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ZNBC says it has a bloated workforce, engages consultant

Headlines ZNBC says it has a bloated workforce, engages consultant

Director General, Richard Mwanza
Director General, Richard Mwanza

Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation(ZNBC) says it has a bloated workforce which has presented challenges for the institution to pay salaries for workers since 2010.

ZNBC Director General, Richard Mwanza says a consultant has been engaged to do a work study to determine the relevance of the current operational structure and establishment, against which restructuring will follow as well as resource management.

He said this when he appeared before the Parliamentary Committee on Media, information and Media policy led by Chairperson George.

And Mwanza informed the committee that the institution has a five-year strategic plan on how to make the national broadcaster viable.

Mr. Mwanza further explained that the digital migration is currently in phase two and is expected to be a good investment once works are completely done.

He added that more than 33 transmitters have been installed and that studios are almost operational.

And on social media, Mr. Mwanza has called for guidelines, which includes safe-guarding the children, who he said are subjected to certain materials not suitable for them.

Meanwhile Times of Zambia Managing Director, Bestone Ng’onga told the parliamentary committee that his institution is trying to remain profitable by working with social media.

Mr. Ng’onga said the print media is faced with challenges of lack of investment and capitalisation, which has affected its balance sheet.

He explained that Times of Zambia pays its workers but that it is in arrears.

Meanwhile, Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, Kampamba Mulenga says the Ministry is working towards ensuring that Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) has its own television channel.

Ms. Mulenga said ZANIS will soon have a 24-hours channel and government is only awaiting equipment meant for the studio.

She told ZANIS in an interview that government is working round the clock in ensuring that ZANIS has its own stand-alone channel to accommodate the Zambian populace.

The Minister explained ZANIS has presence in all the 10 provinces and covers the whole country hence its strategic usage in terms of news and current affairs programmes if a channel is established.

She said this following calls from members of the public that ZANIS news bulletin which runs on Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) is televised daily and not three times in a week.

Ms. Mulenga pointed out that there is not enough space on ZNBC for the bulletin to be transmitted on a daily basis hence plans to establish a channel for ZANIS news.

Meanwhile, Ms. Mulenga said the construction of six provincial television stations is on course in Mongu, Kasama, Chipata, Mansa, Kabwe and Chinsali districts.

Ms. Mulenga said her ministry is just waiting for funding and equipment to actualize the vision of government in line with the digital migration process that government has embarked on.


    • This is pathetic to say the least. You don’t need a consultant to solve the current problems at ZNBC. What you need is to get rid of political interference and let the technocrats manage the institution. Now these PF k0swes want a 24hrs campaign station. Malabishi!

    • SCOPE: Consultant to do a work study to determine the relevance of the current operational structure and establishment, against which restructuring will follow as well as resource management.
      REQUESTOR: ZNBC Director General, Richard Mwanza
      DECISION MAKERS: Richard Mwanza + ECL
      Just to put it on record, 22 years from now, I hope remnants of PF will not be blaming the poor Consultant for privatizing ZNBC or for having made himself rich.

    • This DG simply cannot take hard decisions to fire or touch those who support the remote controller. One way out is to use consultant recommendation

    • Has this notice been communicated to the workforce before? If not this is a blunder by this MD. Is it true then that Topstar is now in control and therefore want to declare employees redundant and then enlist chinese individuals? Is that the reason to replace ZNBC with ZANIS now?

    • @Mushota you seem to express great ignorance in the working of institutions in Zambia. If you were up to date you have known the the head of ZNBC is known as Director General and not Managing Director! But my sources tell me that you were not on the list of “Consultants” shortlisted.

    • MB

      I will give you that one.
      Mind you ‘one swallow does not a summer make’

      You missed my point in all that observation- certainly not sure if you agree or not. Can I forgive you as well?



    • It doesnt make sense. DeadNBC says it is bloated but at the same time its shareholder, the Information Minister, is saying she will start another channel for ZANIS. Do we need this new channel? Perhaps she wants to send some DeadNBC staff to this already moribund channel?

    • Zambians of Malawian origin are in control my friend. Even if you go to Lukulu, Mwinilunga, Shangombo, Gwembe, all the Govt workers, medical personnel & teachers are Zambians of Malawian origin.

      RB a Malawian born in Zimbabwe started the process of Nyanjarizing civil service & continued by Lungu who is also a Yao from Malawian but claims he was born in a Whites-only Ndola Hospital.


    • Everywhere you go it is Chanda Banda, Mulenga Phiri, Cheelo Jere, Liswaniso Lungu, Ilunga Zimba, Mabvuto Musonda, Sekelani Bwalya, Gearbox Mbuzi, the list goes on my brother.

  1. What about market strategy, repackaging, increasing view time, retraining of staff and going the extra mile to make it profitable laying off workers is easy

  2. What about TV levy? It has not done wonders? I thought with TV levy alone they are able to pay salaries. There are a lot of adverts on ZNBC and they are not aired for free.

  3. bembanization of Zambian national assets and jobs went into high gear with MCS ascendancy to the presidency.

  4. How did it become bloated in the first place and yet no improvement? And do you honestly need a consultant to make your station viable?
    See how Multi-Choice is making money yet it just came on board late on the scene.

    • The first thing he would have done when he was appointed is tighten the budget but this is tge same story at Zamtel, Zesco where ministers send their girlfriends to work!!

  5. Director General Richard Mwanza should comsider firing himself first. He cannot engage consultants to determine relevance of other structures, who would like to lose a job anyway? A good Director should create wealth and manage to pay workers he has failed let him go first.

  6. What is the DG and his management team doing for a consultant to be engaged to do their job? This is the problem in Zambia, people simply dont work! They occupy high offices with lavish company cars but to produce results from the job thats paying them heavenly, they expect someone else. These parliamentary committees must also squeeze them for answers not just take the easy explanations and move on. The DG must be made accountable or be asked to leave for someone else who can come and restructure the institution be viable again.

    • This DG simply cannot take hard decisions to fire or touch those who support the remote controller. One way out is to use consultant recommendation

  7. So where have these foooools taken the loan from the Chines to? $250+ million disappeared and you have given away over 50% shares of a national broadcaster to foreigners. Do you need a consultant to tell you that you need to lay off workers…really laughable and these are the same tins that will be managing your so called National Airline in the cut throat aviation sector!!

    • You are boring and too predictable.same sh1t all day.too one sided.Even kudos is unpredictable and comments on items on its merits.

    • If you come here for entertainment you are in the wrong place…who is more predictable this reckless govt or me…the writing is always on the wall!!

  8. Surely this DG must have the basic understanding of the optimum number of people in all departments for his organisation to operate profitably. What is he there for if he going to need an external consultant (at extra cost) to teach him “how to suck eggs”. He should move over and allow someone more competent to run the organisation.

  9. ZNBC: I agree with Mushota. Are you saying ZNBC does not have intelligent people who can do the work of restructuring the system. I am hoping these will not be Chines. Zambian graduates where are you?


  11. How will you afford consultancy fees if you are failing to pay salaries? Simply use your skills to restructure. Period.

  12. The answer is stock exchange to raise capital. Entry of private investors would also help. But the question remains the same: What about TV levy? What about adverts? What about waste? The cause of losses at ZNBC can be explained in terms of mismanagement. The salaries are too high. Therefore, it is better to adopt flexible bonus system in relation to profits. Programming must respond to popular demand, including regular educational and entertaining items. News and current affairs must be packaged as information rather than misinformation. It is better to stick to basic facts and then to allow for clear arguments. Staffing must value free lance journalists. There is no need to employ a big workforce that the company can not maintain.

  13. As much as I admire CKs ati corruption outbursts , we all remember him urging managers at ZNBC and other prastatals to employ relatives and other PF caders regardless of qualifications…..

    • You are absolutely right, am just wondering how deadNBC can sustain itself, when most of their time is channelled towards broadcasting pro pf cadres who always rush there for unpaid for walking in interviews. We deadNBC refuses to accept mulla from opposition parties to broadcast their programmes, they would rather cover spuki mulemwa for mahala, and expect to be paid and buy need equipment, so dull.

  14. Why should you engage a consultant? It simply shows that as management you have failed to run the corporation. Just resign

  15. For an organization with other shareholders it makes sense to hire an independent consultant to evaluate an entitity’s operational efficiency. DG and other management can’t be involved as they clearly are part of the existing problem. They need an outside eye and less emotion when making the tough decisions needed here (they will go through layoffs and families will be affected). If politicians are not involved then it can work but oh well we know they will.

  16. There’s already a document at ZNBC detailing the restructuring needed to reduce the workforce to not necessarily sustainable levels but job description and professional requirements.
    No need for a consultant.
    By the way! You can’t pay salaries, yet you think you can afford a consultant!
    Or are you planning to share the the consultancy fee?
    The issues of ZRA, napsa etc have been there virtually from time immemorial. And past DGs have dealt with them.
    It’s understandable that ZNBC is facing this situation because topstar is running the show and only cares about it’s monthly dividends.

  17. This ***** needs to be fired! Do you need a consultant to tell you your structure is a mess?The employer if this fool is also foolish.

  18. Why introduce another propaganda tV channel when you already have DeadNBC? It shows government’s intentions of dictating the communication agenda. Where are you getting the money to start this new channel?

  19. Creating campaign channels .ZANIS TV My foot .after all we don’t watch DeadNBC we watch Prime TV . Every News President lungu said . sick and tired of listening to political songs . Praising ba koswe mumpoto .

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