




    • Cholera is filthy so is street vending which is illegal….these people do not want to trade in designated areas because there is competition and they have to pay.

    • This is an incredibly chaotic circus. The city council issues permits for the stores to be built, and then they come in to demolish them? If I questioned their sanity, would I be wrong? I don’t care what political party you belong to, we can all agree that this is sheer madness. This shows that there’s no organized, well formulated planning, starting from the central government in Lusaka. Because if Lungu and his ministers knew what they were doing, this chaos taking place in a big city like Ndola wouldn’t be happening. Please someone teach these incompetent people how to run a city. And the poor people who’ve lost their money because of this council’s incompetence, find a lawyer and sue this council. What a shame.

  2. And you will have his lazy boss come over to Ndola and wonder why there are so many illegal buildings in Ndola….why do you foooools like to interfere in municipal affairs? this is why we will continue living in filth because of silly ministers passing issuing orders. Ndola is one of the councils doing a good job yet dull Lungu Ministers are interfering.

  3. The cholera epidemic is still ongoing and just because the worst seems to be over the politiking has started. Stop this nonsense from State House and central govt. Leave the municipalities to do their jobs without interference. I can just imagine what the situation will be by the time we get to 2021. We will lose on the ground gained these past weeks in prioritising hygiene and cleanliness. It will all be overtaken by politics and vested interests.
    As a side note, I was in the East Park mall on Friday afternoon…cleaning my car out of the litter. To my surprise, there was not a single garbage bin in sight!! It made me think that this exercise to clean up was only skin deep as no structural changes had been made by the powers that be. Zambian currently have a heightened sense of…

    • …. heightened sense of awareness about cleanliness and hygiene and anyone will think twice before littering. However, if the minimum such as garbage bins and collections mechanisms are not put in place, we will be back to the same old filth in no time!!

    • I wonder why some people have been giving credit to Lungu for streets clean up when he and his government was responsible for the filth. Lungu and his minions where blocking councils efforts in cleaning up cities and towns.

    • @ Cuponda…That’s why we’re saying that Lungu and his ministers don’t seem to know what they’re doing. They fail to follow very simple advice. You can’t keep a city clean if you don’t have trash bins distributed throughout the city. How do you expect people not to litter when there are no trash bins near them? Distribute public trash bins in the cities across the country, and make sure you collect the garbage twice a week.

  4. Shouldn’t he have discussed this with Lusambo first? I believe the provincial minister ordered for the destruction of the stalls.Too many mixed messages from PF.

  5. Ba sakala mwebashakwata luse Ndola na Lusaka town nafipusana . In Ndola there is hygiene unlike Lusaka , destruction of shops in Ndola is creating poverty to the families who are totally depending on business for their savival .Ba fikamba Bambi you are comfortable , you are not clever for the sake of the poor Zambians God will plug this Nation into unknown diseases .

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