Central Province Local Government Officer Ackson Habanji, says the councils in the province have a very clear plan of incorporating street vendors into various designated markets.

Mr Habanji says Kabwe Municipal Council and the ten town councils in the province have embraced the Statutory Instrument (SI) number 10 of 2018 that deals with the control of nuisance and street vending in the country.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Kabwe today, Mr Habanji said the SI has empowered the councils to effectively control street vending and public nuisance.

He said what is happening at the moment is that all the councils in the province are sensitizing the communities on the SI.

The PLGO described the SI as double edged because it does not only penalize the vendor but the buyer as well and as such people must be available with the necessary information.

He observed that this is opposed to the previous arrangement where the vendor was punishable while the buyer was left scot free.

Mr Habanji who is currently visiting districts to assess the levels of compliance said what is obtaining on the ground is that the province had a situation where space in the markets were not occupied.

He cited railway market as one such place where some spaces were empty and urged the people to take advantage of the existing stands for conducting their businesses.

He revealed that Mumbwa Town Council has created a temporal place for vendors near the bus station while Chisamba has opened a market with adequate sanitary facilities.

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