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A rescued Zambian dog becomes a world traveller

Columns A rescued Zambian dog becomes a world traveller


Ginger,a security dog in Chingola ,Zambia is rescued and starts the big adventure of travelling the world while helping other dogs along the way.She has already been in two continents.

Ginger arrived to Barcelona, Spain, from Africa, to meet the family and get ready for the next adventures traveling the world, inspiring other people and helping other dogs that didn’t have her luck.

Ginger was a security dog in Chingola, Zambia, from a borehole company with her sister, who sadly died there. Ginger used to be so scared all the time, cowering while hiding under the cars on the property. One day, in April, her luck changed drastically. Two ladies, Sara Ortín and Sharon Rose, who were traveling around Africa, living in a Land Cruiser, rescued her.

We never planned to travel Africa with a dog in our car as it makes everything much more difficult, but now, we can not imagine it any other way”

Now her story inspires the world with her video, compile and featured by The Dodo, which has had more than 1 million reproductions already.

Not all Zambian dogs have her luck and a lot of them just survive in poor conditions. From this idea, they are starting The Dziko Project, named in honor of a dog they rescued in Malawi, an initiative that works from bringing educational programs to local schools, fundraising to host vaccination and sterilisation campaigns, to sponsoring kids of families who cannot afford it. And, always, with Ginger by their side.

Ginger went from security dog in Zambia to a world traveller living the adventure every day. She has travelled even more than a lot of people. She has been in Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe

and, now, she is in Spain. Ginger has run through National Parks, trekked mountains over 3000m, seen wild elephants through the window, heard lions roar, been paddle boarding in lakes, seen chimpanzees, traveled in boats, helping dogs to be respected …. and this is just the beginning of their adventures.

Ginger and her human family live every day as it would be the last. After a year going through Africa in their Land Cruiser “98, they are now planning their next adventure, surely to be incredible.

Being wild and free as much as we can and, of course, trying to make a difference wherever we are.”

Follow Ginger’s adventure traveling the world while making a difference in Instagram @nomad.dog


  1. Nice looking dog, we too have cute dogs. Ignore this guy she is very kombonic though she brags about education like it will make her smart

  2. Wow! cute dog. I can imagine in Chingola the looked black (the white Patches) or grey and (brown patches) black. Insala paZambia. Batila ati inchalo chasala bachimwena kubwa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Now these ladies can do their backpacking and use this dog to raise funds for ventures i.e its not easy and cheap to transport ab animal from country to country.

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