PF is not campaigning and Campaign period has not yet started- Davies Mwila

Patriotic Front Secretary General Mr. Davies Mwila
Patriotic Front Secretary General Mr. Davies Mwila
Patriotic Front Secretary General Mr. Davies Mwila
Patriotic Front Secretary General Mr. Davies Mwila

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has categorically stated that it is not campaigning and that campaign period has not yet started.

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila disclosed that when people are resigning and defecting to the ruling party from the opposition should not imply that PF is campaigning.

Mr. Mwila said people are at will and free to join the PF because it is their constitutional right.

The PF SG was speaking at the party Secretariat in Lusaka today when he received 700 members who defected from the opposition Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD).

The defectors include the entire FDD Munali Constituency bigwigs led by its constituency chairman Martin Mambwe, former Lusaka District Vice Chairman Nevyson Tumbama, Munkolo Ward 12 Chairman Kelvin Mazuba and the entire Kanyama Constituency led by its former Chairlady, Judith Mwale.

Mr. Mambo led 350 former FDD members from Munali Constituency while Ms. Mwale led 350 members from the same political party who quit to join the ruling PF.

“PF is not campaigning because it’s not yet time for campaigning. However, people from the opposition joining us are free to do so anytime in accordance with their constitutional right,”Mr. Mwila said.

The PF SG urged party members to embrace newcomers and go flat out in explaining the party policies to the Zambian people.

Mr. Mwila expressed gratitude by the magnitude of the people on a daily basis who are appreciating the good policies the party in government is putting in place to benefit the Zambians.

And speaking on behalf of the defectors, former FDD Munali Constituency Chairman Martin Mambwe said he decided to join a progressive party, PF and its leadership which is anchored on developing the nation.

And Mr. Mwila has disclosed that his party is ready for political dialoguing with the opposition in order to foster national development.

But FDD Vice President Chifumu Banda said in a separate interview with ZANIS that the defections are typical in African politics.

Mr. Banda said there will be no leadership vacuum in the FDD as people will soon rejoin the political party.

“Defections are typical in African political setup. It’s normal for people to jump and join a political party of their choice. There is no leadership vacuum in FDD because members voluntarily decide where to stay or go,” the FDD Veep said


    • PF will win elections because Mr Lungu is better than HH.

      It’s as simple as that. There is spinning this one off.
      No need to campaign Mwila.

      Mwila sounds ignorant for all it’s worth to be honest.



    • This man Mwila is too ugly, his words and deeds are ugly to. Koswe mumpoto, please explain why the ACC has not convicted anyone for corruption despite everyone including clueless and no plan Edgar that it is rampant

    • Edgar is not campaigning he is just going around the country and telling people to steal.Ubomba mwibala alya mwibala
      Kawalala wakanthu

    • PF has been campaigning a day after Sata died. Maybe it’s his ghost haunting PF, he keeps turning in his grave for leaving instrument of power to wrong guy.

    • Meanwhile, GRZ offices are still filthy, sickening and so embarrassing to international visitors – its all cool to Lungu, his ministers and fellow looters, the EVIL SERVANTS of GRZ!!! Cry my beloved Zambia!!!!!!

  1. thats why Sata was so clever not to introduce cards 4 party membership in order to prevent false defections by MMD! This strategy ba mwila muma politics yalipwa kale!!!!! jst market ur policies well

  2. “The big lesson out of this is that if you are a president‚ you are very powerful but you are only powerful because of the party that is supporting you. President Zuma was powerful for a long time because his party supported him. Now they are not supporting him and now he has lost power‚” he said.

  3. But Luapula MPs campaigned against HK .chitalu chilufya told Bahati voters that he was there to represent them.Is that not campaigning.

  4. Indeed right to freedom of Expression must be exercised freely but Respect for the dead is important in any African set up. *Nostradamus.

  5. Yaba time is the mother everything – The Evil Behind “DONCHI KUBEBA”
    September 7, 2011
    Dont kubeba,popularly said as donchi kubeba is a slogan the PF have come to embrace originally embraced by the PF leaders Michael chilufya
    Sata,a mixture of a bemba and English word to mean DON’T TELL or DON’T SAY A WORD, the meaning behind this term is that PF party members can go and collect campaign materials intended for other political party members such as UPND,MMD,FDD,etc when ever these particular party members are at a rally.PF members are encouraged to collect these materials and keep their hearts the term “donchi kubeba” a principle that is highly applied when an evil deed is
    being carried out by either a person or group of persons.

  6. The projects you have Sir, are enough to campaign for the party and the government! Some chronic loser and tribalist has nothing for him!

  7. I don’t trust this man; he has an evil heart; he is corrupt; the opposition should demand that Lungu fires him; for saying that PF cadres should control markets, bus stations and that councils should give land to PF cadres in preference of others;

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