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UPND Alarmed By Bill To Stop HH From Standing in 2021-Garry Nkombo

Headlines UPND Alarmed By Bill To Stop HH From Standing in 2021-Garry Nkombo

Gary Nkombo

The proposed law to limit the number of times an individual appears on a presidential ballot has irked the UPND chief whip Garry Nkombo.

Nkombo who is also Mazabuka UPND Member of Parliament described Frank Ng’ambi, who is set to move a private members motion in the session of parliament, as ignorant.

The UPND has become apprehensive with the debate which was first started by a young politician from the MMD, Prince Ndoyi who said there was need for the country to curtail creation of dictators and anarchists within political parties.

Ndoyi also explained that the proposed law proposed law would help the nation stop power hungry individuals who continue to abuse the country’s democracy for their own selfish interest.

A private member’s motion is in the pipeline that seeks to limit the number of times a person can contest elections.

But Nkombo said that the proposed motion that seeks to limit the number of times a person can stand for Presidency is discriminatory and aimed at clipping UPND president Hakainde Hichilema from being on the ballot in 2021.

“Frank Ng’ambi has been squeaking about a private member’s motion which seeks to discriminate against certain people. The unfortunate people of Chifubu should be embarrassed to have such a representative.

“When a Member of Parliament brings a stupid motion like a motion that goes against the constitution then he is an embarrassment.”

He said: “In case you do not know, Ng’ambi runs a small company called Fatmols where prostitutes meet. Running a small company is not the same as running a party.”

Nkombo said the motion was ill founded and lacked knowledge.

“How can they get a morally and academically bankrupt Ng’ambi to move a motion? He must learn to read, if is allowed to read. Please remember discrimination is illegal in the Zambian constitution. Ng’ambi was not even using malice but just plain ignorance.

Hichilema has contested presidential elections five times and has lost all of them.

He has been the UPND’s sole candidate since 2006 when he took over from the late Anderson Mazoka.

And Hichilema today welcomed defectors at the party secretariat, urging them to fight against the reported sale of the Natural Resources Development College (NRDC) and Chichele Lodge.

Hichilema said he had directed his party secretariat to write to the permanent secretaries of agriculture and tourism to warn against the sale of the two state properties.

He also bragged that during his stay in prison he refused to budge when President Edgar Lungu offered to free him in exchange for President Lungu’s recognition as winner of the 2016 elections.

“When I was in Mukobeko, Lungu sent a note that I should read out publicly that I recognize him but I refused. I said will just rot in here. You should know where I am coming from,” he said.


    • This is a LEGITIMATE law that should have the backing of all of you.

      The man has failed more times, than I have failed tragically…

      He is INSANE

      Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

      Please say you agree with ME

      There are people in UPND who can have a go and would likley win.

      If you FAILED your grade 7 SIX times, wouldn’t you give up?

      Think about that



    • They should also pass a law that states ” anyone who stole K36000 from his client should not stand as a President…and if he is already President he should resign immediately

    • Imwe sure sure ati CHICHELE LODGE in Mfuwe has been sold to Asians. Every week a National Asset is sold to foreigners.

      By 2021, this VISION-LESS DRUNKARD MALAWIAN will have sold the whole country

    • Chichele lodge where KK used to go for retreat and make government reshuffles is sold ….
      And they label HH as privatization agent.

    • Stupid bill indeed and those who have any semblance of what we may call reasoning can easily tell what is at play here! Why should one be curtailed from trying if the desire is there? This kind of thinking must then be applied to for example a number of times a person sitting for examinations can make attempts at passing!

    • Yes if you failed Grade 7 SIX times you might quit but not one has the right to stop you from trying again. A ninety something year old man wanted education so much that he went into a grade 4 or 5 class to give himself an opportunity. That took courage and bravery and he was, in my opinion a model to others especially the younger ones. MUSHOTA GO AWAY every human being should have a right to fulfil their passion. I don’t support HH BUT LET HIM DO WHAT HE WANTS.

    • The bill does not make any sense. Someone should be free to contest the presidency for as many times as they want. But someone who has served as State president for a period of two terms should not be allowed to stand again. Nonetheless, the UPND party needs to demonstrate that they’re democratic by HH allowing party members to challenge him for the party presidency. If he can’t stand a challenge from his won party members, how can he tolerate a challenge when he becomes the State President? The party needs to have a convention and allow people to choose their own candidate, before the 2021 presidential election. If he can’t stomach that, then maybe he has dictatorial tendencies.

    • Very bad law … it should not be allowed to go through any reading at all. We are stronger when we compete with ideas and policies.

      That by nature is what democracy is all about, you beat your opponents by present competing brilliant diametrically opposed philosophies on what you think is the best course for the nation to take.

      This is without question the cornerstone of the pillars of electoral politics. I have said it before and I will say it one more time; just because I have lost 5 times does not make me a bad candidate at all.

      It’s the people’s choice and a better candidate emerged due to people’s preferences at any given time. FTJ is the worst Democrat I ever knew, when it was easy for him, he cruised through with 79% of the vote.

      1996 he was losing popularity and he…

    • Continued …

      1996 he was losing popularity and he changed the constitution to bar KK from standing. Democracy should be just as good when it works for you just as when it works against you.

      But you can always count on the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise to make the right choice. They have independent minds, bodies and souls … free moral agent, they are!!!

      Stop this law, at worst is it descriminatory and at best has the capacity to deprive us of a future better choice. Besides, why not let Ayatollah lose a sixth time, six is better than five!!

      Sorry HH, I had to ukuposako akamusalula … I can’t let you have it both ways.

    • Just where in the world is tribal politics leading us? How further down are we going to allow ourselves to fall?

    • “He said: “In case you do not know, Ng’ambi runs a small company called Fatmols where prostitutes meet. Running a small company is not the same as running a party.””


    • My advise to HH is for him to buy a lot of land then implement his ideas in this private land. He can then invite all the jobless people, all the people who want to have free education and all those who want the best health system to come live on his land.

      HH’s obsession with the presidency is pathological. He needs help.I don’t think his intention is to develop this country. Wake up and smell the stench in this sh!thole.

    • That it should even be considered for parliamentary business, is an embarrassment to all Zambians! But then he is just a pawn being used. When it is shot down, and it should not even go for reading, people sponsoring this notion will track back and say it was an ignorant “law maker” who tried to say something in parliament…

  1. This law is very good because it will make party presidents not to hold on to presidency for as long as they live. Please pass it and also that should apply to MPs. Tired of seeing people on political scene.

    • Very Dull Bemba Man u do realise that a party can have a party President with a different Presidential candidate selected by the Party. The two are mutually exclusive only that for some reason it has been made to look like that. So the party President can even be till death if a party so wished …

    • To apply this retroactively is absurd. How can PF say on the one hand that Mr. Lungu’s first term did not count towards his term limit because the constitution has changed and at the same time apply new limits on the number of times a candidate can run for office without also starting to count afresh? If this law should pass, counting the number of times a candidate has stood must start from zero!

      This is absolutely not an attempt to address the issue of party presidents from holding on too long as “bemba man” says, but rather a transparent and shameless way to prevent the opponent PF fears most from standing… just like the “both parents Zambian” rule was used by MMD for its own selfish reasons!

    • @Bemba man, that’s why political parties have their own party constitutions. Laws like the one being proposed here should be in a party constitution, and not in the national constitution. That solves the problem. Even developed countries like USA do not have such a discriminatory law in their national constitution. People should be free to run as many times as they want. As long as their party is okay with it. UPND however, needs to have a convention and allow people to elect their own preferred candidate for the 2021 Presidential election. HH needs to allow someone to challenge him for the party presidency. That’s a demonstration of democracy. Otherwise, the perception of UPND being a tribal party led by a dictator will persist.

  2. Plain and simple… let’s give others a chance…

    you’ve been turned downed 5x there are other leaders HH can mentor who could just be what Zambia needs. HH is preventing the country’s progress in my humble opinion.

  3. This Nga’mbi is ignorant and will go to hell. How many times did Sata who was old run? How many times has Lungu disobeyed the constitution? The people will reject such a bill and HH will run whether his stup1t bill goes through or not.

  4. Let he MPs debate the bill………..

    its healthy for a democratic country but of course ill timed on selfish and greed motives by the said law maker from Ndola

    • That’s what democracy is about. ..diversity. …just make sure you debate in parliament. Otherwise everyone is there for survival with Upnd alleging that Lungu doesn’t qualify for 2021 so others can say HH has become stale let’s have GBM.

    • Absolutely not! The President has been elected and the limit is the term he can serve. The other is a limit on the number of times someone can challenge for office. Get it?

      If at first you fail, try, try again.

      Not to mention, this govt. is already playing funny bugg’ers with the presidential limit by saying Mr. Lungu gets to start counting from zero again after they changed the constitution. Really? If they pass this law, shouldn’t the counting of times someone has stood for office also be reset to zero? Oh… I guess the “big brains” in PF haven’t thought that far and is easier to rally their cadres around this issue (post lots of blogs and make green and red thumbs all over LT, etc) and confuse the rest by making the proposal sound fair and good for democracy. Forget HH,…

  5. No need to be alarmed.

    This law, if it were passed, would not operate retrospectively, i.e it would not apply to situations obtaining prior to its coming into force.

    • Are you suggesting that even Lungu’s 2015 presidency doesn’t count since the new constitution came into effect in 2016?

  6. And this rubbish is what MPs go to debate in parliament? may we please take the electorate serious for once and debate matters which affect their financial and social well being


  8. Hmmm.. are laws supposed to be passed to discriminate certain individuals? The voice of the people alone should decide. I haven’t yet done research but I’m sure we’ll be the first country on the planet with such a law.

    • The constitution is always discriminatory in nature. We have people below 35 years with presidential ambitions but don’t qualify because of the same laws you are insinuating should not be discriminatory. The motion is long over due, pass it urgently

  9. Well, you can insult them all you want. Learn your history well and don’t agitate the party with numbers in parliament, ask KK and many others and learn your lessons well. PF has the numbers and if the motion is legal it will go through and will UPND boycott 2021 elections ..well that will not be new. UNIP did it and the rest is history and UPND can join the history queue.

    Learn from the wise and keep your options open and increase them

  10. Mc Cain tried once, Romney tried once, Hillary tried once and these are people with money not tundalama. What is so special with HH? At the end of the day, you say democracy should prevail in Zambia. I feel HH should show us how democratic he is by giving chance to ba Miimbu Jack, GBM, including ka Gary to have a chance also of trying simple. UPND ni party yanyinawanu? Lord have mercy!

    • And Mr Sata stood how many times? Not defending HH here.
      Democracy is free participation, where if you don’t a like a particular party’s flavour, you join another or form your own.
      The USA is far from a democracy stop using it as an example.

  11. Kaunda used to stand with Frogs,Chiluba brought both parents should be Zambians, PF want to use the USA way of the constitution. Let us limit power hungry politicians and bring sanity in politics.

  12. Busy dreaming day discriminatory clauses and leaving the “real estate agent” in state house continue looting our land and money. It really looks like you don’t sleep when it comes to HH, his really made you run for your money (subject to investigations). If the party has chosen a person to lead them for 10 years its their baby to nurse, a democratic govt doesn’t control other political parties constitution, unless you are Christian Democratic Party. The fact that Lungu ‘won’ with the flimsiest margin that should tell you something about HH and UPND.
    Chiluba (RIP) created all sorts of clauses that came back to haunt him, PF you could be next.

    • @Zednonymous
      Sir/Madam, you are nakedly lying! Go and check your facts right. America is a very good example where its very clear and written law, that a person that has lost a number of elections(which can be determined by each country) is FORBIDDEN to stand on whatever party thereafter. This is why America has progressed so well, it does not matter whether you where a good or bad chap, the law cant just allow you because their others too who need to exercise their democratic rights. Some of chaps dont read and yet quick to expose your ignorance publicly.

    • Actually the only reason Double H came close was due to the absence of Double M D’s candidature. The run-off if any would have been between MMD & PF.

    • @ Malinso, can you cite which American amendment you are on about? I am up for the Zambian political limit in running but also am an avid supporter of facts. Can you point me in the right direction regarding American amendment about stopping failed politicians recontesting please?


  13. To lose an election can be a bitter experience. More so if you lose twice, thrice and even more times. Even when such eventually wins. I doubt if that bitterness (from multiple losses) can be erased! So yes, this motion might just curtail unhealthy bitter rivalry.

  14. Iam not impressed by some mps who think , there are no intelligent people who are not parliament .
    The suggestion to limit politicians terms for standing in particular positions is a valid point worth considering and finally be come law .
    Some of the issues we ignore finally become endemic problems , these are the brooding problems we now have in politics . Politicians must know that they are not indispensable if you allow wa muyaya some people will be come gods of their parties.

    • I support the idea of limiting terms for elected people but NOT for people who haven’t been elected before. Let those who have never been elected keep trying their luck if they so wish. If you don’t like Muliokela, don’t vote for him but don’t stop his dreams by forcing him not to present himself.

  15. I expect mkombo to debate issues and not spuke insults on his fellow law maker for moving the motion. This goes to show that he is jittery about the possibility of the motion going through,he knows his party has no numbers to shoot. Kikikikiki I pity him and his party.

    • When the going gets tough, Nkombo gets going…
      His is very volatile and goes off at the drop of a hat and cannot deal with pressure.

      Anyway. All leaders have a number of talentless hangers on around them where their ambition far outweighs their ability and Nkombo is one of them.

  16. This is a very progressive bill which should be enacted into law without delay. i hope our MPs will work at the speed with which law makers in the US work when confronted with matters that are of importance to the country. Anyhow, why should some circles feel agitated by a progressive and positive motion when infact it affects all political parties?
    I therefore urge all Zambians especially youths to fully support such motions because it will ensure that they too are given the opportunity to FULLY participate in the Governance of our country. Kudos, to the youth and young politician by the name of Prince Ndoyi for thinking positively. This is how we want our youths to be thinking. It now remains for our law makers to ensure its actuated!

    • @Malinso, in all honesty that proposed clause is clearly aimed at some people, lets not play the progressive card here. Yes it worked in America, but you have completely missed my point, if we also proposed a clause barring anybody found with a criminal case (theft) you are the same people who would cry that we are aiming for lungu, no? Of course the clause is welcomed but that shouldn’t be a weapon to silence your opponents. That clause in America was probably voted by everyone, this clause here is only VOTED for by PF, what does that mean? Most of the things PF MPs vote for are for their benefit (remember the pensioners case?).
      Lastly, such laws dont mean the country is “progressive” as you put it, how does it contribute to national development? The PF just needs to work and…

  17. laws that target individuals have to yielded good results for Zambia. Chiluba advocated for the two terms to target KK but later he wanted the third term. This is the same law that is complicating the current President’s eligibility for 2021. I am sure people will remember the theft of vehicle law that was enacted to target an individual. For UPND please can we debate issues without insults and malice. What Nkombo is doing now is what UPND are good at. Shooting themselves in the foot. With the numbers that UPND have in Parliament it will be silly to provoke PF MPs but the best is to reason with them. They need number when this gets to a vote in parliament.


  19. I thot nkombo was an intelligent man then i was wrong ,this is good and health law even for you papa look at you and fellow upnd day in and out you want lungu not to stand though u really know the man has not saved two terms in grz now look at opposition hh 5 times makes him to be called real u5 take up the challenge imwe bankusa wat ar u crying about mind you if really this go ahead to perliament hh his gone out of politics early retirement

  20. And the proposed bill must be well crafted and thought through. It should read, “A person who has lost elections, both at Presidential and Parliamentary, for three or more attempts will NOT be eligible to stand at Presidential and or Parliamentary in the subsequent elections either on his party on which he lost on those attempts or on any other party to which he may defect to, join or register until after 7 years have elapsed from the time he last lost”. Am sure when we close up all the legal loops in the motion, the future generations will truly say our parents knew what they were doing. Lets get to work on this bill and urgently.
    This will stop selfish individuals from distracting the much needed development advanced by the Government of the day. God bless Zambia.

    • Can we also include this? ” A person who has been found guilty of theft at any point in their life should not be allowed to run for parliamentary and presidential elections?. I submit.


    NKOMBO FOR PRESIDENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. The only reason they dont want HH on the ballot is that it will be difficult to defeat him or rig like they did in 2015 and 2016.

    If I were in the ruling party, and the opposition bring a weak candidate (perpetual loser) why would it bother me. Isnt it what they should be hoping for?

  23. The only reason they dont want HH on the ballot is that it will be difficult to defeat him or rig like they did in 2015 and 2016.

    If I were in the ruling party, and the opposition bring a weak candidate (perpetual loser) why would it bother me. Isnt it what they should be hoping for?

    • On the contrary, a strong candidate will be better coz he will quickly accept defeat knowing there will be a next time. A frustrated loser on the other hand will cry rigging even before voting takes place, coz he wants to win at all costs knowing it’s now or never.
      Such a candidate can do anything including fanning violence, hate speech and selling the country to powerful external sponsors just as long as it helps to get them into power. Look at Kenya..!

      I’m sure you can already see similarities to the above in some individuals ka?

  24. I do not see anything wrong with limiting the number of times, why should one be wamuyaya like HH. Nkombo is just a blind supporter of this HH. And you are speaking for yourself, go to the convention and chose another leader, I will be in attendance, Five times losing and you still insist he should again stand? This are not Kaunda days when we used to repeat grade seven for seven times because of playing football!! Nkombo grow up please! ATASEEERH…..SHAAAAAA
    Ba HH why are you lying about thew note from ECL, show it to us then. Can a team that has won beg a losing team to accept defeat? Where on planet earth? Ine nafulwa mweee!!!

  25. Is MP ngambi a real Zambian? Can mulongoti tell us?
    How many times did ngambi stand and failed under unip and mmd?
    Was he ever blocked?
    Little knowledge is dangerous!

  26. My utter disappointment on the UPND and its members is their arrogance and insults which makes them equals to PF though they disagree. See the ‘intelligent’ Gary how he has undressed his fellow MP. IF these people start to rule Zambia, it will be jumping from the frying pan into the fire!Does Gary think by insulting the MP, somehow that motion wont be moved?If they mean to move it, they will do so and your insults will certainly accelerate it to becoming law. While your opponents are scheming towards 2021, what are you doing, the many complaints about ECZ,have you proposed suitable amendments to ensure the 2021 elections go in accordance with your wishes? All you people do is complain but never act even though you are in a position to effect changes!!

  27. u5 show us the letter of sale for nrdc and chichele lodge.

    today zambia is on the knews because you sold all companies and pocketed.

    those defectors you receieved are just upendi members. you think we are halfwitted.

    lastly people fought for your freedom. patricia scotland. telesphore mpundu. obasanjo. Today you are braggin as if you fought for your freedom. what kind of u5 are you.

    u5 must be blocked forever becaus he is raising false hope among devoteess. it not healthy . someone will die of bp.

    already lives have been lost for u5.

  28. i think it is time we as zambian start practicing matured politics. we should not hold positions as personal to order. we should understand the fact that there are others within our polical parties who can do better than us if given a chance to stand but we always look at those as opponents going to an extent of fishing them out of our parties just because they also have presidential ambitions. let bus learn to give chance to others and not seeing our selves as the only presidential materials within the party. please go ahead and pass the bill.

  29. This bill is not discriminatory as Nkombo is insinuating. If it is why should it be not discriminatory on president limut but limitless on perpetual lossers like him u52h

  30. It’s a st00p1d piece of legislation designed by limited people. Let UPND worry about own internal problems and let Bozo run for the third term. The docility of the nation will prevail again! What would be the difference anyway, same people with long fingers same populist politics?!

  31. This proposed law is fantastic.
    Some pipo are so selfish that they are ready to disturb the peace we enjoy just to satisfy their tuna egos.
    Why are pipo forgetting how UNIP created a monster out of a good man like Kaunda?
    Some parties want hold us at random just to give us a dictator who ascended to the top via tribal shenanigans.

  32. A Political Party is a private social club for Members only. People have a right to belong to a Church, School ,Club etc of their choice. Why should the State worry about who is elected President of a Club? U cannot amend the Constitution to target an individual in a Constitutional Democracy. Instead of expanding the Bill of Rights the PF Koswes Mupotos want to violate the Current Bill of Rights. This Private Bill will fail. Surely a Criminal who stole a Client’s money and was de-barred by LAZ should be disqualified as a Presidential Candidate.

  33. Is this designed for an individual? If HH resigns and joins another new party, can he stand for elections? Or he becomes a running mate? Zambians are so thick! You pass laws to fix individuals.

    • Every law affects individuals iwe.

      Did you mean to say “An Individual”? If so the answer is no. There’s no law that is made to fix an individual. Even KK was not the only one affected by the Parental Clause, ask Guy & Dipark, and many others.

      This law may affect among others Gen. Miyanda, Nervas, Cosmo “Pa chifentelo”, Nawakwi etc.

      So why just think about one person?

    • oh yes. we want to fix him so that he stops calling ecl ati chimbwi no plan.

      chimbwi didnt see this one.

      of the 2 who is a real chimbwi no plan

  34. Ask the same ng’ambi how many times he has failed him self….people are aware of these sponsored motions,such motions are raised basing on selfish interests of people.you as a neighbor you can’t discard anyone from father’s duties,that can only be done by wife or maybe children of his….so allow the party members to disqualify that candidate…

  35. There should also be a law that bans incompetent presidents, who drive up the country’s debt, from running again.

  36. Definitely a progressive piece of legislation. Extend it to all elected positions.
    @38 Moono. Names/Nationality/citizenship is more complex than that in Africa thanks to arbitrarily drawn colonial boundaries. Mwamba is found in Zed, DRC, Tanzania, Kenya and parts of Cameroon. Banda-Zed, Malawi, SA and Mozambique (Portuguese ‘replaced’ names!). In West Africa, names such as Traore are dotted everywhere.

  37. This bill is not discriminatory as Nkombo is insinuating. If it is why should it be not discriminatory on president but discriminatory on perpetual lossers like him u52h

  38. Just revisit the law of corruption and stealing public funds….you are eating our monies in the name of sitting allowances and you are busy bringing issues which ll not even better the economy of the nation,people are highly taxed but no one seems to care…the cost of living getting high by the day…you wake up and dream unbaked motions

  39. This nut Nkombo thinks he is very intelligent and yet is bankrupty in terms of wisdom. His god HH has shares in one of the hotels where prostitutes meet. so is insulting his god. Muzaciona baba, muluza 2021.

  40. Long overdue and go a step further and introduce proportional representation so that these Banyamulenga dont continue with their tribal voting. What they do every time there elections is that after 18hrs those entrusted to oversee same elections chase other monitirs and start voting for people who didn’t vote, hence that turn out. Hopeless suckers. If PF want my vote in 2021 please introduce this as soon as possible. We dont want tribalism in this country

    plus why should a person continue standing when Zambian voters have rejected him or her for more than 5 times?WE MUST BE SERIOUS AS A COUNTRY!!
    Garry Nkombo is fuming here because he knows too well that UPND has no numbers in parliament,so if that bill went to parliament,it will 100% go through to put an end at tonga god’s HH political career!!BUT WE MUST THINK BEYOND HH.THIS BILL IS COULD FOR ZAMBIA!!

    • It is just pretense. Deep down his heart he is cherishing the prospect of being a presidential candidate without hurting HH. He is glad inwardly that this can be made easy for him without him soiling his hands by openly challenging his master HH.

  42. UPND should not put all their eggs in one basket. What will happen if HH is imprisoned, falls seriously sick, or – God forbid – dies. Is Nkombo still going to insist on him standing in 2021?

  43. Only a primitive mind can support such a motion. What a bunch of *****s!Moreover you are only making your target more popular by such irrational and backward type of thinking. Who advises these fools in pf?

    • Once a plague infested rat, always plague infested rat.
      Born as d!ck 5uck!ng and arse l!ck!ng scum, always d!ck 5uck!ng and arse l!ck!ng scum.

    • Wow, look at the donkeys going into tribalistic fits of insults all over the place??? Amazing!!! Both the leaders and supporters….kwekwekwekwekwe….

  44. …but why worry?/ whatever legislation which may be passed shall only come into effect from the next elections…meaning the counting shall start from the next elections…

    • Cannot be sure. That will depend on the clauses. It could be a retrospective regulation…say backdated to the dawn of multiparty democracy..1991

  45. mmd made a law about a degree holder. sata manage to print a degree paper and outsmarted mmd. let u5 out smart pf also

  46. Kikikikik nolowapona….kick out perpetual losers causing problems in Zambia and Kenya. Fix them. What a nice bill

  47. Let the bill go ahead and extend to members of parliament , it is non descriminatory because it will start from 2021 , past elections dont count

  48. Ici naco ci Nkombo, I used to think he was a clever guy until upndees politics exposed him for what he is: just a bootlicker of h.h and a show off.

    And then listen to h.h, still talking about mukobeko in a bid to be admired. Ba h.h no one cares about how and why you got into mukobeko, less still how you fared there, or whether you are a coward or not. Look here h.h, for us Zambians its a boring topic, haven’t you seen that since you came out and started trying to look like Mandela everybody including Gary Nkombo falls asleep? You are only succeeding in convincing us that Mukobeko damaged your brain beyond repair.
    Boring boring boring, surely a graduate like you cannot find better things to talk about than baseless lies, pretence and imitation? Get it from me, YOU ARE BORING! But…

  49. Boring boring boring, surely a graduate like you cannot find better things to talk about than baseless lies, pretence and imitation? Get it from me, YOU ARE BORING! But like I keep saying, those God is about to take away he first makes them mad. I am waiting for you to be admitted to Chainama.

  50. Tribalism is a sad thing. It has made a non Tonga realise that a Tonga should never rule Zambia… Tonga should remain a Tea-boy and concentrate on cows! I really hate tribalism, I came across it when I wanted a job at Grant thornton … Tonga chaps disqualified me for not being one of them. I knew this because a white woman who took my papers in came back to me to tell me that I was in a wrong tribe.

    That did it for me… my mind got made to realise where that tribe should be consigned. They should never be let anywhere near power but only cows where they belong.

  51. At tertiary education, they prescribe the number of attempts one can try to pass the exam of which after such students are dropped. Similarly, HH had exceeded the maximum number. In short he is a failure and should just accept and move on with life instead of resorting to sabotage. Failures should be discarded.

    • Failures should be helped to overcome their failure. It all starts at ward level. For a start, HH must be given all the support to stand as a councilor in 2021 and win. Presidency is out of his reach for now and maybe forever. He will make the grade as a councilor.

  52. You mean there’s no one in UPND who is capable of being UPND president unless HH? ?? DA in South Africa voted and Mmusi Maimane won the elections. What’s so special about HH? ? Is HH the only person who can lead UPND? ? Garry Bromborough don’t you yourself have aspirations to become president like your friends Kalaba, Kambwili, Sikamba, Chipomo, Cosmo Mumba, Muliokela, Miyanda,

  53. We surely don’t need dictators to jump from UPND to the presidency. If Up Down member are scared of U5 this proposed law is good for them, brilliant young politicians like Nkombo himself and Mweetwa will actually benefit from it.

  54. This is good staff, since the up and down party is desperately scheming to have ECL disqualified from standing in 2021, let this proposed law also disqualify Big Ego from standing as well. To me that seems like a fair trade off we are tired of this ECL and Big Ego saga. We need Zambia to move on and develop because it is much bigger than these two people.

  55. Why are people only mentioning HH as target for the proposed bill? Godfrey Miyanda has had a go at Plot 1 more times than HH. No one has monopoly of wisdom to run political party perpetually, leadership needs alternative ideas. If HH and Miyanda had paved way for other candidates, who knows UPND and Heritage parties could have been in Plot 1 at one time or the other.
    Secondly youths need a chance to contest for No1 office in the land, but front runner parties are personal to holder parties. UPND does not leadership, the big brains are there who can push the agenda forward.
    This is a progressive bill and progessive minds should rise to the ocassion and support it!

  56. HH’s frustration knows no bounds. I’m sure many a time in his dreams he is president of Zambia, only to wake up in the morning to find that Lungu is firmly in the saddle. This can be very painful. Better give him another chance to lose in 2021. Let’s be fair. Some people enjoy losing.


    • Correction. Ndetila nati HH was interceded for, otherwise he would still be in the coolers for treason. This is a listening government. Give credit.

  58. The dream of all politicians, including Hon. Garry Nkombo, is to aspire to become President of a political party – an obvious ladder to rise to the position of Republican President. For sure the people of Mazabuka will cherish the prospect of Mr. Nkombo becoming President of UPND. However, Hon. Nkombo cannot publicly express his wish to be UPND’s President because he fears for his own life. The rich HH has lots of money to hire thugs/crooks to sort out Bo Tata Garry Nkombo.

  59. Good law….tiyeeee naayooo. Somebody is about to be pushed out smothly. I told you never trust a lawyer for a president. They are sliker than avareg. One ECL….this one is coming to pass. Lets hear from LAZ. Otherwise its a done deal.

  60. This is a good law we must support it,,every time a new law is passed definitely some people ve to be affected,as country we can not stop making new laws just because it is going to affect one of our own no country men,,what is it that we have not heard from HH, his policies are the same always, the only thing thing that has changed about him is his arrogance over the years, laws bring about change and any change has effect on any society.let’s go for it Zambians

  61. Is Garry Nkombo in order to refer to his fellow honorable member of parliament as a morally and academically bankrupt person?

  62. The Zambian constitution must not be used as weapon against political opponents otherwise the document may lose its relevance in a lot of quarters in society.

Comments are closed.

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