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It is not an offence to distribute brand books in schools, anyone can do it-State House

Headlines It is not an offence to distribute brand books in schools, anyone...

Mr Amos Chanda
Mr Amos Chanda

State House has stated that anyone is free to put a portrait on exercise books and donate them to any public school of their choice.

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda said it is not an offence to donate brand books to schools in Zambia.

Mr Chanda said State House does not understand the “noise” that has followed President Edgar Lungu’s decision to distribute books bearing his portrait to public schools.

He was speaking on Friday evening during the PF Chilanga District Fundraising Dinner at Ndozo Lodge where the State House Advisory Team donated K500, 000 to the PF for party mobilisation.

“We don’t understand why so much noise. If President Lungu decides to distribute 300,000 books and you know the number of vulnerable children requiring books is 500,000, you are free to donate the rest and fill up the gap. Everyone is free, you can even put your face on it if you want,” Mr. Chanda said.

Mr. Chanda said the distribution of free learning materials and aides is infact contained in the PF manifesto and that there is nothing wrong with the exercise.


      What would Hitler’s face on books in Britain or some parts of Europe mean?
      Okay that’s a bit distant but what would faces of boko-haram on Nigerian school books mean? Get real bwana Chanda. Books are noble; we need real and credible leaders on books not any chap accused of Satanism let alone a sponsor of ethnic cleansing in SP. A terrorist giving the President a cold to a point of trying to mess with NRC fields. Let ECL and Wina’s portraits be on those books. They have earned it. Not losers who may make all pupils get as dull and diabolical. Otherwise ya’ll just stop it.

    • We need guidance on this one from the minister of shariah law, has she given a go ahead for the zodwa wabantu tour, and what’s the latest on sex dolls?

    • This boy at state house sure. Thank God his time to retire is drawing near. He shall soon be forgotten with his nosensical way of addressing issues. I don’t think Chanda thinks beyond 2021 unless the wife asks him how they shall live life of frequenting courts ba pompwe aba.

    • I don’t think this arrogant boy Amos understands what he is saying …we need to protect our children from all this kinds of promotion and advertisements look at school wall fences they are covered in ads, all these need to be restricted…the moment BUFFOON CK and Hakainde start doing it in CB and SP will these fooools start panicking and realize they are in the wrong.

    • I totally agree with Amos. Nowhere in the laws of Zambia is it provided that political materials should not be distributed in schools. In fact, all political parties should emulate what PF has done. This is part of Civics or whatever name Civics is called nowadays. Let the children know their leaders and what those leaders stand for. I understand that the Green Party is in the process of printing books for distribution with a message “Legalize It! Grow the Economy. End Poverty” Gonna be an interesting game, I think

    • No Mr Amos Chandra, its wrong. Why did the PF complain when the UPND donated materials allegedly marked with the UPND symbols during the fight against cholera? Didn’t the PF say the UPND was politicising the situation for political mileage?

    • It’s apparent that this guy did not think through what his statement implies. I only hope this is not a trap to arrest opposition.

      I can imagine anyone making a donation with a portrait of a “Big Koswe” or Mbeba or whatever they want and distribute to those schools.

      Will Kampyongo stop the distribution and arrest the donors?

    • It’s the shear waste of resources and archaic political approach that we are condemning. If that’s your level of thinking, then you are all incapable of leading the country. This type of politicking is associated with dictatorship and communism which we hate.

    • (HH) and you minions are cruel enough to distribute branded toilet paper. yet you can’t find money to distribute UPND branded books. like your fathers before you, Spaka, Gay Jay, Sejane and Lloyd Himambo will never taste the corridors of power because of your filthy uncut oxtails.
      It’s a simple operation to make you clean and Zambian

    • As for shinda paper we will put the face of Amos Chanda and donate to bars where they use newspapers as shindapaper.

    • Dear Amos Chanda,
      1. A manifesto is a political party’s promise of what they’d do if they formed GOVT. If the distribution of the Lungu free books to poor learners is in line with PF manifesto, then the Ministry of Education and NOT LUNGU should do it.
      2. The noises we make are because Lungu is our employee as Zambians, and if he donates in his PERSONAL capacity, it is in our interest to know the source of money (regardless of the amount ba Tata) – its called TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY – Maybe iwewine Chanda you should go back to a CIVICS Class!!!

    • You see Mr Chanda, your State House has no capacity to differentiate wrong from right – you didn’t see the filth in Lusaka as a WRONG thing and potential source of the cholera outbreak, so how will you see when ANYTHING ELSE isn’t right? This is how bad things are – Zambians cant trust YOUR State House with anything – Tomorrow you’ll tell us that there’s nothing wrong with Lungu-branding our GRZ vehicles!!!!!!

  1. Its not an offence but its morally wrong and ment to brain wash our kids.
    Our great leader of this great nation as propagated by bowman lusambo only creats a North korealistic aura

    • “Number of vulnerable children requiring book”, so you are exploiting their vulnerability. You evil thieves.

    • Imagine Bozo
      The time these people will be out of power they will realise that they have wasted an opportunity to leave a niche in the history of Zambia but they will only be remembered for their incompetence.
      So as people in power the only consideration is whether their actions are not lawfull?This culture of taking these tuma Evelyn Hone diploma holders to such important offices has without doubt costed the nation a lot.HH dont take another diploma holder to State House we have seen enough from Richard Sakala to Dickson Jere to George Chela it is clear these characters are raw.Dickson has since worked hard to upgrade himself and maybe today he qualifies.You will notice i did not include Mwanawasa’s Press Aide,i cant even remember him he must have been damn good and as usual we never…

    • Right @ Bozo, I wonder what state house reaction would be if one decided to distribute books branded with “Koswe Mumpoto” or “Zodwa Wabantu” or “an unknown soldier (freedom fighter)” wielding an AK 47!

  2. A very dull comment from state House. What is the origin of the money used to fund these school books? Is it not Tax payers money? Why should school books funded by Tax-payers money be dominated by an image of a Head of State on their cover instead of educational information like Maths and science Timetables, World Geography, relevant History to empower young minds etc… ???

    Anyone can put what they wanton books intended for donation to schools? So, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, witchdoctors etc.., can put what ever they want and distribute to our young ones? What sort of nonsense is this?

    • Brabus
      I did not even think of that,let the Muslims donate books with Osama Bin Laden’s face on it and that is when this lazy good for nothing f00l will realise the implications of his dull statement.Impiya mufola uwingi shalichepa nokuchepa mulechaya notuma deal ati ukulya mwibala and you repay us with trash

    • Ba Zonzo – That can’t happen in a Christian Nation – – try to be have your senses with you when commenting. You trivialize the Declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation because you lack the brain to decipher the deep-rooted meaning.

  3. Its kind of an offence ,well maybe just unethical ,to do that using material paid for by taxpayers.If its your money and its a donation using your portrait -yes ITS ALLOWABLE .

  4. I’ll buy black stickers for donation to the same schools for the kids to stick over Lungu’s portrait! I mean, starring at Koswe every day the kids are studying is most mentally injurious, it must be stopped.

  5. Don’t turn schools into campaign grounds, soon Kambwili, GMB and Hichilema will also start distrusting books with their portraits in all schools and that’s when you’ll regret what you’ve said. Some business houses in Southern province still display Hichilema’s portrait as their President. Amos you’re being petty, I think that have proposed your replacement are correct

  6. Mr. Chanda,
    Thank you for your usual weekly crap.
    Can you please enlighten us on:
    1. When the party manifesto has become equivalent to an Act of Parliament?
    2. Why you DID BREAK ALL OTHER promises contained in your manifesto? and
    3. When you party will come clean on the matters of institutional corruption (starting whit 42 red painted “wheelbarrows” costing $ 1 million each), thuggery, incompetence and CONSTANT infringements and abuse of Human Rights?

    • Why dont the ask him in what capacity State House Assistants donated at the PF Fundraising event in Chilanga …its a shame opposition as usual are sleeping and dreaming of selfish issues like impeaching Lazy Lungu!!

  7. But if you think without emotions attached, it is not a bad idea to have these politicians make these donations to our schools. Utilise opportunity whenever it presents itself. I can have my social studies book with EL on it, math with HH, history with CK, English with WK and so on. The end result would be SUBSIDISED Education and you have an educated nation. Canon guys, think outside the box.

    • @ Milimo

      Donation without “branding” is acceptable.
      However, no political party qualify to have theirs name registered as Trade Mark and therefore using of word “branding” by intellectual failure Chanda “The Crapper” raise issue of:
      1. From where the money for this exercise come from?
      2. If is from the Budget, then it is offence.
      3. As for “thinking outside the box”, how about books with picture of half-dozen rats chewing on the tax-payers contribution, or even better, rats chewing tires of Scania fire-trucks?

  8. Yes anyone can do it but please not politicians. They will just confuse our children especially CK and Hachi. These guys we say NO to their bad faithed donations full of hate and tribal connotations.
    Please withdraw this irresponsible statement.
    What a disaster.

  9. Schools should not be playgrounds for our leaders and politicians. Yes you can donate but why put your portraits? Let us be serious and stop politicking all the time. I think schools should be rejecting such gestures from these men. So when he put his picture there, what message does he want to send to the recipient?


    • I remember this office of Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations being occupied by the savvy smart brains in the industry but today even a Kaponya from Intercity can be given a tie and suit to start work…its an utter disgrace!!

  11. I don’t see any offence and I wonder what all this fuss is all about. ECL is the President of Zambia. There’s no other person who can equate to him on that one. Therefore he deserves to be displayed anywhere even on school textbooks. Problem your are still stuck with your denial syndrome,it will just kill you,move on.

    • Which law says he should be puting his portrait on books ?

      It is sad to be taking advantage of poor children by forcing them to look at lungu each time they want to work…..even Mugabe at his lowest did not sink so low..

      Now since state hose says anyone can do that, let’s go, everyone should put their potriat on books to donate..

  12. Iwe Amos Chanda, you want my opinion? Of course it is not an offence, BUT it does not sound right. Why on earth would our President do that? It flies in the face of humility, we should not “boast” about our “assistance” to the less priviledged. Is it not enough to have a portrait of our President in designated premises?

    Now upndeez don’t get me wrong, you are not a better option. Seeing the cult and dictatorship that upndeez have built around h.h, you are much worse. So upndeez you have no moral right to comment on this topic until you remove the large mukula and mukwa logs in your left and right eyes respectively, you hear me?

    • Can i have the lungu branded toilet paper pleas , we also need one with the PF emblem as well, because that is where you and lungu belong, in toilets and pit latrines…

    • Sorry mate, we would be arrested for having Mukula logs in our eyes that is only allowed for the PF top rank it is so sacred that it is escorted by police etc.

  13. 1. I wonder what r.ubbish h.h is preparing to feed us through his weekly press briefing tomorrow monday?
    2. Oh, and what has happened to his brainless instruction to his MPs at last week’s press briefing to raise an impeachment motion? Have his men esp lawyers realised how ridiculous their leader sounds esp on this one?

    • Yeah, Yeah, more diahoria from the PF rats….stop wank.ing over HH and get life, tell us of the fuel price and more tax increases….

  14. Are you sure Godfridah Sumaili won’t collapse if Zodwa Wabantu decides to also donate books with her famous pics on them? Amos grow up. By the way we need somebody mature in that office. When FTJ appointed Richard Sakala instead of Fred Mmembe to that office, it was the beginning of the beef between them. Fred was feeled with so much hatred he hated FTJ and Richard with a passion

  15. Amos, save us this idiocy. next people will be allowed to paint campaign messages on classroom walls. what PF doing is not correct.
    its corrupting peoples minds.

  16. Mr Chanda said State House does not understand the “noise” that has followed President Edgar Lungu’s decision to distribute books bearing his portrait to public schools.
    Yaba! State house must be very thick

  17. The earlier the intelligent UPND MPs abandon this HH sinking ship the better. HH himself if he is a seasoned business without having gotten wealth by crook’s law should be the first to understand the sponsorship rules in business. Atase we are sick and tired of these politically bankrupt politicians who have moved from under five politics to retards. All politicians make NOISE that they are there for the people. When they say donate or sacrifice they turn Blue-black in their faces. And when someone donets they want to control what is put on the cover of the donation what dull chaps are these?

  18. His the disabled also their party spokesman ~Mr. Chanda said the distribution of free learning materials and aides is infact contained in the PF manifesto and that there is nothing wrong with the exercise.

  19. Its not an offence bit ist stupidity to take politics to school children. only a fool will say i can do this because its not an offences. Humans have a sense of morality and should not only base their behavior on what is offence and not

  20. PF since you came to power you understand every law in the book, where were you all this time, can you duplicate it if you have not voted in 2021.

  21. Yes its not.let greedy HH distribute books in Dundumwezi too so that his fellow tongas can benefit from our money which Kainde stole with FTJ Chiluba via privatization!!ALL “CUUNDU CHAITWA CHAIR HH” KNOWS IS CRITICISING ECL OR OTHERS.LEARN TO SHARE WITH THE POOR PLEASE KAINDE!!

    • Ba Fee colour… The more you talk about kainde the more you make him famous and campaign for him. in the same way many of us did not know who zodwa was until the minister of religion made her famous. Stick to the topic!

  22. Amos “Joseph Goebbels” Chanda when your master burns himself their also won’t be enough gasoline to burn you and families bodies when you are cornered this cheap properganda is too raw prepare for Tommorow.

  23. It might not be an offence but it is not right in view of the political atmosphere in the country. May be the President’s portrait appearance on the kwacha notes but also it would only be right for KK’s portrait to appear on the kwacha notes.

  24. In the same way that it should not be an offence to receive the books and tear off the face of a president that the parents of the children identify with incompetence, theft of public resources and corruption!! Zambians should be allowed to exercise that freedom. Truth be told there are Zambians who are very uncomfortable to have an exercise book bearing the face of face of a president who has lost credibility (fire tenders, inflated road contracts, sale of land to Chinamen, etc,etc).

  25. PF is pushing archaic propaganda that went with Mao Tse Dung. The great leader mentality is more that two decades in the grave! Move with the times and not retrogress as in Dununa Reverse slogan!!

  26. I thought when the people of Zambia entrusted the leadership in the hands of the PF, they trusted and believed the PF would make their lives better, a reason why they put the purse under their care and i am sure they are trying to do that. My advise though is that instead of resorting to donating to people who expect us to work for them, why not ensure the little resources allocated to them through the national instrument (budget) is not misapplied, misappropriated?

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