Zambia sugar Corporate affairs Manager Lovemore Sievu takes shareholders on a conducted tour of the sugar plant in Mazabuka.

A Chikankata based economist, Professor Clement Matente has praised Zambia Sugar PLC for paying over K20.3 Million to government as Tax Returns for the year 2017.

Professor Matente has also hailed Zambia Sugar PLC for employing over 11 000 Zambian workers at the biggest Sugar plant in Africa.

He said this in an interview with the Zambia News and Information Services in Chikankata district in Southern province today.

Professor Matente also said it is good that the company has continued increasing its workforce thereby complementing government efforts in the area of job creation in Zambia.

The Professor further urged Zambia Sugar to continue striving hard in creating jobs for the Zambian people.

He also implored government to continue creating a favorable and conducive environment for the private entities to operate profitably such as Zambia Sugar PLC in order to increase the export of the commodity to other countries.

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  1. This is utter nonsensical surely how do you praise a company for paying tax …what type of Economist Professor is this!!



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