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Things have fallen apart at Football House

Columns Things have fallen apart at Football House

FAZ HEAD Office : Football House

By Maureen Kawengele

This dramatic fallout between Kamanga and Simataa that we are witnessing is without doubt a clear indication that things have fallen apart at FAZ. The house of football is at its lowest ebb.

It’s is a sorry sight that should worry all of us football loving Zambians. The president Andrew Ndanga Kamanga must be particularly worried especially that he is going into an AGM where many councillors are resolving to rise against him and remove him for what they say are constitutional breaches.

He has lost support of over 3/4 of football support including that of the man he has disparaged today.

Yet it was simataa who nominated for the presidency and campaigned for him.

Just to put things into clear perspective for anyone who may still be doubting about the situation at Yamoto.

A fact which is not in question is that City of Lusaka plc 2000 is the legal body that is City of Lusaka FC.

This body is a company registered at Pacra. The majority shareholder is Forli Limited which is owned by billionaire prominent business man Diego Casilli.

There are other shareholders with small stakes like Chifumu Banda SC, Mrs Christine Mulundika, Yuyi Lishomwa, late Masiye Masiye, and others.

The record is there at Pacra.

The shocking matter is that Kamanga and Ponga, whose full name is Pasipononga Liwewe, are for whatever reason willing to disregard what is legal for a group claiming what doesn’t belong to them.

The group of Justin Zulu who are recipients of thousands of kwacha from Kamanga are the loved ones of Ponga and Kamanga.

Kamanga is known to his supporters as a successful businessman. Surely he understands how companies operate and their ownership. How is it difficult for him to see it at city 2000 plc? Or there is a battle he is fighting which we don’t know?

What kamanga won’t change is the shareholding.

FAZ has no power anywhere to decide anything on it. Worse they are breaching the constitution by parading people before the legal committee. Who gave power to the legal committee to do that? Who gave power to the legal committee to make decisions?

Do members of this committee know their roles and responsibilities and limitations?

In case they didn’t know, I will tell them for free.

Sirs and madams, you have no role to decide the ownership of City of Lusaka and who is appointed by its shareholders and director’s to manage its affairs.

Justin Zulu is not a shareholder. It’s not his company. Please advise Ponga and Kamanga well, lest we start to doubt if your minds are truly legal.

But should we be surprised by this city drama at FAZ?

No we shouldn’t. Kamanga professed transparency, accountability, rule of law and good governance. But what have we seen?

A Secretary General who many are complaining is failing in the job, allegations of hefty payments to himself, holding football advertising contracts without declaring interest.

On the national teams, we couldn’t prepare the CHAN team well and only managed two high profile friendlies versus Circuit City of Lusaka and Orlando pirates. Very high standards in this era.

What about none payment of allowances for the Zambia Under 20?

None payments for the Cosafa, none payments of referees in the league. What about lack of transparency in cash dish outs to himself and the executive committee. Is Kamanga willing to reveal how much he got and his executive for the Cosafa and the under 20 Africa cup.

I challenge him to do so if he is transparent. What about none payment of promised K5000s to the clubs.

What about allegations of not paying salaries and secretariat their allowances for the last two years?

And the latest failure to pay referees for an international match.

What about the forthcoming AGM and who will attend.

It’s just too much to really think that in just two years, things could have fallen so bad for football and Mr Kamanga.

Dear fellow councillors, it may be time in March to save our football by rising against Kamanga and Ponga.

Maybe let’s test if the ethics committee works by writing them to investigate both Ponga and Kamanga.

The author is a Zambian football enthusiast based in South Africa.

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  1. From the beginning the whole of zambia knew that Kamanga will not make it.

    He won through rigging. He was helped by Rupiah Banda and Mwale who was Minister of Sports.

    Kamanga has no leadership skills.

    • Isaiah na bemba man kupusa. If it wasn’t for us Bembas could be nonentities. Rupiah Banda made George Kunda his vice. Kaunda whom we can claim for Malawi’s proximity to Eastern province made Kapwepwe his vice. Lungu has made many Bembas prominent like Kalaba Kambwili Amos Chanda,etc and you call us failures??? Ungrateful monkey eaters! Be thankful and hail the wisemen from the East!

  2. All UPND know is “rigging!” These guys are so negative I wonder how their marriages are! They see corruption, rigging, stealing, etc and they don’t see their dirty smelly trunk.

    • Please don’t politicize our football, if you are a fun of someone who lost elections , advise him to accept the results, and wait patiently, kamanga is in change and lungu is also in charge

  3. This article sounds like was compiled by Simataa. Both Simataa and Kamanga are wrong chaps. They thought they had won by humiliating Great Kalu, but King Kalu has since moved on. Now they’re at each other’s throats. Indeed friends founded on a partnership to do wrong are never true.


  5. It’s a treacherous article, this sounds like a political campaign story.
    What’s your point in this story?
    Treacherous gossip at its worst!

    • What have you been reading? The point is that football house is falling apart because there’s misappropriation of funds. It will be proved gossip if the story is refuted .

  6. I may not have the facts of the story but I’m the bearer of “I told you so” from the time these chaps started fighting Kalusha and he was removed I mentioned the failures of Ponga who at one time wanted power dynamos with his friend Charles Nshimbi and later settled for Kitwe United, they failed dismally. Ponga is trying to maintain his family who still live in SA and the obviously the wife’s salary who is a PA at morning side hospital can not sustain paying school fees at Crawford, it may sound personal but it really hurts that their assuming to power was all in bad faith.

    • You make it about Kalusha, it’s clear theirs bitterness in your heart with Kalusha’s loss of that job.
      If you have any proof of misappropriation of funds then file an appropriate compliant rather that ranting about here.
      You have no sympathy from me.

  7. Useless story by a useless sponsored whore residing in a foreign country. Very f00lish. There is more sanity at football house with Kamanga at the helm than at any time in a long time. Those of you talking about Kalu, learn to accept that Kalu is gone and is history. He is free to go and coach the Liberian National Team.

    • U can’t insult a woman who is not your wife like dat and pipo even thubs up u. Take it or leave it kalu is a big boy lets give him respect .Its ubsurd and acceptable,big brains discuss and debate issues and not personalities very childish may God deliver you.

  8. As much as iam on his side, The writer needs to explain his points better. He shouldn’t argue by just throwing questions. He should answer these questions so he explains his stance and so he convinces us readers about his argument

  9. Why answer to a foolish article? If they messing and stealing report the stealing to acc and police. Ulikapuba fye ukulemba things ifyabupuba ,you asking questions without answers for us to have ideas

  10. So much for balanced journalism, what was this a campaign article? Look people kalusha played his part and he has moved on, why are we still talking about him as if he is the only one capable of running FAZ? And as usual people always find a way of bringing politics into every topic, what does this article have to do with UPND? For me even the comments themselves show a serious lack of maturity.

  11. Incoherent story. Heading and whats written in are different.
    The current executive under Kamanga has done very well of course every organisation has its own flaws as no one is perfect.
    The issues at City cannot be used as a yardstick to measure Kamanga’s performance. Pacra in registering the now owners of city followed certain stipulations. FAZ was merely presented with the documents to use for their own registration and recognition of the club.
    As a writer be objective and investigate your facts before putting pen to paper.
    Let us learn to move on, an organisation cannot depend on one person, Kalusha left but because he is not the only man, others took over. Thats life.

  12. Based in South Africa and everyone gets excited. The weakness in a Zambian. The love of foreign ideas. People you can’t notice that this writer is just gieaaing on all these issues.

  13. if u are a zambian and u follow zambian football with a lot of interest, u will agree wit wat hsa been written! for xample, look @ the outfit the chipolopolos were using for chan??? i mean u cant trace a supplier for it, no level, utuputula kwati tu ma tights!!! i mean national team is another waist of taxpayers money i mean waist of my tax!! abena kamanga kuwayawayafye

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