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Njoya Tee’s wife goes in for five years for assault of a child

General News Njoya Tee's wife goes in for five years for assault of a...

Brenda Tembo after sentencing
Brenda Tembo after sentencing

Lusaka Magistrate Greenwell Malumani has sentenced Zambia Association of Musicians president Njoya Tembo’s wife Brenda to five years imprisonment for assault of a child.

Brenda, who denied the charge, is alleged to have assaulted her niece whom she was keeping, for using a pressing iron she was told not to use.

Yestaerday, Brenda was convicted by the Lusaka Magistrate for assaulting her 13 year old niece by burning her with a pressing iron.

Magistrate Greenwell Malumani convicted Brenda on a charge of assault on a child and reserved the sentencing to Wednesday, January 31ST 2018.

Brenda was dragged to court and she was accused of having burnt her niece with a pressing iron on her chest on October 26, 2016 at their house in Lusaka’s Chalala area.

The girl is a double orphan.

It was alleged that Brenda had been angered by the girl‘s using of an iron which the couple had stopped using.

In testimonies in court, the girl’s classmate testified before Magistrate Malumani how her friend‘s hands were swollen and had a reddish blister on her chest when she asked her, she told her that she had been burnt by her aunt.

She said that her friend informed her that her aunt beat her and later burnt her with a pressing iron on her chest after she used a pressing iron she was told not to be using.

The girl’s class teacher also testified how the school management summoned Brenda after the girl reported the case to the teachers.

And Winfridah Mundia, a teacher at Woodlands B Basic School also testified that the pupil reported to the school management how she was beaten and burnt by her aunt.

Ms Mundia told the court that she observed marks on the girls back and her thighs with a reddish blister on the chest. The assault incident was later reported to Woodlands Police station.

Brenda Tembo after sentencing
Brenda Tembo after sentencing

Brenda Tembo after sentencing
Brenda Tembo after sentencing

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    • Kwamutonyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nyoya T he’s not a fool. Our wives are temperamental especially, during that particular time of the month. They snap up. Get temporary mad and fuse out! They throw anything at one. husband, children worse off on maids. who they thing are competitors. they do the same even at their places of work. That’s why I have always advocated for 3 days of mother’s day. I have seen it with my own eyes. When they are fused up. You can say mountains they wouldn’t listen. They will turn the heat on you. As they expect husbands to defend them even when they are doing nonsense. It’s a dark day for Nyoya. Such a lovely guy! But a lesson to us.

  1. What a cruel B1tch. She deserves the sentence and I hope corrupt officials will not have her freed after serving a month.

    • So to you when you are assisting someone then that person becomes your slave and you can do all the sh.it you want want? You need mental examination like it is being suggested to be carried out on one of the world leaders.

  2. What is a double orphan? An orphan is a child who has lost both parents. If one parent is still alive, the child is not an orphan.

  3. Feel the pain for the family and the niece how they will deal with moving forward. Bad judgement on an adult to mistreat a juvenile in that manner. She now have to live with a scare and pain for the rest of her life. Husbands in Zambia please educate your wives to stop abusing the loved ones that are living in your house. Zambian women have a tendency of mistreating kids or relatives of the husband, it’s a shame we are in 2018 aunties are still choosing sides who they can punish or whatever. I hope the young girl will find comfort and counseling as she will go through this tragedy.May God bless her.

  4. ….why was the magistrate so lenient..??…she deserve a minimum of 15years….that incident must have been may be the 100th…she is supposed to pay for the other 99 atrocities she committed on the poor girl….

  5. Mwe Lesa, Brenda kwena cabipa. Did you honestly throw your kind heart mwaice. This is not the way we know you bana Tembo. Put everything in the hands of God like Daniel, Saul etc did my dear. Am mauless . only God can make a way. Put your trust in him alone.

  6. My friend ala, I also hate that term “double orphan”. It makes no sense. An orphan is one who has lost both their parents. So who is a double orphan? If one of your parents is still alive, then you are not an orphan. this term to me can only make sense if the child lost both her biological parents becomes and orphan and then is adopted by new parents who also die. Then that is double to me. Shockingly, this term is now being used In official documents which I have come across, makes me cringe!
    On the issue of madam njoya tee. Mr tembo is an established born again gospel artist. This must be extremely embarrassing for him. This is why he is not pictured anywhere escorting her to the court in solidarity. if he is head of his household and washed by the blood of christ, he should…

  7. This is what poverty does. Over a pressing “IRON”….in other places when an IRON breaks or stops working they just go buy another one. Or you give instructions in the home that hey guys when using the IRON please be careful as things are tight. An IRON is a material thing. It can be replaced. Let this be a precedent. There are so many step monsters (step mothers) out there.

    • It’s fun how pf cadres pretend on social media like like all is well economically in their homes, but this woman has just gone in for 5 years over a simple Chinese made kamwala pressing iron.

  8. I hope this will be a good lesson for cruel guardians. Too many of these abuse cases that do not see light of court.

    Though it can be a double edged sword. I know this is a genuine case but I heard of some kids who lied about their newly made step dad because they had not transitioned grief over the death of their late father though 10 years had passed.

  9. Someone says she is too beautiful to go to prison, what are you saying about people who are in prison? Are you suggesting that it’s OK to commit an offence freely as long as you are good looking? Get your head right comrade.

  10. Oh n! Too bad! a momentary flash of anger turns into a 5 year and beyond punishment. Lets keep our cool, physical violence is a waste of flesh, verbal violence is a waste of words.

  11. guys you have to be compassionate to the madam…
    when no one cared for this double orphan at least she tried to help! where is the sympathy…why are we so

  12. Every person has their moment of temporal madness. This was one such moment for this lady. I do not want to believe that she is the Devil incarnate. Granted, what the madam did was horrific and close to unforgivable. But people, let us look at it this way, the woman looks remorseful, she regrets what she did and given a chance she may become the best anti-GBV ambassador. The child needs help but the woman also needs a lot of help. Instead of crucifying her further, let us offer messages of hope, counsel to her and to he child and even to Mr Tembo. As for Njoya Tembo, continue loving your wife. By the way what really happened? Is there something the media and the courts do not know? Why is Njoya so very loudly quiet? May God help that family to remain united and may other men and women…

  13. when I saw Brenda on the news last night..its crazy because I was so angry I almost felt like I could put my fist through TV.. how cruel are these people

  14. This is why my resolution this year is to live alone with my children only. I will help orphans from a distance. I feel sorry for this woman. Having gone through keeping dependants who litterally drive you nuts with their wild behaviour i understand where shz coming from. Some kids can land you in hell. Its like they are used by the devil to tempt you till you fall by their behaviour… this is wat am sure happened to this woman. Uluse lwalile inkwale. You keep a child and she drives u nuts till u err. No more keeping people. Let them be helped from a distance….

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