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Kabwe hit by floods following heavy rains


Central Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kabwe touring the flooded place
Central Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kabwe touring the flooded place

Several houses in Luangwa Extension and New Kawama in Kabwe, Central province, have been flooded following heavy rains.

Central Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kabwe has visited the affected areas and he is not pleased with what he has seen.

Mr. Kabwe is particularly not happy that the contractor working on township roads in Bwacha and Luangwa townships, has paid a blind eye to the drainage system.

The visibly annoyed Permanent Secretary has taken to task the contractor, Ashford Roads Zambia and the consultant, for the poor workmanship on the drainage, which has triggered flash flooding in some areas.

Mr. Kabwe has further directed the contractor, the consultant, Kabwe Municipal Council and Kabwe District Administration to address the situation.

He said it is more important to serve the lives of the people, adding that government will not allow children to stay out of school, because of flash floods caused by poor workmanship.

Mr. Kabwe has since urged the consulting engineers and the contractor to provide an alternative drainage system to harness the situation.

Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu says there is urgent need to address the way residents and Foreigners are taking up land illegally in the city.

Mr. Mpundu says most residents are occupying land illegally while foreigners are also acquiring huge chunks of land without following procedure.

He says the land opposite the Chingola road cemetery has been taken over by squatters because the developer has allegedly failed to develop the land.

He was speaking in Kitwe during the official opening of a stakeholders meeting to develop an advocacy strategy on responsible land investment in Zambia.

And the democratic governance and Human rights advocate -DEGHA- has called on stakeholders and the general citizenry to take an interest in issues of land management and distribution.

DEGHA National Coordinator Gerald Mutelo said Zambians must demand for responsible land investments in the country to protect the country.

Central Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kabwe touring the flooded place
Central Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kabwe touring the flooded place
Kabwe Floods


    • These PF, whats point of playing in water? Thats what we as youths, even skipping school on expense of playing muli mulamba.

    • This PS is pretending for the sake of the media! Go anywhere in the world even these flats these apamwamba govt officers have been building have a drainage systems. These are the basics of civil engineering works, if you can’t put up a drainage system better you don’t put up the structure because it will eventually get erroded and weaken or as is happening there will be a huge collection of water that will cause problems such as Cholera and even Malaria! Expect malaria cases to be on the rise soon as a result of so much stagnant water but only when we have more people dying will they start raising the alarm bells! If such govt officers where fired and their luxury SUVs never purchased but those funds used to construct drainages we wouldn’t have such problems!

  1. Chandra! you must ask yourself where the poor planning is coming from. You guys are more in eating than serving us. Every dog has it day, you must know that people are not fools. Get a leave from neighboring countries Zim,RSA. I rest my case

  2. Work on drainages from April to October across the country when we have no rains. Problem is we lack planning and wait for disasters for us to intervene. Work up guys!

  3. DEGHA- monga nizina ya hammer mill, how can such organizations add value to Zambia, NAMES ARE VERY IMPORTANT THEY GIVE CONFIDENCE TO THE PEOPLE, ..NAMES LIKE EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU,, very sweet name bu HAKAINDE HICHILEMA hmm.. please i cant even imagine how WHITE PEOPLE can pronounce such a name which sounds like name of a truck

  4. Luangwa extension is a new area wich was supposed to be surveyed for floods and if it was worth giving out for settlement then planning of roads and drainages together with power lines should be done prior to the settlement

  5. That’s why I migrated to Canada cause Zambia is selling it’s own Country to foreigners be careful (especially to Congolese) these are dangerous people Zambia immigration is so useless no control very soon Zambia is gonna have someone like KABILA keep Zambia safe!!

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