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Wina assures Western Province of govt’s commitment to transform the region’s economic status


Vice President Inonge Wina (c) addressing on arrival at Mongu Airport for a two-day working visit to inspect government developmental projects in Western Province
Vice President Inonge Wina (c) addressing on arrival at Mongu Airport for a two-day working visit to inspect government developmental projects in Western Province

Vice President Inonge Wina has assured the people of Western Province that Government is determined to change the economic status of the province.

Mrs. Wina said President Edgar Lungu wants to see the country prosper through initiating various developmental projects such as fish farming to benefit the youths and mothers in Western Province and beyond.

The Vice President has also called on the people of western province to embark on tree planting as part of the climate change resilient practices.

Mrs. Wina emphasized that every person in the Province should plant at least five trees in their yards and fields.

The Vice President said this on arrival at Mongu airport yesterday for a working visit to western province.

And the PF in Western Province has vowed not allow anyone insulting President Lungu and other leaders in the region.

PF Provincial Chairman Charles Mututwa, said the PF has graduated from politics of insults to that of actions and bringing social change in the country.

Mr. Mututwa said those interested in speaking ill of the Head of State will not be entertained as the President has done much for the people of the Province.

He has encouraged members of the opposition join the ruling party as it has grown from a small boat to a big ship with enough space for new entrants to fit in.


The Vice President is in Western Province for her two-day official visit to inspect Government Projects and Commission two multi-million processing companies, namely Country Millers and Aqua Plant in Mongu district.

Mrs. Wina is being accompanied by Lands Minister, Jean Kapata , Minster in the Office of the Vice President , Silvia Chalikosa and PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri.

And Republican Vice President Inonge Wina has directed the Zambia National Service ( ZNS ) and the Zambia Correctional Service (ZCS ) to explore and venture into the vast investment potential in Western Province.

Mrs. Wina said it will be encouraging to have the first commercial rain-fed and irrigated rice, maize, wheat and sugar farms in the province in the near future.

She said this in Mongu District of Western Province yesterday when she officially commissioned the Country Millers and Country Aqua plants that were constructed at a total cost of K15 million.

The Republican Vice President said it is gratifying that the desire to create investment potential in the province has started with Country Millers and other investors who have commenced the value addition drive, adding that inputs from both small scale and commercial farmers is also needed.

“ Home-grown investors through family run businesses like Country Millers, are not only meeting the local market demands but are ready to export various products to the rest of the country with potential to enter the regional and international market, “ she said.

She however mentioned that such investments cannot flourish if not properly supported by an enabling environment that will empower the rural economies which in turn, will create employment opportunities and wealth especially among the youth.

The Republican Vice President has further assured the local investor that government will ensure that it gives maximum support to other investments the company may wish to undertake in Western Province and other parts of the country.

And Country Millers representative Mundia Mukumbuta disclosed that the main purpose of constructing the milling plant was to reduce on the hardships that women used to face of having to pound maize and walk long distances to access hammer mills.

Ms. Mundia also noted that the company that started operating in March 2017 has contributed in reducing the high rate of unemployment among the youths by creating employment for 50 people.

Meanwhile, the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has commended government for facilitating the construction of the milling and water plants by creating a conducive environment for investors to acquire loans.

Speaking on behalf of BRE, Induna Imandi said the facilities will help the business industry save money and time as they will be accessing mealie meal and water within the province.


  1. That’s an expensive entourage, women only? Imagine:
    – 3 warm showers a day
    – tea with milk
    – electric hair drivers
    – 2 hours each of dressing & make up
    – 5 separate dishes, because some don’t like tomatoes, other no onion etc.

  2. I do not see the relevance of an entire VP representing GRZ on projects wholly funded by a private local investor.Maybe i am just mistaken.Are these government funded projects?
    Where is the University and Stadium the PF government promised the people of WP?

  3. ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND says Sejani. Western province, Lozis in particular, it is time to appreciate the government of the day for the following two reasons (1) The vice president of the country comes from this province (2) the mongu- kalabo bridge is the first of its kind in the province with so many economic benefits attached to it. Unfortunately the province is the stronghold of UPND, that in itself is lack of appreciation. In as much as UPND leader HH is a their cousin, the man has contributed to Lozis being seen to be tribalist like TONGAS. Lozis are less tribal than TONGAS. If anything they would have not entertained HH considering what HH did to their son SAKWIBA SIKOTA. The Lozis can live side by side with non lozis but TONGAS find it difficult to stay with NON TONGAS.

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