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New Vision Newspaper urged to retract article alleging President Lungu is the second richest Zambian


Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda speaking to journalists on the fake story in one of the daily news papers
Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda speaking to journalists on the fake story in one of the daily news papers

New Vision Newspaper urged to retract article alleging President Lungu being second richest Zambian

State House has called on the New Vision Newspaper to retract an article it published yesterday on February 23rd alleging that President Edgar Lungu is the second richest Zambian according to the Forbes magazine ranking.

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public relations, Amos Chanda said President Lungu was upset with the article as it was defamatory and false in nature.

Mr. Chanda said the President has since asked the New Vision Newspaper to retract the article and apology to him.

The story in the New Vision Newspaper suggesting that Forbes has rated president Edgar Lungu as the second richest person in the country is purely concocted, a forgery said Mr Chanda, before adding that Forbes have denied ever making such a publication.

Addressing Journalists in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Chanda said that it is not true that the president Lungu is worth $400 000 millions as purported by New Vision Newspaper.

“It has turned out as a forgery because Forbes have declined that this thing which is attributed to them is not from them. It (The headline in New Vision) is saying that ‘Lungu, Zambia’s Second richest person – Forbes’. We have contacted Forbes and they are saying this is not their publication,” explained Mr Chanda

He disclosed that President Edgar Lungu is extremely aggrieved by the story which was carried in the Friday edition of the Vision Newspaper.

He explained that the president does not have that kind of money he has directed the newspaper to retract the story and apologise to the head of state.

Mr Chanda described as an unfortunate the level of unprofessionalism exhibited by some media organisations, Saying this kind of conduct undermines the relationship between media and goverment.

Mr. Chanda said it is sad that some media houses have resolved to fabricate false stories with a view to destroy the President’s reputation.

He stated that it is worrying especially that the story has been published by a reputable media house.

Mr. Chanda added that it is untrue that President Lungu is worthy 400 million United States dollars or has such investment as quoted in the article.

He stressed that the article is false in its totality as the President has no investment in the Sacana trucks.

The Presidential Aid has appealed to media houses to refrain from peddling lies in the name of practicing journalism.

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda speaking to journalists on the fake story in one of the daily news papers
Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda speaking to journalists on the fake story in one of the daily news papers


  1. The “Rich and Famous” …. Kikikiki Lets brand all Tarmac with his Portrait the way we have done in schools. That way, accidents will be fewer as all roads will be stamped with the great leader’s portrait.

    • How wonderful it would have been if the president had been so aggrieved that he disclosed his true worth to counter the New Vision Newspaper’s assertion..
      As it is I do not think that statement from his spokesman proves that the NEW VISION NEWSPAPER’s article is not true and as such there is no basis for them to retract their article let alone apologise.

      The best the President can do is sue the newspaper for libel. Oh wait: That would mean his true wealth would have to be laid bare for all to scrutinize.

    • You mean to say that President Lungu will never accept to come in second in any race, that he always wants to be number one? Or is this something else? Please tell us the truth. What is wrong with being the second richest person in particular country? Or is the president embarrassed because people are bound to question the manner in which he got rich overnight?

    • Suppose New Vision has the facts. Why should they retract? Why won’t you just challenge them on the validity and truthfulness of their claim? Why this call for retraction? It sounds suspicious. We know the president has no kraal. He does not own a gold mine. How did he get rich so quickly.

    • No doubt political campaigns of maligning the incumbent have become gutter, intangible and worse-off desperate. Instead of building a political narrative that can galvanize the masses on issues of policy and transformative agenda to distinctively show why they would be better than PF, they opted for a detractor role with hatred. Such kitchen sink politics cannot win rational minds on the ballot. Intill a tangible opposition emerge, PF may be rule beyond current delusions. Good luck.

    • This is ridiculous. Close that fuuuucking newspaper.
      Edgar is not rich. This is insult to hardworking men like HH ,GBM & Milupi the real rich people.
      This is like awarding some of your fake PHDs

    • Here’s source of Lungu’s wealth:

      1. He charges $200,000 per appointment for Chinese infestors to meet him at State House.
      2. He’s actively involved in Mukula Tree logging which is selling for $2500/ton. One truck-load = 30tonx2500= $75000.
      3. He receives cuts from all road contracts especially AVIC. That’s why RDA is still operated from State House
      4. He dubiously sold 20% ZCCM-IH Govt shares to himself through an Israeli broker. That’s the reason he traveled to Israel in 2016.
      5. Campaign donations given to Lungu by mostly Chinese, road contractors & other well-wishers were never handed over to PF

      Actually $400-million worth is an under-statement. If he can give a stranger $42-million for wheel-burrows what more for himself.

      Lungu ukakakwa. Ukakakwa!!!!

    • Simple disclose your net worth Lungu??. Why get upset when you have not shown us your cash?? You are a thief and has stolen and it is true. We will get back that cash, it belongs to Zambians


    • Lazt time I checked it was Lazy Lungu who was the President …you think PF will pay for all these overpriced contracts when those loans are due, its our grandchildren who will foot the bill; let that sink in you think its your silly HH.

      Wake up from your docility!!

    • Read the profile of HH.At what age did he become CEO? How many cows did he inherit from his late father?If you have evidence that he stole money, why don’t you present the evidence to the police?

    • This is an extract taken from the Forbes magazine which has detailed HH as the richest and Lungu as the 2nd richest ….next worth in 2015 K 2 million to over 26 million in 2016…………………….

    • Amos is not a Minister without Portfolio he can dress as he pleases as there is no leadership at the top; he knows the limitations of the lazy one …last week he was conducting an interview in the bar talking about the economy; when has Lazy Lungu talked about economy.

  3. State House has been turned into a joke with these Kaponyas…surely the moment you invite Journalists it does not matter whether its Sunday or Friday night you are technically working as Press Assistant; you don’t go around with a Baseball cap and a causal shirt…no wonder the Journalist don’t take you serious as well.
    If Lazy Lungu is upset let him sue them …its an open secret that he has become rich off corruption of those kickbacks from AVIC and other stinking Chines who are being given overpriced contracts take our expense. What type of a leader sees nothing wrong with 42 by 42 or procuring a mere Ambulances for $288K.

  4. Amos, Tell us how much Chagwa is worth now and all speculation will end! Chagwa is our Servant not our master! Don’t forget the kneeling he used to do before us for our votes! We need to see the same humility and Servant leadership that earned him the “Mr Humble” title. We also need humbleness mumi sosele not what we are hearing of Ubomba mwibala ni kabwalala … Kikikiki

  5. Upndeez or New Vision? Same ru.bbish to me. Does upndeez really qualify to be an opposition party in Zambia or anywhere else in the world? Kuma politics ba h.h babwelakofye, what a replacement for the great Andy Mazoka! How do you replace such a man with h.h just on the basis of his tribe? Did Andy tell you that he founded upnd because he wanted a t**** to rule Zambia? No wonder h.h is going nowhere in spite of all his efforts which are childish anyway.

  6. It is probably true that source is very credible and Lungu is a lawyer he knows how to fudge the truth and twist it to make things look legit when they’re not. Tenderpreneurship is rife in GRZ contracts and recent fraud of $42m firetrucks proves someone is getting rich thru the backdoor.

    • Their time will come as is happening in RSA where the minister of Mines is linked to the Guptas…it will not be hard to link AVIC to those contracts in return for flats …the sad thing is AVIC will be long gone enjoying the loot whilst we will be left with the mess.

  7. Malabishi opposition, does h.h really think that his wealth is a substitute for Andy Mazoka’s brains and political skills? Come on lets be serious! Upndeez if you want to resurrect Andy’s vision and objevtives, its time to go back to the drawing board, look at how much time energy and effort you have wasted since you decided in 2006 to change Mazoka”s vision and replace it with tribe. You have only reaped pain and anguish instead of better applying your brains to achieve something useful for Zambia, yourself and family. Ati we will fight corruption, how? Give us a break please!

  8. This makes RB and the late Frederick Chiluba look like toddlers when it comes to corruption. Our current president, Edgar Lungu, is quickly emerging as the new gold medalist in that category.

  9. Mange you cracked me up, Gold medalist surely Lungu has pushed corruption to another level. He even shamelessly encourages civil servants do as he does- steal from the field.

  10. Its indeed FAKE news. The richest Zambians are
    5. Mr H CHINENA leader of UPND,
    10. MYSELF etc.

    • I don’t want to say Edgar is this or that but the story is not from Forbes. Please let’s not abuse the power of the pen.The story is by a Zambian online something. It’s better for them to stand on their own instead of using a magazine that doesn’t even Lungu.

  11. Its all GIBBERISH.
    The richest Zambians are
    5. Mr H CHINENA, leader of UPND,
    7. Mr CARL IRWIN,
    11. MYSELF etc.

  12. Where is the UPND headed to? It appears everyone in that club is under seize from the defunct HH. Just how people can associate themselves with such a lice beats me to the bone.

  13. I want leaders who are poor and weak: poor because they have put their money where their mouth is, and weak because they have defended their vulnerable people with every ounce of their strength.

  14. For the benefit of those who may not be aware the New Vision is owned by former Foreign Affairs minister Hon Kalaba. I rest my case.

    • And the dailynation newspaper that is always praising lungu is owned by Richard sakala, corruption convict , sponsored by state house……i rest my case.

  15. Indeed if lungu is not the richest man , as he has asked the writers to retract and apologise and he is upset, then he is a corrupt thief because when he is called that he does not deny , ask anyone to apologise nor does he get upset.

  16. The corruption chorus wont take Kainde to plot one.the matter is very borring and no wise person could support the corruption nonsense!!

  17. Work of Tongas who think that’s way they will make Zambians go against Lungu! Where did your Hichilema get the money to be among top ten richest in Zambia? Findlay and others you can trace their trail of hard work, but not your Hichilema!

  18. Amos is this not a bit strange?Normally you arrest people and leave them to rot in cells.So go ahead arrest the author,we cant wait for them to justify their story.As you should know defamation is lowering a person’s standing in the estimation of the people.please arrest the authors so that the authors justify their statements.Even if he is not the second richest Zambian,how will he show that he has been defamed in the eyes of right thinking members of the public when just last week he was inviting cadres to eat from the fields so long as they do not finish everything?

  19. I may not know how much worth President Lungu is, but the truth is Forbes does not measure the wealth of presidents world over.

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