FAZ happy with Zambia National Soccer Team Coach, Wedson Nyirenda

Ponga Liwewe
Ponga Liwewe
Ponga Liwewe
Ponga Liwewe

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) says it is comfortable with Zambia National Soccer Team Coach, Wedson Nyirenda.

FAZ Secretary General (SG) Ponga Liwewe urged soccer fans to ignore assertions to ‘suck’ the Chipolopolo Coach.

Liwewe says FAZ has not made any decision so far concerning the future of Wedson Nyirenda.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today, Liwewe says FAZ will accordingly inform the nation if need arises to replace the Chipolopolo Coach.

He cautioned the fans in the country to rally behind and support the services of Nyirenda and the Association.

Meanwhile, The SG FAZ has disclosed that it received a postmortem report from the coach on the performance of the Chipolopolo boys on the just ended African Nations Championship (CHAN) tournament held in Morocco.

Mr. Liwewe said the nation will be informed or updated on the future of Coach Wedson Nyirenda.

Zambia was booted out in the semi-finals after losing 1– 0 to Sudan.

Morocco becomes the first host nation to claim the 2018 CHAN title with a convincing 4-0 win over Nigeria.

Meanwhile, The Football Association of Zambia(FAZ) has set March 17, 2018 as the date for commencement of the 2018 Super League season.

As per tradition, the season opening will be preceded by the Samuel ‘Zoom’ Ndhlovu Charity Shield semi-final clashes that will kick off on 3rd March 2018 while the final will be held on 10th March 2018 at Nkoloma stadium.

The four participants in the 2018 Charity Shield will comprise the top three teams in the Super League in the 2017 season and the Barclays Cup runner up.

Zanaco and Kitwe giants-Nkana will battle it out in the first semi-final at Lusaka’s Nkoloma stadium while Champions Zesco United will take on Napsa Stars in the second semi-finals at the same venue.


    • This FAZ thinks we are happy with it. That’s why they can express happiness with a coach who has won nothing. Who can’t qualify for anything. Fans should show their unhappiness with the current national team

  1. FAZ is also finished! There is need to look for a coach who will not be prejudiced like your Nyirenda. It is a shame that we have dropped so low that we give so much power to the coach to do whatever he wants especially slideling good players just because he has some stupid differences with them at the expense of the nation! You are wasting tax payers money as well as bringing our football name into disrepute! FAZ and your coach should be ashamed of yourselves! Mind you this is the national team you are talking about not Zesco or Zanaco. I am personally disappointed with you. Advise your so called coach to tone down as well he talks too much.

  2. Just say Wedson is cheap full stop…the man is clearly out of his depth..look at how the Sudanese football head coach Zdravko Logarusic from Croatian exposed Zambia by stating that he knew they would be fatigued. Did we ever hear Wedson complain about games he just thought a meal of Nshima and Kapenta will cure fatigue.

  3. You guys take us for a ride! The government too is toothless they don’t mind how much the pump into football because money for them is nothing….corruption has destroyed this nation. Make these chaps Ba FAZ account for the money you give them let them understand that people sacrifice their little money for loses. Next time Lesotho will beat us. How can you be happy with loses?

  4. When a nation has no standards it won’t know what a world class coach is, what a decent hardworking president is, what an effective opposition is, what standards the city council should ask of Unza so as to open it during cholera epidemics, what standards of broadcasting are needed from Deadnbc, what standards to be expected in a public toilet, what standards of education are needed in the defense force. That is Zambia for you

  5. FAZ president shold be fired oif he can’t fire nyerenda.This Faz has destroyed Zambian football.we want somebody else.Kamanga has failed.Let him leave office before we fire him.We are not happy having a coach who can’t think when coaching.

  6. This is nonsense ponga liwewe should resign.We thought you guys have brains but you are just useless and you should stop hurting Zambians with your stupid sentiments of supporting your so called wada wada.Open your eyes and hear want people are complaining and don’t be stubborn

  7. Wedson is as good as Morinho of Man U, no change in tactics, he can’t compare to Sudanese coach just as Morinho can’t compare to Pep of Man C, not even to Potechinho of Tot. Football is about strength on the ball, quick thinking, accurate passes coupled with good ball possession and finally bullet like shots at goal.

    • Awe iwe Guardiola just has the money. Even Mourinho only thrives when he is in a team with money. FC Porto was a fluke

  8. Even if FAZ you happy with the coach ,you are not the financia of the coach its us who pay tax and we are not happy with mediocrity and shrewdness …..the chap is there to sale games …

  9. ATI “qualifying to the world is not my priority” and unfortunately chipolopolo failed to make it , then you FAZ saying we are happy with wada wada ,no difference between Kamanga and kalusha , some one to succeed him.

  10. Wada Should learn to forgive,Zambians are very good people but balafula so take them for granted.FAZ pls can you act before we Act.

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