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Government to take action against the importation of sex toys and dolls

General News Government to take action against the importation of sex toys and dolls

Minister of Religious and National Guidance Godfridah Sumaili
Minister of Religious and National Guidance Godfridah Sumaili

GOVERNMENT will not condone and entertain unacceptable practices to infiltrate and corrupt the moral fibre of the citizens, says Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili.

Reverend Sumaili said it was disappointing that some individuals and organisations could openly defend uncultural and unholy practices such as the use of sex toys and dolls when the country was expected to uphold high moral standards and ethical behaviour.

She said Zambia was founded on Christian principles and values and would never give room to anyone planning to import, sell and promote sex toys and dolls as a normal business.

Rev Sumaili said her ministry would work closely with law enforcement agencies to ensure the practice was completely halted in Zambia.

The minister said, “the Penal Code under Section 177 forbids the importation, sell, conveyance and engaging in the promotion of obscene materials or objects that can corrupt morasl.” “Therefore, the Government will not allow this evil and immoral act of using sex toys.

She said President Edgar Lungu has time and again called upon the youth to uphold high moral and cultural values and abide by the law so as to contribute positively to the development of the country.

Rev Sumaili said promoting the use and trade of sex dolls was defeating the efforts the Head of State was making, adding people and organisations propagating immoral acts had no blessing and place in Zambia. Recently, PeP was quoted in some sections of the media as saying there was no crime in using and buying sex dolls.

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    • What a country which is so corrupt and full of theives and now want to talk about morality? This minister will do well to shut up with all this immorality and aids in the country maybe the sex dolls and toys can help reduce aids after all!
      So whilst on this one can you also ban all those selling sex boosters?
      Christian nation my foot!

    • Not sure what our Right Reverend and Honorable Minister Sumaili, MP is saying here. I didn’t know we still had “high moral standards and ethical behaviour” in this country.

    • Rev Sumaili said promoting the use and trade of sex dolls was defeating the efforts the Head of State was making

      Lungu, defeated by sex dolls.

    • This ministry is a waste of our tax. Mark my words very soon it will propose a Moral Police force.
      Following this stoopid logic we should ban condoms, cucumbers because they can be used for masturbation, bananas too, Vaseline which is used as a lubricant in sex. Even G strings because they are sexy.

  1. A black person will always copy from a white man. Today, if a white man says having sex with a chicken or cat is ok you will start doing it. You have no morals or values

    • Aids started in Congo with black Boys and monkeys, so what does that have to do with the white man, the sex toys are most used with chinese and made there, maybe the minister should try one of these toys, she may enjoy it.

    • @Cosmos, who told you that AIDS started in the Congo? Obviously you’re either a victim of Western racist propaganda, or you’re a racist white person yourself. Shame on you.

    • @Lie Detector and @Jay Jay, I am not a white person or racist as you put it, how is Congo boys doing monkeys racist , the racist one is Jayd going on about chickens and cats and white men. If your so smart where did HIV start? dna shows it came from monkeys in Congo and why is HIV 30 -40 % in some African countries, but in western countries its very very low except in the gay community. The black community HIV rate in the US and Uk is the same as the non black community in those countries very low. and as others have said in this post sex toys may help prevent the spread of HIV.

  2. The issue is not if it is right or wrong , the issue here is that it is not her ministry that is rssponsible for the application of the law. It is the home affairs minister who should be making the announcement.
    Madam your role is religious affairs.

    • What she wants to do is WRONG! Period. You can’t police someone’s sex life. You can’t police someone’s thinking. Primitive minister

  3. I read where a teacher djed from the use of a sex drug. Madam what us ypur pronouncement on that. Where in the bible orvthe constitution of a Christian nation permit the use of such an item.

  4. I don’t think Govt. should be involved in what people wish to do in the privacy of their bedroom. Not all Zambians subscribe to the strict standards worthy to be called Christians. They are christians in name only but by deed. It would be better to sensitise people against the use of dangerous paraphernalia they use as toys, rather than incriminate/arrest them.

  5. Let it be know to useless woman the sex toys do indeed keep marriages intact by keeping partners satisfied who would otherwise start…….some couples have sexual inadequacies due to age or sickness , sex toys can help check the spread of aids by keeping couples together……seems this women is living in the stone age …..trying to be relevant fronting a useless ministry….

    • Let it be know to this useless woman that sex toys do indeed keep marriages intact by keeping partners satisfied who would otherwise stray due to unsatisfactory sex…….some couples have sexual inadequacies due to age or sickness , sex toys can also help check the spread of aids by keeping couples together who would otherwise be looking for sex out side the marrage………many a woman or man would rather not have vigololo outside marrage if there was a solution to lack of sex…..and sex toys can provide this solution….seems this women is living in the stone age …..trying to be relevant fronting a useless ministry….

  6. This is what happens when you create a useless religious ministry…they come into your bedroom – what harm is a sex toy going to do to an individual? You have the Lazy corrupt thief publicly encouraging people to steal you dont say anything…if you take action you will simply encourage smuggling of these toys.
    Just close down this ministry!!

  7. So encourage moral decay. So a fool will come one day and say let us take sex toys to secondary schools. You children will be carrying sex toys to school instead of textbooks, Font. That is freedom your asking for

  8. Sharon in the US will testify how important sex toys are in keeping one from going completely nuts….especially if you lust and dream non stop of a married man like HH

  9. Which is immoral, a lonely ranger pounding a doll or a horny lady using vibrators or a pastor bonking church members’ wives?

  10. Basically what do you think sex dolls are used for ? Is it a sin or a crime? And how does religion come into picture?
    From marketing point of view, sellers can sell anything they want as long as consumers are ready to buy. If you feel “Zambia is Christian nation”, and “people should not buy sex dolls” then you should not worry about how sellers are going to sell the sex dolls to Zambians. The market would/should automatically die.
    If you don’t like what someone is selling, you don’t have to buy it – this is the simple rule. You don’t start telling people what they can and can’t buy.
    Maybe just maybe Rev. Sumaili has a nieces and/or daughters who prostitute and she’s afraid they may go out of business.

    • The minister has referred to the constitution in her criticism and which law are you basing your childish talk. Anthing to do with immoral decay attracts the attention of her ministry. What do you mean by she’s not right person to talk about it.

  11. We will have to deal with every form of immorality separately. corruption is immoral and must be condemned and its agents crushed. As for sex objects, there should be no warnings about it , pounce on all traders dealing in these nonsense immediately and . Why are you seeking public opinion on this by bringing it to the media? Sweep the nation of this foul decadency promptly. Next we need the Army to search for guns door to door, no civilian , business man or politician should be allowed to own a gun. We want gun fee Zambia.

    • hahahaha gun fee. Ikaleni fye. If you have nothing to say. Topic is on sex toys and pretence of morality. Chaya kufuti. Wait until those panga wielding thugs invade your home. You would wish you had Sata’s (MHSRIP) six guns to defend yourself, family and property. Don’t be naive. Not all guns are illegal. Go to chalala and see how 18year olds are terrorising people.

  12. The route that illegal mukula leaves the country will be the same that these dolls will come. And looking at the cost only those with money can afford and we know who falls in that bracket; politicians, dealers, men of god. senior civil servants, etc

  13. Banamayo balitumpa….everything a man says to a woman is abuse…dolls are here to stay….in fact with the high rate of HIV/AIDS am not losing my chiDOLI never…am getting another one so I can have threesome

  14. “The Flynn effect is the substantial and long-sustained increase in both fluid and crystallized intelligence test scores measured in many parts of the world from roughly 1930 to the present day.”

    The PF administration, there have to be careful, how they go about dealing with these issues or their tramp on people’s right, damage life’s beyond repair.

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