The law will deal with people making xenophobic remarks against Chinese -Lungu

President Lungu on arrival in Ndola
President Lungu on arrival in Ndola

President Lungu on arrival in Ndola
President Lungu on arrival in Ndola
President Edgar Lungu says the law will take its course against people allegedly making xenophobic remarks about Chinese nationals in Zambia.

The head of State said all law-abiding citizens should rest assured that the law will protect them against those who want to attack them.

He said this at ZAF Lusaka airport on return from the Copperbelt where he went for a three-day working visit.

“I am told the matter is sub judice, I am not competent to comment the police are investigating so we will leave it at that” President Lungu said.

He however assured that police will deal with the matter “ the law will take its course that is the assurance I can make to all law abiding citizens” President Lungu said.

Meanwhile the Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has advised politicians against inciting citizens to rise against Government because doing so is criminal.

Minister of Justice Given Lubinda speaking at this years Chinese spring festival condemned individuals exhibiting tendencies of xenophobia against Chinese nationals in Zambia, preaching the message of isolation must be condemned, let’s condemn any sign of racism we are one people.

Chinese Ambassador to Zambia HE Mr. Yang Youming assures Zambians living in his country of protection and assistance when in need.

Meanwhile Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Margaret Mwanakatwe said it is folly for any politician to advocate for the removal of Chinese nationals from Zambia.


  1. HH should be prepared in any case of invatualities, the law is coming up whoever has stood morethan 3 times will not be allowed in 2021. we need mature politics

    • Stick to the lecture at hand. Why use every opportunity to bring up the grumpy cat? It’s now about defending Mr. Wong and Miss Lee.

    • Lungu is in the pockets of Chinese. This how he steals:

      1. He charges Chinese $100,000 to set up a meeting (through Kaizer) at state House.
      2. He awards Chinese firms infrastructure projects & tells them to over-price, e.g. Kafue gorge power station rehab, Lusaka Ndola dual carriage-way, fire-truck wheel burrows. They share the amount on top while indebting the country with $23-Billion
      3. AVIC builds him & Tasila Mansions in exchange for huge tracts of land &
      4. Mukula Trees – we all saw State House vehicles escorting trucks carrying Mukula trees.

      This VISION-LESS Lazy thief needs to spend at least 40 years in jail after 2021.

    • Zambians, please for once, grow up.

      Work hard and leave the Chinese alone – they are great and good people who work hard.

      Most Zambians want to cry and receive help, instead of working.

      Always looking for the latest on the market, instead of being innovative and working and investing.

      Always blaming someone else instead of themselves.

      Blaming politicians for bring broke after spending their salary on beer.

      Blaming eouropeans for Africa’s poverty.

      Grow up!!!!

    • Of course, protect them you have sold our country to them becoz you are a thief and so corrupt. You are a shame to Zambian. Come 2021 you are gone and will rot in Jail. All your Kaizer boys will run away from you. Chinese should GO we don’t need them. Koswee Ulya Mwibala.. UTUMENO.. TWANONA..

    • Imwe na imwe ba Presidentiiii! Naba LT, What you want to say is:
      The law will deal with Kambwili for making xenophobic remarks against Chinese -Lungu

    • Where is pig-headed rug rat called JUNIOR to come and sooth us with his make-believe baloney about his Zambian Enterprise…fairy tale stories are good at bedtime like now!!

    • So our president’s new job is to protect foreigners instead of protecting Zambians? What’s wrong with our system such that the law favors foreigners instead of Zambians? This is why Indians and Chinese come here and practice racism against us in our country. Chinese and Indians now think they are more intelligent than black people. They come here and get employed in our mines where Zambians are being refused employment. We’re basically a colony of India and China. Sata attracted a lot voters because people wanted non investor Indians and Chinese out of our country. We have very little resources which we’re now sharing with Indians and Chinese. I support Kambwili on this one. Zambians go to China for business not to get employed.

    • JACOB ZUMA is going to jail for auctioning his country to Indians (Guptas) after they looted parastatals of billions of Rands.

      VISION-LESS Lungu has also auctioned the country to Chinese through inflated infrastructure projects whilst indebting the country with $23-Billion. He too needs to be sent to jail after 2021.

      Our mothers & sisters used to go to Dubai & China, Joburg to buy tiles, clothes, electronics for sale in Zambia. Corrupt Lungu has flooded the country with millions of tu ma Cho-cho-Lee who have put our mothers out of business and are now even selling salaula, roasted maize, live ARV-chickens, nshima at markets, making bricks, smuggling copper & ndandashi, smuggling Mukula Trees, precious stones etc. and pay zero tax.

    • What were we calling those types of teeth in environmental science? Is it Incisors or what? Look at the picture. Do you have to show all your teeth in order to make a point?

  2. How many Chinese are Zambian citizens? He is a lawyer and he should be aware that you cannot become a Chinese citizen unless you are Chinese and you look like a Chinese. It is hard life for Africans living in China. Citizenship should be grant to Chinese on reciprocal basis. But alas Zambians are as sloppy as they come. They would be hard on a fellow Zambian than a Chinese.

    • They are his paymasters…you docile Zambian voters are really not needed now as he knows you are easily duped with loud music and cheap chibuku!!

    • Jay Jay on days like this you and I see and thing with clear consciousness together. If Zambians could for once not attend these political rallies, and stay at home, we could get things done. Docility was brought about by the Kaunda semi dictatorship, and fostered by the MMD government.

    • Lungu only knows the law that protect the chines no law to protect Zambians the chines fire at will and sometimes shoot them. His interest as a disastor president is chines money and green chitenge for campaign. How did he even manage to pass law? May he only managed a pass because Mwanawasa who had a Merit in law was exhibiting high levels of professionalism unlike the chief Koswe Mumpoto we have.

  3. Good job Mr. President! Racism is just as bad as tribalism! People need to grow! The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof! It does not belong to Tongas only. Dull HaJayJay and his mentor HH.

    • Why doesn’t he come out against tribalism in Zambia and corruption? He will tell you to give him evidence. Now with Chinese its action, action. One thing I like about Donald Trump is his clarity on “AMERICA FIRST”. That ought to be every President’s bottom line: His country & citizens first!!! sadly, this is loudly missing in my country at the moment!

  4. I dont think any body is against Chinese human beings. What Zambians are against is the preferential treatment for Chinese human beings. It makes it worse when they are allowed to buy huge tracts of land.

    • How I miss Old man Sata, he was a patriot indeed no way would he make such statements publicly and disgrace himself he would make assurances behind the scenes…Lazy Lungu is clearly not a prodigy of the Old man; he doesn’t even condemn violence when a Zambian life is lost but here he is swift to warn anyone who will lay a finger on his paymasters.

    • Ba Jay Jay the sooner you accept the fact that PF is a disaster the better. Sata called the Chinese “infestors”. No sooner had he settled in State House did he start dining with them. My conclusion is that anyone who associates themselves with PF have no integrity

  5. Lungu and his pf thugs have failed to find any meaningfull corruption charges on CK , now they are digging for any scrap of information to shakkel CK…..

    CK The common man is with you ….do not despair …..

    we all know lungu and his thugs depend on corruption from the chinise , that is why with regard to the mukula deforestation they know who are buying and encouraging the vice but would rather blame poor poverty stricken charcoal burners ….leaving the Chinese who are the buyers…

  6. WBwana Lungu what about Europeans ,Peruvians,Brazilians in our mining regions and other Africans all over Zambia? Don’t our laws protect and apply others equally?

    • Lol ,coincidentally i was watching YouTube videos last night of those Peruvians working in Kitwe and others in Livingstone.Very interesting stuff.

    • Who do you think were the first foreigners to visit Sata when he moved to State House? Why do you think BUFFOON CK was swiftly reshuffled from Ministry Of Labour!!


    • Wake up from what? Where on earth have you seen the Chines lending money also the Chines values the project at $1.2 billion dollars to construct a 300 km dual carriageway and you happily agree without thought of how its going to paid back and at what interest rate…a prudent smart individual would use his experts or spend the valuation back and remove the excesses not the soulless utterly lazy good for nothing bum we have at State House. He smiles fooolishly like a spoiled todder and says “I will show hater development”

  8. Mr. President are you aware of the hiked fuel prices? This is one issue to be more concerned of, realizing that the cost of comodities shall go up as well. Defend the people you are governing and not your personal vendetta.

  9. There has been a lot of ethic stereotyping in Zambia, some nationals shot by police for simply attending a political rally. Tribalism is such a big disease in the country and yet not once did our President warm only one against ethnically engineered violence. Now because the Chinese have bankrolled some agenda, they receive executive protection. Sad

    • At pf rallies he dances to Chester’s song “twafuma kumanda ukushika dudumwezi” a hate song. Today he is preaching love the chinese as hate those from dudumwezi.

  10. That’s how useless the opposition in Zambia is. Trying to play on people’s emotions. Kambwili thinks he can duplicate the King Cobra’s winning formula. He needs to be original, that’s how voters will respect him. With the new law to prevent perpetual losers contesting, I sense serious changes in opposition ranks, not this Kambwili mediocrity. Chi mangeni anso!!!

    • At least the BUFFOON is trying to do something… very few ideas are original everything is tweaked in life ….what of Lazy Lungu? The man is a hazard when he is on the mic as he speaks rubbish and he is a nightmare for his own spin-doctors. He only knows how to bribe people without shame using taxpayers money from his slush fund !!

    • In your sick and 1.d.i.o.ti.c mind you hear rubbish because that is what you have programmed your mind to hear.It’s a total waste of time responding to you. Just continue cleaning those white people’s behinds.

  11. Politics is really rubbish. This is the same mbwili who insulted tongas and it was fine at that time for mbwili to talk ill of tongas. Today the same mbwili is on the chinese and the law will take its cause so says the boss. I fail to understand this guy. Flip flop thinking.
    And by the way why beat about the bush. Ask the same mbwili he does not beat about the bush when he wants to attack some presidents. He clearly tells everyone that this man is a drunkard and cannot be president. Videos are there for all to see and hear. Oh Its straight forward for mbwili and he (president of some Pa Fwaka) knows it very very well.

  12. Empeachment motion coming. Its welcome . We remove illegalities by legal means. And I would request MPs to get to their constituencies and see for themselves how much the people dont like PF. #LunguMustgo

    • Dont confuse Zambia to RSA which is far much democratic as it is underpinned by good governance… Zambians are too docile to impeach anybody …you go together to impeach you find yourself knifed in the back!!

  13. This Bwana Kubwa has become the chief complainer of everything going wrong under his watch.At some point you’ll have to fully own these problems Mr Lungu.

  14. Google is a very informative tool, you simply type in the call sign 9J-ONE in that photo of that Bombardier CL604 Challenger in the background and flightradar 24 gives you time it took off last Friday and tracks Bombardier flying over Kabwe to CB.

  15. Given Lubinda as injustice minister only spoke about protecting the chines. No single word from his mouth as a minister who is suppoesed to promote justice to caution those friends who are sending thousands to the streets while reaping our minerals. Maybe the hunger he experienced after Sata fired him due to his conduct told him lesson enough to worship wrong leaders like his boss. Stand for justice Mr Minister of Injustice in Zambia!!

  16. Given Lubinda as injustice minister only spoke about protecting the chines. No single word from his mouth as a minister who is suppoesed to promote justice to caution those friends who are sending thousands to the streets while reaping our minerals. Maybe the hunger he experienced after Sata fired him due to his conduct told him lesson enough to worship wrong leaders like his boss. Stand for justice Mr Minister of Injustice in Zambia!!

  17. Given Lubinda as injustice minister only spoke about protecting the chines. No single word from his mouth as a minister who is suppoesed to promote justice to caution those friends who are sending thousands to the streets while reaping our minerals. Maybe the hunger he experienced after Sata fired him due to his conduct told him lesson enough to worship wrong leaders like his boss. Stand for justice Mr Minister of Injustice in Zambia!!

  18. too petty……………… at law no one can be change of xenophobia…….. the presido is simply talking……….
    the police are not competent at law…. look at HH case of treason ……… truth in the treason………..
    political statements are not law

  19. Maybe chimbwili wants to use the same political strategy sata used, sata paid the chinese so black in the eyes of zambians and used to call them infestors when he was in opposition, and i believe most zambians in 2011 voted for him so that he can exterminate this infestation, boy they were shocked, the first people he invited to state house when he became president was the chinese and was making his usual unnecessary jokes on how he was going to use and misuse the chinese.

  20. Hey Lungu, how are black people treated in China. The President is supposed to be in the know-how, clearly this Joker is clueless when it comes to world affairs.

  21. Of course, when he goes to the shops run by the Chinese, they all bow down to him because he brought them there. Has he got people on the ground at all? Why doesn’t he send his people to Kamwala – opposite Luburma Market – and see how his Chinese are treating their Zambian workers? There is so much unemployment in Zambia that people dare not complain as nchito ni nchito. Sad – he is such a sold soul.

  22. Sata had promised to chase the Chinese prior to being elected? Boy oh boy he changed his stance once he got into office.
    The Chinese own your politicians as they bribe them big time. Lungu should as well tell the Chinese to vote for him come next election. Zambians in general , worship foreigners.

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