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Premature election celebrations caused violence – Tonga Ila Chief

General News Premature election celebrations caused violence – Tonga Ila Chief

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu (r) with Senior Chief Nalubamba (4th left), Senior Chief Mungaila (3rd left), Chief Muchila (2nd left) and Chief Mukobela (far left) during the meeting at Corner Point lodges in Namwala district
File:PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu (r) with Senior Chief Nalubamba (4th left), Senior Chief Mungaila (3rd left), Chief Muchila (2nd left) and Chief Mukobela (far left) during the meeting at Corner Point lodges in Namwala district

Senior Chief Mukobela of the Tonga Ila people of Namwala district has submitted that premature victory celebrations during the 2016 elections caused violence.

Namwala was the most affected district where Houses of some residents were burnt down during the electoral violence that erupted after President Lungu was declared winner.

The UPND after it’s leader Hakainde Hichilema took an early lead could not accept the final results that Edgar Lungu had won the elections. They alleged that results which were delayed like in Lusaka were manipulated in favour of President Lungu.

Submitting to the Commission of Inquiry into the Violence and Tribal Voting in 2016, Chief Mukobela told the Commission that visited him on Thursday that premature victories must be stopped saying they were the source of violence in the last elections.

Chief Mukobela has also urged political contenders to campaign and persuade voters in all parts of the country if they are to win elections. He also reminded that politicians should understand that in an election there are two things which happen to win or lose saying they should be ready to accept the outcome


    • Premature celebration is one of upnds policy from its inception. Its been happening since mazokas time to date. Reason is tgat they are a premature party with immature cadres and an under5 leader.

  1. 2021 will be a year of civil war in zambia not because of UPND but because of HH.

    HH won’t accept defeat in 2021. He will cause more harm than good. Even if NDC or any other party rather than UPND, there will be war in zambia because of HH.

    HH is a very desperate man who would kill to go into state house. Tongas are too tribal and come 2021 they will vote HH come what may.

    All other tribes should learn from the Tongas to make it uniform. GBM is a traitor to all Bemba people and he is selfish. Be warned!

    • @ spaka this is yours to eeport to the international community

      ” Namwala was the most affected district where Houses of some residents were burnt down during the electoral violence that erupted after President Lungu was declared winner.”

      Are you still denying that you support a bloody thirsty party full of maroons.

  2. LT ..I can see President lungu in the PICTURE or is it i have forgotten how he looks, correct me. I rushed to read this story because i thought the headline was PREMATURE EJACULATION ..Only to open its all politics aiya wasted time on me

  3. Thank you chief. It is sad that HH does not teach his people that to win an election in Zambia you need to win everywhere! If you can tell Sikota that you cannot be a President of UPND because you are not Tonga, then there is a problem with the party! Suppose HH were to step aside by any eventuality, Do you think HaJayJay, HaSpaka, HaLombe, HaEnka and all other tribalists would rejoice to see GBM become their President? Oh No! They will not! “Tribes” is in the blood!

  4. Just see the caliber of their supporters! HaImmature no wonder they are all Under Fives from top to bottom and I am sure @HaAnyoko agrees with me.

  5. “Ethnic cleansing in Namwala” should have been the title! It is here where Paramount Chief Hazaluza Hagain will be inaugurated as chief of “Tribes!”

  6. @Spaka refused this when I mentioned in the report “Upnd cadres accused of torching car belonging to the councilor who defected to the PF “. As long as people don’t want to accept that they are responsible for violence both PF and Upnd, violence will never end.

  7. The issue is that delaying to announce some election results is dangerous. I don’t understand why results for Lusaka were the last to reach ECZ which is in Lusaka.

    • The delay was caused by UPND who requested for recounts 5 times and refused to sign E12 forms which was a requirement

  8. Except for their tribal cousins, today most tribes are uncomfortable being amongst a group of Tongas, and comments on politics are very reserved. That’s the damage UPND under Hichilema has caused. It even extends to SDA church where most Tongas worship. It has even polluted work places, even truck drivers like Cargo 2 Congo

    • I feel very sad that I no longer mingle freely with my old friends because of politics. Because I don’t want to offend them I have to avoid them including the places they frequent. There’s no time that they don’t refer to certain people’s tribes vis a vis the last elections.

    • Dogs bark at moving objects. This means tongas ain’t a stalled project they are on the move all the time, a sign of life.

      Look at these two stalled twats above whining and complain about what God’s creation. You won’t change it, it officially certified by God that they will be a tongas. And God saw that it is good. Mwanya mukafwa chileminyonga lyonse. Ifwe tuli nape hustling, working hard and playing hard.

    • Divide and rule…but it’s you who’s suffering with mental torture because your god has failed to make it to plot 1

    • @[email protected]: Very true!! Two Fridays ago after work, we sat down at a drinking place with some friends and we were discussing football. There were about 6 of us each representing the usual premier league clubs and we were having fun with our conversation. One of our friends then meets an old neighbour of his who also joins in. Then a PF cadre who most of the guys knew, comes and starts making jokes about bringing GBM back to PF. We all laugh at the guy and we bought him a some drinks. Then the guy who had joined us says goodbye and walks away to everyone’s surprise. We ask our colleague who had introduced him why, he answered: “He’s tonga. He wasn’t amused by the PF cadre’s jokes.” WE SHOOK IN DISBELIEF HOW DEEP THIS PROBLEM IS!!!!

    • It’s you who is torturing yourself because you can’t even visit certain places due to your tonga phobia. Just a word of caution please this valentine don’t get a green chibudula for your wife, try some hot RED lingerie, see how she will love you tonight, you need it. You Paranoid F ool.

    • Divide and rule on the contrary it’s your people who are tortured mentally because they can’t stop talking about the court ruling that was never is never and will never be. By the insults in your posting I can safely say you’re really in pain and urgently need a psychiatrist.

  9. Violence was caused by HH who right from the beginning prepared his supporters not to accept the results because the elections would be rigged. He also said that he would only accept the results if he won. Lastly he said there was going to be Armageddon in Zambia if he lost the elections. These statements prepared UPND supporters psychologically not to accept the results if he lost. This made his supporters to riot when the results were announced.

  10. HH is lunatic, period! Can’t he come to terms that Zambians don’t want him? It’s HH people don’t like and will never vote for him.

  11. Nkosi @ 11, you say Lusaka delayed to announce results, the issue is Lusaka’s population is over a million. The votes have to be checked, verified etc while in rural constituencies you are talking 33,000 in Namwala easy to verify. Get information of how the election process is done. I thank you.

  12. UPND should just change and try a different candidate than HH. A lot of us will vote for the party not with HH. The man is a danger to the society.

  13. Even if they changed they already stated that “UPND is for Tongas!” It will not change anything! Do you think if HH were to die (God forbid), UPND would allow his vice to take over? Of course no! It is for a Tonga but they are so dull they do not know that you do not need Tongas ONLY to be President of Zambia! You need all Zambians! Hallucinating party will never get it! It is called tribal!

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